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There are thousands of different wine Grapes and hundreds of thousands of Unique labels with this level of Complexity how do we even begin to make Sense of wine to find what we like and Choose it confidently We have red whites white wines Rose ones Sparkling ones and dessert wines I'm Going to show you what's popular and Divulge some tips and tricks so you can Enjoy the best wine experiences hey What's up it's Madeline from Wine Folly Learning the major types of wine is an Excellent primer and if this wets your Palette check out wine Follies wine 201 Course get certified in the comfort of Your own home all right let's get to it Red wine If this is the type of wine for you You're not alone red wine is the most Obsessed about and Collective wine in Our modern era So what is it about red wine that makes It so Obsession worthy firstly red wine Is made with black skin grapes which Give red wine its color and flavor how Does it work the grape skins basically Soak in their juices while the wine Ferments the Skins contain the magic They have powerful antioxidants called Tannins which give red wine its ability To age some red wines will improve over A course of 30 years and while we're Talking tannins I gotta mention that

They actually taste pretty astringent But they're probably one of the only Traits in wine that's good for you so Drink up finally most red wines are dry As in not sweet with a few notable Exceptions but I'll talk about those Later what red wines should you get to Know well here's the short list Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah and Merlot and Pinot Noir all originate from France Garnacha and tempranillo come from Spain Is Italian today these grapes are Distributed all around the world and Grow in many regions but each originated From a classic red wine region and You're going to recognize these names Bordeaux is the region that made Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot famous These Bordeaux Blends taste full-bodied With high tannin and are your classic Steak pairing wines Hermitage put Surah On the map Syrah is big and bold but the Finish tends to be a bit more rounded Making it a great match for lamb and Roast pork by the way a great place to Look for Syrah is actually in Australia Where it's called Shiraz Cote de Ron Features Grenache prominently in the Blend it's rich with red berry fruits And it's one of my favorite French red Wines to recommend for beginners Rioja Is the Spanish Mecca of tempranio these Savory red wines become smooth and Smoky As they age in Oak barrels

Chianti in Tuscany is Sandra stay Central Center Visa is more spicy and Savory and it happens to match perfectly With tomato based sauces and Italian Food burgundy grows Pinot Noir Pinot is Easy to love because of its smooth soft Tannins but perhaps the hardest wine to Truly understand because of its Subtleties depending on where it grows Now that we know the major red wine Varieties here are some Clues to find Your style number one most important Thing is to pay attention to where the Wine is from worms Sunny climates tend To produce wines that are more fruit Forward whereas cool climates make more Tart and herbal wines Unless you're an avid cook avoid pairing Red wine with fish a study in 2009 Showed that the iron content in red wine Will exacerbate that fishy flavor red Wines taste best served in a larger Glass which collects the Aromas and Distributes tannins evenly across your Palate Finally red wines with higher tannins Pair best with foods with higher fat and Salt content and this is where we get The magic of the steak in red wine Pairing White wine Despite the fact that everyone obsesses About red wine white wine Remains the Most consumed by volume type of wine in

America today Makes white wine so crushable Foundationally white wine is made with Yellow grapes the secret to the process For most white wines is to crush the Grapes and to ferment them without their Skins the lack of skins makes white Wines taste much less bitter with Delicate flavors of flowers and citrus Fruits without skin contact white wines Generally don't age as long but I should Tell you there are a few notable Exceptions to this rule here's a short List of the most popular white wines you Better better know Chardonnay Samuel Blanc Pinot Gris and Shannon Blanc come from France Riesling is German Albarino is from the Iberian Peninsula That's Spain and Portugal and garganaga Grows in Italy These grapes are now grown throughout The world just like with our red wines But they also originated from classic White wine regions which you might Recognize For example burgundy Blanc that's Chardonnay it's currently one of the Most in-demand white wines in the world It comes in two Styles a full-bodied Oak Style with cream and buttery notes and a Lean green Appley unoaked Style In Germany the mosul valley is famous For Riesling with both dry and sweet

