$1,800 for TWO OLD BOTTLES? Tasting aged Château HAUT BRION …

Master of wine and what can I say it's Going to be another special tasting Today as I'm going to explore the magic Of Aging wine I'm going to taste the Same wine from the same producer from Two different vintages one is just Coming into its drinking window while The other one is coming to its end the One I'm talking about is one of the most Expensive and one of the most highly Rated Wines in the world chateau Let's go [Music] A few months ago I did a survey on which Winery is your dream Winery from Bordeaux the winner was picturesque but The wine that came in second place Surprised me a bit shut up Leon is one Of the most highly regarded wineries in The world and these two worlds together Cost around 1 800 US dollars but it's Maybe not the most famous Bordeaux State Nevertheless I thought this was a great Opportunity to share this experience With you and together explore the beauty Of Aging why opio might be the oldest One producing estate in Bordeaux but its History starts far earlier than that Thousands and thousands of years ago the Countryside around today's city of Bordeaux was carved out by rivers and a Small hill started to take shape it Caught the eye of the Celtic tribes Living in the region and they called it

Brion which was their word for mound or Hill not knowing that this place is Going to become famous in the future the Story of the estate started in the 16th Century when John de puntak constructed The Chateau and the wines became well Well known because they were more Age-worthy than the wines from the Neighbors King Charles II owned 169 Bottles of Vino de obliono and Samuel Pepis wrote in his diary in the 17th Century that he drank sort of a French Wine called oberian that has a good and Most particular taste and I never met With Was that an English accent no I think That was Scottish anyways sorry American Politician and future president Thomas Jefferson was a man of Great Taste and He visited the winery in 1787 and quoted A specimen of what is the very best Bottle of wine so it came to no one's Surprise that the winery was rated as One of the best in Bordeaux in the Famous 1855 classification it's the only One of the premiere quick classes that Is located in the pisak Leonor region The winery was purchased by the Dylan Family in the early 20th century for a Few hundred thousand US Dollars which is A complete joke or a great investment Depending on how you want to see it Today the one we has 51 hectares of Vineyards with the vast majority planted

To the red grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Cabernet Franc they Also have some sauvignon blanc and Semino they produce four different wines The opio and the obryon Blanc and then They have two second wines the Clarence The Obion and the clarityon but I'm Going to taste the opryon whoosh the red Opio which is the flagship one of the Estate the main difference to the other Premier crew classes here is that they Sometimes have a majority of merlot in Their first wine the 2012 vintage for Example had roughly 65 percent of merlot So that's quite a lot these two ones Have a little bit less so I'm going to Taste the 2011 vintage and the 1986 Vintage side by side which should be Really interesting the 86 is well known For being quite long-lived and a little Bit rustic in the beginning the 2011 Should be pretty much getting right into Its drinking window so we're going to See how the wines differ basically so First of all if you look at the bottles You see some slight differences between The two vintages I purchased this one at A very well established wine merchant in Germany so I think they came straight From the Chateau and should be in pretty Much perfect condition but but still I Mean there are differences when it came Comes to the capsule the capsule color Is slightly different and The Branding

On the capsule is also slightly Different also the label looks slightly Different I mean they haven't updated it A whole lot but there is some slight Differences when it comes to the line Around the label for example and well The spacing is just slightly different So no major differences what is special About Obion is this type of bottle that Just looks different to the normal Bordeaux bottle it has wider shoulders Than the bottom and they also have the Name embossed into the glass which is a Great thing because it makes it a lot More difficult to fake this one as the Bottle is kind of special so the blend Of the 2011 is 46 Cabernet Sauvignon 35 Merlot and 90 Cabernet Franc so there's Quite a lot of Cabernet Franc in here The Merlot is fairly high but it's not The majority partner in the blend 72 Percent of the bricks were new but all Of it was aged in Brick which is pretty Common in Bordeaux for those high-end Wines anyways and Let's open it so as this is a fairly Young one I'm not too concerned about The cork you know I've broken a few corks in the past but I think this cork should still be Pristine I just hope it's not cocked That would be like Expensive for a corked wine so I like to Take the whole capsule of

Just because it makes it easier to see The wine flowing out of the bottle so if You want to make sure that you don't Have a fake one it's also always good to Check the cork you can see the Vintage On the cork here and you can also see Some information on the wine and the Vintage on the side of the cork which is A good indication so this is a very long Cork so I wanna Put the whole Corkscrew in there and Then pull it out So you go one piece I did it So I could decant this one but I don't Really want to do it I just want to let It breathe in the glass I probably will Decant the other one though So as you can see the color is still Very dark it's super purple there's not A lot of garnet there along the rim so It's still really concentrated and Useful on the nose it's whoa it's Intense it's complex it's really Beautiful you can see you can tell by The smile on my face so the wine smells Of cherries blackberries and a little Bit of chocolate so there's quite a bit Of Oak flavor still present but it's Moving into the background it's kind of Integrating into the wine the wine is Present now but it's still very much Dominated by primary and secondary Flavors primary flavors would be flavors From the fruit from The Grapes secondary

