Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and i ask you which topic I should cover next and the vote is in So today i’m going to focus on germany But instead of just talking about the Wines from my home country i went Through hundreds of the best dry german Rieslings in order to find my six Favorites which i will taste together With you today so hold on to your seats Ready set [Music] If you follow me on instagram as many of You do you know that i was recently at The vdp gaussian vx preview tasting this Tasting is one of the best organized Tastings in the world every taster gets A table to work from and you don’t have To walk around and wait for your wine Instead you just order flights and the Skilled staff brings them to your table And pours them for you this is how i Managed to taste and write tasting notes On 150 wines per day even though that’s Not necessarily great for my teeth what Also makes this tasting special is that Only the best dry wines for most of Germany’s greatest wineries are being Poured as many of you love riesling i Really wanted to focus on germany’s Flagship varietal even though i also Tasted the pinots and sylvana at the Event the vdp the ferban deutscher Predicates foreign was founded in 1910

As the association of natural wine Auctioneers the term natural wine back Then was referring to ones that were not Chapterized but it’s interesting to see How the term has evolved over the years Today most of the best wineries in Germany are part of the vdp the Organization has its own classification System which is loosely based on the Burgundian model the estate wine is the Gutesvine the village wine is the oats Vine the premier crew wine is the aster Lager and the grand cru is the gross Lager wine gorsulaing wines can only be Made from the permitted grape varieties And riesling is the only variety that is Allowed in all 13 wine growing regions They have to have a yield of less than 50 hectare liters per hectare the grapes Have to be hand harvested and the fruit Can obviously only come from classified Vineyards a dry wine from a grocery Lager is called a grocery wax and this Is the wine style that i’m going to Focus on today gorsuch vex wines can Only be released to the market on the 1st of september following the vintage And yes these wines are still way too Young they are meant to be aged but Anyways i’m going to taste the wines Going north to south roughly and i will Tell you about the differences of the Different vineyard sides but also about The differences of rieslings from

Different wine growing regions in Germany we’re starting off at the mosul One of the most famous wine growing Regions when it comes to riesling and Most of riesling for me is always a Little bit more fresh a little bit more Refined a little bit more vibrant some Might say this is due to the slatey soil But i actually think it’s mainly due to The climate and the extreme conditions There it’s very very cold and fresh There and on top of that you have these Very steep vineyards these steep slopes That really force the vine to dig deep And produce concentrated aromatic fruit The first one is actually a tank sample The 2020 woolen bluff is a lie from Heimann lievenstein the lievenstein Family has been producing wine in their Home village winning for more than 500 Years which is already completely insane In order to deconstruct german wine Names i want to tell you what the name Of the vineyard actually means wound Might come from the german word for owl Blaufussa means blue feet and lie goes Back to the celts and is a reference to Slate the sword of the vineyard is Devonian blue gray slate the vineyard Has an exposition to the south and south West and the vines are pretty old over 60 years old and a significant portion Of them is ungrafted which is not Uncommon in the mosul as the phylloxera

Laos isn’t really able to survive very Well in slaty soils on the north this is Wild but also refined this was cemented With indigenous yeast in wooden barrels So you get some wild spiciness coming Through together with the quince lemon And peach notes on the palette it’s very Typical for the mosul there’s lots of Freshness and vibrancy but also quite a Lot of depth and concentration even Though this is not a big wine at all but It’s still profound so this is really Beautiful really intense really complex I do like this wine a lot so even though This is just a baby it’s a tank sample i Would still rate this quite high i would Give this 95 to 97 points a really Beautiful Complex intense mosul riesling the next One is the van ferguson scharzerberger Perkins knop the fun ferguson winery is Based in wilting on the tsar and the Tsar wines tend to be even fresher and More vibrant than the moser wines the Vineyards here date back to roman times And the winery itself has a long history It was taken over in 2000 by roman Nivodnichansky scharzov berger is one of The if not the most famous vineyard in Germany it was here where the most Expensive bottle of riesling ever was Produced the 2003 aegon miller charts of Berger tottenberg slather that retails Around 16 000 us dollars the package

Knob is a luigi a parcel within the Shots of burger and the vines here grow On extremely weathered red and gray Slate this wine was rated the best one In germany in the past and i really Liked it in the tasting so let’s see Whether i still like it the wine is very Young and also very tight you also have Some so2 notes coming through but once All that disappears the fruit shines Like a laser beam you got green apple Peach and also lemon zest flavors that Aren’t big but very very precise they Are intense even though they are not big And concentrated it’s a bit like a Violin playing in the middle of the Night on the palette this is also very Very precise and very long you’ve got Lots of freshness coming through and it Stays in your mouth for a long long time I already regret that i pulled the cork Today because i think in 10 15 20 years This will really sing but i would rate This wine 97 points so this is amazing We’re moving on to the ringer with the 2020 kitchen back from robert weil Oberval is one of the institutions in The reingard it was founded in the 19th Century and today they have roughly 90 Hectares of vineyards all dedicated to Riesling the gravemaker is apparently The only vineyard in the world with an Unbroken streak of producing every Predicates level from cabinet to

