2022 Wine Express Thanksgiving Wine Ideas

[Music] Foreign [Music] So I don’t know about you but Thanksgiving is just about my favorite Time and favorite holiday of the year Thanksgiving such a wonderful time to be Around family to be celebrating uh Everything to be thankful for and Celebrating all the wonderful food and Great wines that we get to share Together so I’m going to talk about some some really Good Thanksgiving herrings that work Across the board thanksgiving’s Interesting because obviously you have The traditional turkey can be prepared a Lot of different ways but you have all These sides right cranberry sauce mashed Potatoes sweet potato asparagus whatever It is you need a wine that’s going to be A little bit versatile to go with Everything so for this year’s Recommendations for Thanksgiving Pairings we’ve selected All American Wines to help celebrate a U.S national Holiday and the first one is chardonnay Chardonnay is a classic traditional you Know turkey and Thanksgiving Day pairing Here we have the Behringer private Reserve Chardonnay this is a 2020 newest Vintage great wine that one of our most Popular Chardonnay’s hand this has just

Wonderful notes of tropical fruit Pineapple green fruit apples some Citrus Notes but what’s nice is it has some Some spice to it some Vanilla some Ginger and some smoke a lot of oak on This wine so you’re going to be able to Pair this up really nicely with a roast Chicken even some barbecue people smoked Chicken and that’s just how you prepare It but this has a lot of nuances Yeah it will pair well with mashed Potatoes because it’s Rich there’s a Full body to this wine and also a white Wine is nice for appetizers for the hors D’oeuvres have something to go with some Of the maybe the seafood or shellfish That might go along with the uh the Starters for the day so Chardonnay Really traditional classic white wine Pairing Second one we have here it’s Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is probably the most popular Thanksgiving pairing and and for a lot Of good reasons This by the way is our 2017 Primrose Trail this is one of our most popular Pinos it’s a 2017 Grand Reserve Ridiculous value on this wine this was a Great find that we’ve had that’s our Customers just love so Pinot has really Nice usually Berry strawberry I mean Blackberry this has some nice raspberry And even some nice like pomegranate to It but Pinot’s great acidity and that

Seems to be the real key with pairing For Thanksgiving and turkey in the sizes Finding wines that have good acidity Enough fruit enough structure to hold up To Turkey and the trimmings but not Overpower them and that’s why Pinot Always makes a A really nice choice and this one has I Want a spice black pepper some really Nice dried herbs on this so yeah so There’s that acidity that makes it sort Of mouth-watering and won’t be uh you Know overpowering or too weighty For a uh for a turkey and also helps cut Through some of the heftier sides like Those big heavy mashed potatoes and uh And sweet potatoes pies and the yams uh The third Zinfandel so Zinfandel is you Know America’s America’s wine America is Great since the mid-1800s with the gold Rush this is what they were this is what They were drinking and Zinfandel is Personally my favorite Thanksgiving Pairing and for a lot of the same Reasons as Pinot the acidity is there it Has a lot of you know berry fruit to it Hmm wow this is a Bueller 2015 so this Is a wine with some some bottle Edge on It now and oh Really interesting Um So a lot of Bramble fruit kind of a Woodsy feeling to it uh this is I smoked My turkey and this kind of zinfandel

With smoked turkey is like the ideal Pairing for me for Thanksgiving but also Again something that will hold up to the Cranberry sauce and you know all those Other whatever size your your family Tradition may be it’s a versatile wine It’ll it’ll work with a lot of different Kind of foods Wow this is drinking wonderfully this is A 2015 and a really good reason why you Age wine and leave it in the bottle for A few years because this is going to be Dynamite with the turkey this year so Those are your your Staples American Wines for the day And some some wild cards right some Still kind of traditional but other Wines that’ll work Riesling Um not the sweet stuff dry cabinet style Riesling Another high acid uh fruit forward you Know green apple green fruit kind of Wine works with turkey cuts through some Of that fat works really well with a lot Of the sides in the trimming shouting Off the pop on Earth is one that we Carry that I love and this can have Again a lot of that same Berry quality Fruit forward uh but can have this kind Of like Smoky and Meaty quality to it That works really well with with turkey If you’re not into the traditional American wines you want to venture into The uh to the old world and Bubbles

Right who doesn’t want to start any meal With bubbles I do and this move click Codes let’s move but this year they have This ice jacket on it and so not only is It a great opener for the day some People with the acidity and the flavors It’ll work with the turkey it’ll work With the meal but this is a great gift So if you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving this is a great bottle to Bring over open up the day and enjoy so Whatever wines you select make sure that You’re in good company Some good wines enjoy the day and we Wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Cheers enjoy [Music]