A taste of summer

Hello everybody hello hello Welcome Um i can see the number creeping up Um let us know in the chat where you are Dialing in from i’m interested to see What far-flung places people are dialing In from and let us know if you’re Drinking if you’ve paired wine with Today’s session please let us know what You’ve paid Um with our taste of summer webinar Today Welcome welcome And i suppose i should say good Afternoon or good morning all good Evening um to all of you Um Just so you know this event is being Recorded so you’ll be able to watch it Um back if you like it’ll be on the Event side of the delist event tub On youtube Um but it looks like quite a few dialing In already so you’ll be able to be Watching watching things live Um i’m gonna just see So we have oh my gosh a lot of places Canada India chicago London Brussels oh my gosh we are truly Global um that’s fab And hopefully some of you hopefully most Of you have a lovely glass of something

To pair alongside the webinar today Um and today We’re going to look at a taste of summer So perfect pairings for summer which has Yet to appear in london but i’m told It’s going to happen anytime soon uh Once this sort of gray rainy drizzle Subsides for at least a few days hoping For a few days of summer um i’ll Introduce myself first um my name is oh Hang on a second Here we go My name is anjali I’m an educator at the wfct school in London um i look at our events programme As well so Maybe some of you who’ve dialed in have Been over to the school or have done Some events with us or some courses These are our handles so wsu tour london On instagram and that’s my handle there Angeli douglas wine very imaginative Um Now what we’re really going to focus on Today is food and wine pairing and with The specific Emphasis on summer food and wine pears And Before we get a deep dive into some of The kind of food and wine pairing um Combinations that i’ve been looking at I thought we’d start like right from the Beginning um and so firstly The idea of food and wine pairing kind

Of almost full stop is something that I think is really really fun and you can Have a lot of fun with but unfortunately There’s a lot of fun police involved in The world of food and wine pairing And it’s definitely a subject that A lot of people i think can feel like They might be doing something Wrong or not making the correct pairing There are certain rules people feel they Need to follow And I’m here to tell you that Really there shouldn’t be any rules um The best food and wine pairing is really Whatever you want to drink with whatever You want to eat And I mean that in kind of lots of different Ways we all have completely different Palettes so everybody tastes very very Differently and so there may be weird And wonderful food and wine pairings That you think are absolutely fantastic That you’ve yet to find anybody else um On board that train with you i know i Certainly do um And really it’s not something to worry About it’s something to really have fun With experiment with And i think that can be the most fun Part of food and wine pairing is to Really kind of see How different foods and wines interact

With each other and give things a go um Something else i’ve put down there is Pear the mood not the food and really That is an ethos i kind of live by when It comes to food and wine pairing and i Think no more so that when it comes to Summer barbecue food and wine pairings Because We’ve got much more than the specific Kind of structure of the wine and the Specific dish to take into account the Weather very important in what kind of Wine you might want to be drinking um The company Um i also think when it comes to kind of A summer barbecue maybe that’s an Occasion where you want to prioritize Something kind of fun easy drinking Something that will be kind of a crowd Pleaser and it might be that in kind of Really really warm weather with kind of Plastic glasses and there’s sort of Flies um hovering around your picnic for Example you might not want to be opening Your finest finest bottles you might Want to be opening something fun and Just delicious So some more kind of things to keep in Mind when we get a little bit geeky as We will do For some of our food and wine pairs now What i’ve done as i did for we did a Christmas webinar on Along similar lines and i’ve done the

Kind of same thing which is that i have Cooked myself four different Barbecue summer recipes and i’ve paired A wine with each one so these were all Experiments that I i did you know it’s hard work but Somebody’s got to fit um i did at home And paired specific wines with some of These specific dishes so I’m essentially going to report my Findings to you Let you know what i found out about These food and wine combinations Now If any of you have done Courses with us You’ll be familiar with this slide Already It’s really useful one to go over when You’re looking at food and wine pairing It gives you a real one-stop shop into The interactions that food has with wine And this is something you look at if you Take the level one with us if you take The level two as well we look at it um And it’s something to really um Have a play around with whether you do That through our courses or kind of in Your own time it’s kind of quite fun to Taste some of these styles of food and See what interactions they’re having With some of the wines you have in front Of you And so i’ll just break it down a little

Bit Before i show you some of the dishes and Some of the wine pairings that i’ve made Um and firstly We can see this grid is sort of slightly Color-coded so if we first take into Account sweet and umami food These are written in red um and they’re Kind of written in red because they are I kind of call them our food hell Um and what i mean by that is sweet and Umami food will genuinely generally Give you a slightly more negative Interaction with your wine Now i imagine most of you have heard of Sweet foods um All of your desserts But it’s umami food that maybe some of You aren’t fully um familiar with umami Is one of the fifth the fifth kind of Taste um that you can pick up on your Palette so we have five in total we have Sweet salty Acidic um bitter which we leave off um There’s not loads and loads and loads of Bitter foods that we eat very regularly So we leave that one off and then the Fifth one is umami Now umami is a very difficult Taste to define It’s very very savory And It can i think be translated as Something along the lines of yumminess

