107 YEAR-OLD WINE Tasting … BAD or GOOD?

Hi my name is concert Limbaugh master of Wine and in this video I'm going back More than a hundred years to the Beginning of the 20th century I won't Use my DeLorean instead I'm going to use This bottle of fermented grape juice it Looks unassuming but this bottle is from 1916 it's 107 years old and it survived The first and the second world war but It has no chance against my Corkscrew The question is is it still any good [Music] In 1916 World War one was in full swing It was actually the year of two of the Worst battles the Battle of order and The battle of the sum it was also the Year when Albert Einstein released the Final form of his general theory of Relativity and it was the year of the Easter rising in Ireland shout out to my Irish friends if you think the world is Crazy right now this short list of Events taking place in 1916 might put Things into perspective just like with The other bottles of Marcella I don't Really know where the wine is from but This kind of makes my detective work More interesting the wine is from Portugal which is generally a plus Because many of the longest lived Wines In the world come from Portugal and most Of the really old wines I've tasted here On this channel were from Portugal Portugal has a long history of making

High quality wines they were one of the First countries to put a denomination of Origin into place limiting the area Where you can produce a specific wine The 20th century was difficult for Portuguese wine but I'm not really sure Whether that was already the case during The first World War I mean most of the War took place in Central Europe so it Didn't affect Portugal as much as for Example France or Germany so the wines From Portugal probably were shipped all Over Europe to compensate for all of the Losses in those areas that used to Produce wine and were now devastated by The war but now let's talk about the Vintage 1916. there's very little Information available on the vintages From the early 20th century but I found Out that some Port houses declared 1916 As a vintage port year which kind of Indicates that the quality of the graves Was above average but that doesn't Necessarily mean that this table one is Also really good when I look at the Label this is a very simplistic label Very minimalistic it's just print on Paper the producer is called Cavallo Ribeiro Ferreira which is a producer Name that I've never heard before it States the Vino Tinto on the label which Just means red wine it has 12 percent of Alcohol apparently but I'm not 100 sure Whether they already were able to put

The exact amount of alcohol on the label Back then or whether that's just Indicates that it's not a fortified wine Which would contain far more alcohol it Says coleta the 1916 which basically Just means it's a vintage wine from that Year and it says according to the Oxford Wine companion the term garafia was once Widely used as an indication that the One is of superior equality and was aged At least for 30 months including 12 Months in boho this sounds good to me Because if a one was aged in cast before Bottling it generally is also more Age-worthy after being bottled Traditionally garfields were blends of Different wines coming from different Regions Blended together by Merchants Just like this one since the early 1990s Producers are required to put the region Of origin on the label if they want to Use the term graphera Caballo Ribero and Ferreira is the producer of this wine They were founded in 1895 but it was Kind of difficult to find all detailed Information on them even their website Is hidden in the internet but they are Now focusing on spirits and are not Really making any wines anymore Therefore it's really well completely Impossible to find information on this Specific one maybe the grape varieties Used or the production methods employed While talking about searching the

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Quite extractively to get out as much as Possible from the Great types and then It was matured in large casks that are Neutral and don't impart any Oaky Flavors so I'm hoping that this wine is Still good and well judging from the Level alone this is actually a pretty Good level considering that the one is More than 100 years old the label looks Good everything kind of seems all right But still I mean this is not a World-class wine so the likelihood of it Being great is Well somewhere between this big and this Big Pro scale kind of This big so if this one is still good It's probably kind of brown in color the Flavor will be very tertiary meaning That they are quite a lot of Aromas that You get when wine ages like dried fruit Or spice notes or Woody flavors or even Mushroom character the tenons on the Palette will probably be quite round and Velvety so the one won't be aggressive At all usually old wines tend to be more Mellow and round but it could also just Be vinegar and then I can still use it For my salad so Let's dig in opening an old bottle like This is always quite exciting because You never know what's going to happen And well if you're me you usually break The cork but anyways let's dig in so the

