2018 Keiser Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

So here we have the 2018 Kaiser Napa cab And this is a One of those under the radar wines that Uh not sure how we quite found it but Thankfully we did uh this is 100 cab 100 Saint Helena estate fruit so this all Comes from the the Kaiser estate And uh this is I'm decanting as you see Because having tasted this before Wine is it wine that needs to really Open up and what it does man there's a Lot of complexity and layers that go on In this one so This one is hand-picked hand sorted Micro fermented a lot of care that goes Into this wine they only make 18 barrels Right it's under 500 cases comes from 2018 99 Point vintage I mean look at the Color on this one it's just a deep dark Brooding intense wine that's got You know black currant and black fruits Leading the way about a black cherry a Little bit of a cursed note which is Nice here It's got so Floral notes there's some nice lavender That goes on here some nice dried herb Notes like a like a sage Yeah there's definitely Oak right a Little bit of vanilla maybe a hint of Clove here but This is a very layered rich or or Bold Nose I should say so let's taste

Really [Music] Expressive and really expansive on the Palette I mean it's just it's just Hitting all the right notes Um again black fruits leading the way a Nice hit of cocoa that comes on the Palate not as much on the nose the Florals there a little bit of an herbal Note just a little hint of that green Pepper which I really love a little Minty I mean this is a 2018 these are Big wines they need a good a good decant This is a over a hundred dollar wine That when you see the price that we were Able to uh get an allotment for and that We're going to offer it for this is just A tremendous value of Napa cab from a From a crazy excellent vintage so uh get It while you can cheers enjoy Foreign