Savory yumminess or something like that So that might give you a little bit of a Fear um foods that are very high in Umami include things like cooked steak Cooked mushroom Soy sauce miso Tomatoes very high in umami as well So If we take our Food with a lot of sweetness And or our food with high levels of Umami the effect that eating these foods Will generally have on our wine is Written in the next column so the wines Will taste more drying and bitter and by This i mean The sensation of tannins will be Amplified so that bitter mouth drying Quality that tannins have will be Amplified if we taste sweet or umami Foods now this can be in red most Commonly is in reds because it’s red Wine that contains our tannins but you Can also pick up tannins from storing Wines in an oak barrel so you might be Picking up a little bit Of that kind of drying and bitterness if You’ve put your white wine in an oat Barrel so it’s something to be a little Bit aware of when pairing Sweet or umami food with a wine is that You will really dial up the volume on Those tannins Um

Another uh Effect of tasting kind of sweet or umami Food with your wine is you’ll increase The perception of acidity So The wine is going to taste well more Acidic And at the same time you’re going to Dial down any sensation of sweetness or Fruitiness and it’s generally these Things we do want to amplify in wines And generally when we’re drinking red Wines in particular we want to smooth Out tannins and make them taste really Lovely and smooth um Potentially soften out some acidity as Well so it’s generally our sweet and Umami food which will give us a more Negative impact With wine And by contrast our food heaven our food Saviors are salty and acidic food Now the reality is most dishes are a Combination of several of these if not Potentially all of them In order to make a kind of balanced dish So some of you might be thinking well Hang on if umami is In lots of steak then why is steak and Malbec a really classic food and wine Pairing combination And the kind of the answer to that is That that steak is almost always Seasoned with salt

And as we can see from our column what Salty food or acidic food will do is Smooth out tannins so decrease the Perception of those tannins make the Wine seem less drying less bitter Decrease the perception of acidity as Well so soften out the wine soften out Any rough edges of it and at the same Time they will amplify All of those fruity flavors And in the case of salty food will give You a fuller body style of wine so the Wine will taste a little bit richer Acidic food will amplify the fruit they Give you a much kind of fruitier style Of wine and it’s generally These styles of food that Are known to have really positive kind Of interactions with wine that being Said what still stands on my previous Slide is the most important thing if you Really like a very very sweet dessert With a big spicy high tannin red wine Then you go for it This is just something to kind of keep In mind in terms of how the perception Of your wine might change in the glass Depending on what you’re eating We have a few other kind of styles of Food at the bottom so highly flavored Food Can be overwhelmed by Sorry highly yes highly flavored food um May overwhelm your wine so if you’ve got

A wire a food a dish that has really Really intense flavors You might want to think uh a bit more Carefully about pairing a very very Delicate wine with it for example Not always But it may be that you’ll stop being Able to taste all of those delicate Aromas and flavors in that wine if You’ve got a really really intensely Flavored dish on your hands So it’s one thing i like to really Consider actually when pairing food and Wine is is rather than matching aromas And aromas or flavors and flavours match Volume with volume so a really intense Dish goes really nicely with a really Intense wine Equally a very delicate dish might go Really nice with a really delicate kind Of style of wine so they’re sort of Hitting you at the same level and one Isn’t kind of getting drowned out by the Other Um fatty or oily Food everybody’s favorite let’s be Honest um decreases the perception of Acidity in your wine so it can be a Really nice interaction if you’ve got Really Fatty rich foods to pair it with a wine That has a high level of acidity Partly to kind of cut through all of That creamy richness

And then lastly we’ve got Hot or chili spicy food And This will essentially increase the Alcohol burn um in on your on your Palate so if you are tasting a dish that Has has a lot of chili in it And you pair it with a wine that has a Very high level of alcohol you’ll feel Even more fire so it might be worth Considering pairing a wine that has a Slightly lower level of alcohol if you Don’t want lots and lots of fire if You’re very very happy with lots and Lots of chili and spice and no food is Ever hot enough for you then it’s really Worth considering pairing it with a very Very high alcohol style of one so again It really depends on on what you feel Like your palate um and what you would Prefer the kind of interactions to be So with that um I’ll first take you into some of the Regions that i’ve covered uh in terms of Looking into barbecue food from around The world so this is kind of summer and It’s barbecue i’ve made a dish from each Of these countries and i’ve got to say When it comes to bbq food i was really Spoiled for choice um i left off korea i Really didn’t want to leave off korea i Left off japan brazil there are so many Countries around the world that have the Most fantastic barbecue