Flavors that develop in the winery while Tertiary flavors are the flavors that Develop with aging in the bottle and you Don't have a lot of tertiary flavors in This one it is however really beautiful It's a really welcoming one that comes At you with open arms and kind of gives You a big and warm hug on the planet the One is still young the tenants are a Little bit harsh quite young and very Grippy when tenants get older they Polymerize so they form longer bonds and Are less aggressive they just feel less Aggressive and this is not the case here Yet the wine is still drinkable it's Enjoyable it's beautiful the imbalance Between the richness and the acidity is Completely there but with a little bit More age would be more mellow more Enjoyable talking about more enjoyable Let's open the 86 so I was worried for a Second here because looking at the Capsule you might also think this is the 98 vintage but it's actually 86. I'm Pretty sure of that Says so on the label anyways so I'm Going to take the whole capsule off This capsule is not the other one was Slightly glued to the bottle this one is Not You see some residue here which is Completely normal It also says obrion on the cork so Everything looks great I mean the cork

Looks really really good too so there's A little bit of residue under the Capsule but the cork looks really good It says obrion on there it says 1986 and This looks like it was stored in very Good conditions given that the bottle is 37 years old so let's hope that I get This cork out in one piece okay this is A really long cork excessively long I Mean check this out the 1986's few Millimeters longer than the 2011 Cork And the 2011 cork is a long cork but If it helps So I'm going to decant this one I think But first I want to try it to make sure That it's actually well that's necessary To decant it I thought about it for a few minutes and I decided not to decant it you see Sometimes you have to decant one in Order for it to open up but this one Already feels pretty open and you can Also ruin a wine by decatting it as You're exposing it to a lot of oxygen so I just want to taste this wine straight From the bottle so this is fascinating Even though the 1986 is a different Cuvet with 62 Cabernet Sauvignon 28 Merlot and 10 Cabernet Franc these two Wines are essentially the same the only Big difference between them is time but You can see straight out of the bottle This is quite a bit more Garnet in color So they're more Brown elements here

Basically it's not super red slightly Brownish even at its core on the nose You don't get a lot of fresh fruit Character here it's more dried fruit so There are some flavors of prunes dried Figs it's quite interesting there's also This turtle every node of forest floor Mushroom character it's all in there all Mixed up but it's kind of beautiful There's also this tobacco and dark Chocolate character coming through a Little bit of leatheriness so yeah I Mean these are funky flavors maybe you Don't necessarily associate them with Wine but that's what old Bodo often Develops into and I like it on the Palette the white is more light and Fresh the 1986 is at 12.5 percent of Alcohol which was pretty common in Bordeaux in the 1980s and the 2011 is at 13 and a half percent of alcohol but It's not just the Alcoa older ones tend To become more light and more elegant And more linear and the smt is still Quite fresh and vibrant the talents are Surprisingly grippy the 86 vintage is Known for producing drippy tannic red Ones in Bordeaux it's also known as one Of the better vintages in the region the Reason for that that is basically that There were some cooler periods during The growing season and there was a Little bit of rain in September there Are actually a few similarities to 2011

Which also experienced some cooler Periods during the growing season and Was not necessarily one of the best Vintages especially following the 2009 And 2010 vintage the other weird Coincidence is that both vintages are Linked to terrible nuclear disasters 86 Was the year of the Chernobyl accident Where an incident at the power plant Resulted in widespread radiation and 2011 was the year when Fukushima Experienced a big accident and there was Radiation everywhere I don't know how That affected the wine and grape growing In Bordeaux but it's still a weird Coincidence tasting the wines next to Each other is just such a beautiful Experience the 2011 super fruity is Super Fresh lots of concentration and Body year whereas the 1986 has these Intense tertiary Aromas I actually think We caught both ones exactly at the Beginning and at the end of their Drinking window I don't think that this Will last all that much longer I'm not Saying that it will be over in a few Years but I don't think it will improve Much over the next years judging from That bottle at least while this is Slowly becoming really enjoyable and Pleasant I would drink this with a steak Right now because of the intense tannins And the intensity of the fruit flavor This is maybe something well to meditate

Over In the evening this tasting also shows To me that the new wave Bordeaux wine Making which sometimes Gets quite a lot of hate is not Necessarily as bad as you might think I Actually think this one would be more Interesting when it's 37 and this one is Right now not saying that this isn't Great but I think this is just made in a Better way I think this is more balanced I think even though this is also from a Slightly more difficult vintage than you Much better what they did and they had More techniques at their disposal in Order to get the best out of the Vineyard and out of the winery so I'm Going to rate the 1986 93 points and I'm Going to rate the 2011 95 points I Really like this one I think this this Is pretty beautiful so thank you for Watching I hope you liked this video if You did then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already my question of the day Is what other crazy wine tasting should I do next let me know down below I'm Looking forward to your comments but I'm Also a little bit scared because I know You guys have expensive taste anyways I Hope I see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty and I'm so going to stay thirsty Cheers

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