2013 Berghold 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi

So here we have the 2013 Berg hold Cabernet Sauvignon this is from Lodi and This is 2013. so uh Berg holds a winery That uh small Winery small production They sell a lot of grapes to a lot of Napa Sonoma wine producers here they They keep some for their own wines and 2013 arguably the best vintage in in California In the last you know several decades Really This is from Lodi Lodi is known for a Lot of zinfandelis is what Loda is known For but more and more the cabs that come Out of Lodi are really proving to be High quality And really showing a lot of really nice AB character you know this has some some Beautiful red fruits some nice plum It's a nice strawberry some really nice Dried herbs it's 2013 it's 10 years old Right so we're starting to get some of Those nice tertiary Aromas that are Coming out some nice mushrooms some nice Tobacco some nice forest floor it's Really pretty there's some like crushed Rose petals and even some uh You know some Sandalwood some cedar it's It's extremely intense uh really popping Out of the glass let's give it a taste Foreign So the first word that comes to mind Here is balance beautiful acidity on This one mouth-watering

The tannins have all really smoothed out It's nice and sleek and plush and soft And round beautiful mouth feel that Fruit comes forward that nice spice Those dried herbs finishes long it's dry This is a beautiful wine that's drinking Now I'd love to pair this with some kind Of roast lamb it's going to hold up to a Steak but because it's got some Bottle-age some sort of lamb or other Kind of maybe you know meat dish venison Something like that might be a little Bit better pairing but for the value This is a 40 SRP we're going to have This for under 20 bucks ridiculous value Find it only here at White Express Cheers Thank you