Traditions and Kind of specific quirks to those Cuisines And so for the next one for the next one We’ll cover all lots and lots of Additional countries but for here i’ve Gone with four I’ve gone for An indian barbecue recipe um a greek one Barbecue from the usa and a spanish Barbecue recipe and it’s with each of These dishes that i have paired a Specific wine Um and so let’s kick off with India And I decided to make uh I wanted to do something in a tandoor i Am not blessed enough to have a tundra So my uh Very affordable Slightly rickety barbecue had to do the Job for most of these um but i managed To get it very very hot as you can see From the image and i uh made some Tandoori paneer So i marinated it a little bit before And then made some skewers with some Peppers and onions I also paired it with a cachumba which Is a Kind of Well essentially a salad or kind of like A salsa um you can see it in the

Background of my image so Lots of cucumbers tomatoes some Coriander Lots of lime juice so this is Particularly sour Alongside all of those peppers and Onions we’ve got a dish here that does Have quite a lot of acidity to it I also made an attempt at garlic butter Naan To be honest if you cover anything in Garlic butter it’s very very delicious i Found And so something else to keep in mind is That this dish also had quite a lot of Spicing to it Through each of the components So this was a spiced dish it was also it Had chili heat in it so there was chilli Um in the the marinade and in the Kachumber as well And there was some sourness to it as Well so these were the three key Considerations i i wanted to apply to Which wine i then wanted to pair And so As you can see from the image i’ve gone For a riesling From alsace And When it comes to riesling oh great Variety from from a region like outside We generally are making these dry so This is a dry style of riesling and that

Being said i i think actually off an off Dry style would have worked brilliantly Um too I wanted to find a wine that had a high Level of acidity I’ve already got quite a lot of acid Going on in this dish and if i paired This dish with a wine that had a lower Level that wine might start to taste Quite flat So i wanted to make sure i had nice high Acid to marry up to all of that acidity In the dish um and reesing certainly has That I also wanted to think a little bit About the flavors so there’s lots of Delicate spices in um In this dish so in the cachumba i’ve got Lots of spices running through the Marinade and the skewers um and so i Thought it would be nice to pair it with A wine that also has some quite delicate Aromatics and riesling certainly does It’s kind of floral aroma running Through it My last consideration was because i am I’m okay with lots and lots of chilli Heats but um i certainly didn’t want to Amplify lots and lots of uh that kind of Sensation on the palette i wanted to Make sure the wine wasn’t really really High in alcohol So i ended up with riesling and i’ve got To say i think it was a really lovely

Pairing it’s quite classic so some of You might have heard of it or even Tasted These kind of food and wine pairings Before and i think it’s a classic for Good reason those those delicate Aromatics do really marry very well with Those um Barbecue spices especially once you put That paneer on the grill all those Spices become um kind of toasted and More kind of amplified so you kind of Want a wine that also has some Interesting aromatics alongside or at Least that was my Logic to it And Very delicious it was too i’ve got to Say and this was an example of a Barbecue that Didn’t get rained off um unfortunately That was not the case for all of the Dishes uh which you will soon see So that’s our tandoori paneer Incidentally I’ll take some questions at the end so Um do stay tuned we’ll go through some Of the other dishes and then um we will Hopefully have some time we certainly Will have some time for some questions At the end um so That’s my tandoori paneer with my Reasoning um i’ve gone a little bit um Off-piste shall we say with the next um

Pairing I’ve gone for red snapper i only Apologize for my half eaten shot this Was actually a holiday That i went on to grease And uh I was over excited and also wanted to Really make sure that i cooked it Correctly um so we’ve got a little bit Missing from my red snapper um And this was cooked on a grill Um stuffed with some herbs that uh Actually we kind of found on some of the Walks uh that we’ve gone on that day so Um there was some kind of wild fennel And some kind of dill Wild herbs and some lemon stuffed into That red snapper um tomato salad Some grilled spring onions and some Braised broad beans so really a Relatively delicate dish um we don’t Have anything really really intensely Flavored everything’s balanced um nicely Together and nothing’s really really Kind of intensely flavored so i wanted To make sure not to pair a wine that Would really dominate some of these more Delicate flavors Also pretty salty so i’m salted seasoned The tomatoes very well with salt and That red snapper Had an awful lot of salty seasoning on It before it went on the grill so Something else to consider