Trottenberg now laser every vintage Since 1989 so whatever that actually means but It’s a very famous site that produces Amazing wine it’s a steep and stony Southwest facing vineyard and it Produces very elegant refined wines it’s A bit more difficult to define what the Rhinego actually tastes like to me the Wines tend to be a bit more rich than The wines from the mosul and tend to go More towards the ripe apricot than Towards the white peach character that You find in the mosul so there’s a bit More concentration a bit more opulence There so the wine is very elegant very Fresh it smells a little bit of orange a Little bit of apricot on the palate it’s Quite intense but very very dry and Quite grippy so there’s a lot of Freshness and very crystalline acidity So this is an absolutely beautiful wine And it is actually a little bit more Ready now than the schatzerberger before But i think the schatz of wagga just had A little bit more depth and Concentration so i would rate this 96 Points very very good but just not quite As good as the previous wine the next One is the 2020 donovan de jose Hermensville the donna family has a long History in the naha region in the 1920s They started bottling their own wines And today cornelius dunhoff is running

The estate in the fourth generation the Vineyard is named after a small mine Also called hule in the middle of the Hillside the hillside faces south and The vines grow on blackish grey slate The vines are up to 70 years old and the Yields are pretty low which means that You get a pretty concentrated intense Wine the donor family also produces Amazing sweet wines but i really liked This dry grass wine so i’m looking Forward to tasting it again Stylistically the gnar reminds me of the Mosul the wines are very fresh very Vibrant very precise but it usually has A little bit more power so people often Say that the gnar is a little bit in Between the mosul and the rhinego the Aroma is beautiful there’s the white Peach there’s the core of the apple and There’s also something that reminds me a Little bit of vanilla but not the kind Of vanilla that you get from oak it’s An exotic kind of spicy dimension to the Wine on the palate there’s so much Juiciness freshness vibrancy the acidity Is really like super precise very Direct So This is quite beautiful so for me this Is actually the best one in the tasting So far i would give this 98 points so It’s a bit above the shards of burger Perkins crop so

A complex very beautiful wine with lots Of precision lots of length and It’s hard to beat this now we’re moving To reinhessen and i’m tasting the 2020 Quillian gillard patenter riesling the Patented side is the steepest site in Reinhessen the soils are quite rocky and The vine really has to dig deep into the Soil in order to get water and nutrients Patented is probably a reference to the Time when the valley was still owned by Monks pata star loosely translates to Valley of the monks today the winery is Run by kaulina and hans oliver spanier Also run the winery button feldsparnia Another great producer in the region and They are organically certified and they Do biodynamics in the vineyards as well Reinhardt is a bit more difficult to Describe in terms of style it used to be A bug wine producing region but today There are some really really good Producers there and it’s really a hotbed For wine quality production And Therefore it is not 100 clear what the Style is going to be in the future for Me reinhessen is a bit more rich and Concentrated than what you get from the Rhinego but oftentimes it is very Reduced in terms of fruit flavor so it’s Not so opulent in fruit flavor it’s more Precise has a little bit more body and Broader shoulders but it’s not like in

Your face aromatic so let’s pour this Oops the wine is very intense and Complex you have lemon zest orange Flavors but also a little bit of Honeydew melon there’s also some spice Notes coming through it feels like the Wine was fermented and matured in oak i Think they only use large oak vessels But there’s a touch of woody flavor Coming through as well on the palate the Wine is a little bit more rich and broad Shoulder than the previous ones it has More body and concentration even though The alcohol is at 12.5 percent so it’s Not an alcoholic wine the acidity is a Little bit more rounded it’s not as Fresh and vibrant as what we had in the Previous wines so this is a bit more Burgundian maybe you could say a little Bit more rounded but really beautiful i Would give this one 97 points it’s a Super complex really exciting wine the Last one is the 2020 brooklyn with paige Stein the brooklyn wolf estate has a Long history and dates back to the 16th Century they are one of the largest Premium producers of wine in germany With 85 hectares of vineyards and all of It is certified biodynamics since 2008 The piston vignette is one of the most Famous vignettes in the falls it’s 17 Hectares big and different to all of the Other vineyards that we discussed it’s Actually a pretty gentle slope it gets

Its name from black basalt rubble that Came from a crack in the soil where Magma basically came to the earth’s Surface and turned into a basalt so this Was actually my favorite wine in the Tasting so i’m excited to taste it again False rieslings tend to be more rich and Concentrated than everything else in Germany basically so they are a bit more Full-bodied a bit more concentrated but They still maintain their freshness and Vibrancy they are just more exotic in Flavor profile and can be really really Good i gotta say i do love my job it’s Really amazing to taste these great Wines side by side the wine is just Super profound it smells of lemon and There’s quite a lot going on there that Is very difficult to put into words so It’s very complex very rich and Concentrated without being overpowering At all on the palette it’s really Deep concentrated textured really rich It almost feels umami so there’s almost Like a meaty dimension to it there’s Lots of freshness lots of acidity Vibrancy there but there’s also quite a Lot of body and richness this again is Not a powerful one in terms of alcohol It has 12.5 percent of alcohol but it is Just a very profound very complex very Rich wine i gotta say this is still the Best wine in the tasting and i’m going To rate this 99 points so this is the

Highest rating i think i ever gave a Wine in one of my videos here on this Channel it’s a beauty it’s a real beauty This was an outstanding tasting it was Great to have six beautiful wines in Front of me that really represents the Pinnacle of what is possible in germany And you also have to bear in mind that These vines may be more expensive than They used to be but they are still Pretty cheap considering that they Represent the best of the best what you Can do with a great variety riesling so Thank you for watching i hope you Enjoyed this video if you did then Please like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already My question of the day has to be which Was the greatest german riesling you Ever tried please comment down below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then i’m going to re-taste and retaste These wines here in front of me And you stay thirsty Bye [Music]