Styles you can always expect them to Have these stone fruit and minerality Flavors In Northern Portugal Vino Verde features Albarino this Citrus and saline wine is Perfect match for seafood in the Loire Valley seven years is a secret to Sommeliers for aid for the shenenblanc Still you'll love the Citrus and stone Fruit driven Shannon from South Africa Northern Italy is all about Pinot Grigio For this lean minerally Italian seafood Wine finally the medieval walled Village Of suave in Italy is surrounded by Vineyards of garganica the suavec Classical wines are lean and zesty Unreleased but become richer and more Peachy as they age okay so those were Some major white wine varieties here are Some Clues to find your style Check for Oak aging whether or not the Wine was agent Oak greatly affects the Taste Oak aging adds vanilla-like notes And is associated with creamy buttery Richness and white wines Get to know the aromatic varieties I'm Talking gavertzstromita torontes Riesling they many of them smell sweet But the trend is increasingly to make Them dry wines definitely worth a try Serve white wine in smaller glasses this Smaller glass preserves the temperature And floral Aromas in these wines Finally pear white wine with lighter

Foods think chicken tofu salad fresh Herbs seafood and cream sauces and You're gonna do fantastic Rose wine This has been the fastest growing Category of wine in the last 15 years And we can thank Provence in France for Popularizing their unique style of Rose Which is crisp dry and served like a White wine what makes Rose special is That it uses black skin grapes for the Color but instead of fermenting on the Skins for the whole time the juice sits For just a short while sometimes only a Few hours to create the pale pink color This means you can find a rose made with Almost any red grape out there although There are some classic favorites Provence Rose is typically a blend of Kitchen sink of red and white wine Varieties that grow indigenously in that Region I would recommend looking for Cote de Provence for a bump up in Quality Pinot Noir Rose is highly Popular because that grape is already so Light and delicate I'm personally Blown Away by Italian Rosado made with San Jose for some reason this grape makes The most incredible onion skin colored Rose There are many more to try so my guess To you is to go out find your favorite Rose and then find out what grapes were Used in it you're gonna find more like

It Sparkling wine Sparkling wine goes with breakfast lunch Dinner it's the ultimate celebration Wine and it even pairs well with fried Chicken either way you look at it the Main feature that sets sparkling wines Apart is a secondary fermentation which Is how we get those bubbles in theory You could use any wine as a base wine to Make sparkling wine but the standard has Been set by some classic sparkling wine Regions and you know the first one Champagne this Northern French wine Region uses Chardonnay and Pinot grapes To make rose and white sparkling wines Then we have Prosecco Prosecco comes From Northern Italy and it's fruity with Frothy Bubbles and yeasty notes from the Wine making process there are more than That to explore kava in Spain French Corta from Italy kept classique from South Africa Crema from anywhere else in France that's not champagne and so many More so here's what you need to know to Choose a great bottle of bubbly Find your sweetness level the Nomenclature for sweetness and sparkling Wine is totally counterintuitive fruit Means dry and dry actually means off dry So try them both to understand where Your preferences lie Pay attention to production method those Using the champagne method or

Traditional method develop Rich bready Toasty flavors through extended bottle Aging on to Raj so a wine with more age Is generally considered a good thing Prosecco on the other hand is mostly Loved for its floral and fruit Aromas Which dissipate as the wine ages thus Most Prosecco is best drunk young as Possible Use white wine glasses sparkling wine Has evolved a great deal and so has how It's served today the best glass to Enjoy sparkling wine looks more similar To a white wine glass than a flute Dessert wines Before dry wines turned our heads in the 1800s sweet wines ruled the world Although not all dessert wines are sweet And this category is actually really Complex because it involves so much of Our wine history and culture Dessert wines enlist a myriad of Winemaking techniques from late Harvesting ice wine fortification adding Spirits and aromatization adding Botanicals and herbs here are probably The most important dessert wines to know And try and explore Port is a fortified sweet red wine from Portugal Sherry comes in both sweet and dry Styles made in southern Spain marsala It's fortified too and it's from Sicily Madera is another fortified wine coming

From a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean Vermouth is both fortified and Aromatized with Botanicals and herbs Late Harvest wines happen when the Grapes are picked late in the season Here are two great examples we have so Turns from Bordeaux and Tokai in Hungary Ice wine is made when the grapes freeze On the vine vinsanto is a specialty from Italy and the grapes are so sweet that It can take up to four years to properly Ferment So there you have it that is my brain Dump on the five major types of wine Which will unlock thousands of grapes And Regional Specialties for you to Explore and if you want to know more About wine check out wine Folly's wine 201 course this certification course Brings you a deep level of wine Knowledge which will serve you Throughout your entire life And until next time happy tasting Peace out