Capsule is covered with wax I think this Is wax and underneath there's something Like a left capsule which obviously can Be poisonous so you got to be a little Bit clean when removing it but yeah Let's try to get that wax off first okay Ah Now I'm kind of starting to feel like I Was in World War One With all the debris flying around here Well Don't cancel me for this okay let's get To The cork This looks actually Not too bad so the Cog is actually still There it hasn't fallen in which is a Good sign so fingers crossed so now I'm Going to use my trusted to Rand which oh I think the cork just almost fell in So that's not a good sign you know Opening these old bottles is eventually Going to kill me I'm pretty sure about This this can't be good for the heart But You gotta do What you got to do Okay I'm going to try the two Corkscrew Method now Using one to hold it the other one to Kind of Get in there It's not it's not working oh my God come On don't give up get out the popcorn

This might take a while I think I'm Having a breakthrough moment here so This looks this looks better than I Thought I was actually scared that I Might have to get the poor chongs out And you know that's That's never a good sign if I get the Poor talks out so But I think we can do it I mean look at This cork it just it's coming apart But I get it out don't you worry so in Case you wondered what it would look Like if someone would marinate you in Wine that's it Not a pretty sight but after a hundred Years I mean you can show some signs of Wear and tear but now let's taste it Foreign Just look at this this is this is really Dark it's almost black after 107 years That's kind of extraordinary I mean it Is turning Garner towards the rim but That's kind of to be expected but the Black core is something that really Surprised me Doesn't mean that the one is good though Let's smell and taste it I'm really stunned I mean you can Clearly smell that the wine has been Aged but 107 years this melts off like Dark cherries blackberries there are Also some leathery notes coming through It's not it's not done for sure I mean There's still quite a bit of fruitiness

There and there's obviously also this Tertiariness which reminds me of forest Floor kind of Yeah all kinds of different wild Aromas But it's it's it's Not past This drinking window for whatever reason And also on the palette I mean it's Still present it actually still has Tannic grip there's good fresh acidity There's quite a lot of body there I mean this is not a beauty I I don't Think it ever was a beauty but it's just Stunning that after 107 years this is Still Like that it's kind of like when you dig Up a grave after a hundred years you Open the coffin expecting to find a Skeleton inside and then there's this 65 Year old man who doesn't maybe instead Of all his teeth but he gives you a Smile and some kind words to greet you It's it's weird and what shocks me the Most really is the color I mean the Color is just too dark this just goes Against any logic anything you'll ever Read about aging wine in any book it's I Mean it's black I don't know what they Put in there but it's it's a black wine With a mahogany Rim what is also Interesting is that if you open old Wines normally they kind of tend to Disappear quite quickly but this one It it doesn't it it actually feels like

It's opening up right now so it might be Better in an hour or two I don't know but but this is kind of Weird tasting this one it's a bit of a Shame that this producer is not making Wine anymore I think they probably had Something going there but for some Reason they switched to Spirits I've Never tasted their Spirits maybe they Are outstanding but this wine is is Something else however a cat in good Conscience rate it very highly because I Don't think it's actually like a very Sophisticated wine it's just a wine that Keeps going and going it's one that Doesn't die and this in and of itself is Something special but when it comes to The Quality I would actually rate this One 86 points I think it's it's quite Entertaining really interesting the fact That it's still this good after 107 Years should give it another 10 points Probably I don't know but but uh this This experience will certainly stay with Me for a long long time this was Something else This is so So weird so thank you for watching I Hope you enjoyed this video I really Enjoyed this experience sometimes it is Worth just opening some of these old and Weird bottles that we have in our Sellers just to find out whether they Are the next this so if you like this

Video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already my question of the day Is do you have one or two of these weird And wonderful bottles sitting in your Cellar waiting to be opened let me know Down below I hope I see you guys again Soon until then stay Thirsty [Music]