Um And i’ve paired it With The wine actually you may not be able to Exit maybe that my my little icon is in The way but it’s a wine called nautilus It’s a white wine from kefalonia so Rather than following To the letter the grids that i showed You initially i’ve also sort of taken on My own rule of um what grows together Goes together um and wanting to kind of Taste a wine from very nearby With the kind of food that i was eating And it’s a really interesting wine um By a producer called voivos it’s called Nautilus and it’s aged underwater so It’s a it’s a blend of some indigenous Um varietals uh that they’re very um Geeky amongst you as i am might want to Know it that it’s a blend of uh a great Called vostelidi um and muscat So it’s got lots of lovely floral Character from that muscat And it’s wine that has been bottled and Then aged underwater so the winery has Special tanks That they keep in in their facility and Age their wine submerged in water And they do this for a few reasons Uh partly To keep the wine at a very cool and Constant temperature which as some of You might know from having done some of

Our courses or looked into it or if You’ve got kind of sellers and things Yourselves a cool constant temperature Is exactly what you want For um Keeping the condition of a wine intact So Submerging these bottles underwater Meant that they’re kept in a lovely cool Constant condition they’re also kept in In darkness that way so there can There’s no light that can penetrate them Um and finally submerging these bottles In water means that no oxygen can get Through those bottles into them and with A really light style of white wine as This is with lots of delicate floral Aromatics think of that muscat so all of These lovely floral characters you Really want to make sure that it’s kept As fresh as possible and to do that you Want to keep oxygen away from it as much As possible and so one Quite creative way i think they’ve done Um for this one is they’ve kept all of Their bottles underwater And Beyond those uh kind of quirks and my Kind of what grows together goes Together mentality another kind of few Considerations for the wine was that i Wanted to make sure it had lovely high Level of acidity again That’s going to be a bit of a theme

Running through some of these pairings High acidity is really really useful When pairing food and wine together Not least when you have things like Tomato salad that already have their Acidity to them And i also wanted to make sure that the Wine was equally delicate so As i said the dish has lots of kind of It’s quite delicate in and of itself With lots of different kind of Components that are all relatively Delicate and i wonder if maybe if i had Paired this wine with a 100 muscat or a Really kind of intensely Aromatic grape variety Maybe the wine would have overpowered Some of the dishes i don’t know it might Still have been completely delicious but I think marrying the blend together and Having a little bit of floral character Coming through a little bit of freshness Um is a really lovely Way to kind of show off both the meal And also the wine itself the wine can Really sing with all that lovely kind of Salty quite delicately flavoured food Um So Another success i’ve got to say another Success Um And If we move to kind of completely

Different style of food now we’re going To go to the usa And It was one of the first I guess dishes or styles of food that Came to mind when i started to think Okay barbecue what’s it going to be and It is pulled pork and as you can see This image i’m now very much indoors Because in classic british barbecue Style it started to rain and rain and Rain as soon as i lit the bbq Um So this pulled pork started out in Barbecue and then quite swiftly had to Be um taken inside and finished off in The oven but hey that is a very Traditional barbecue of my book um So There’s a lot of moving parts to this uh I’m not ashamed to say i had to buy a Meat injector for this dish um to inject This marinade into it was quite involved So it started with a dry rub and then The marinade is quite sweet so we’ve got Some apple juice and some maple syrup There I’ve paired it as well with kansas city Style barbecue sauce which is um also Quite sweet It’s got um Well a lot of sugar in it actually i can Tell you um dark sugar as well so it’s Got this kind of burnt or kind of uh

Dark caramel kind of aroma to it Alongside kind of onions and tomatoes And things like that And then some slaw uh well because You’ve got to really balance out give a Bit of freshness um and actually my Sister-in-law is from the the states and Said that the slaw is often the most Important recipe that’s the the family Recipe that gets um passed down is Everyone has their specifics law Um Now This is a dish that is incredibly rich Lots and lots of that kind of really Rich pork it’s quite a fatty cut as well Um And also Though yes it’s a Savory dish There’s a lot of sweetness there so that Marinade had um a few sweet components In it Apple apple juice and some maple syrup And The kansas city bbq sauce also very Sweet so As a kind of entire dish it’s quite Sweet um And it’s got this richness this Fattiness to it as well So Again Taking some of the

Um Food and wine pairing kind of grid that We looked at earlier into account This definitely is a dish that can be Considered kind of fatty or oily or Whatever um we call it creamy very rich And so i definitely wanted to make sure I paired it with a wine had a high level Of acidity um i think that was one of The most crucial things to cut through All of that richness a little bit i mean The slaw does a bit of a job of that but Really the wine can also do a job of Kind of cutting through all of this Richness And Though yes this is a meaty dish I And i did want to pair a red wine with This i’m sure there were lots of whites Actually that could have been Experimented with but i wanted to have a Go with pairing a red And Though it’s a Clearly a very meaty dish i did still Want to make sure that the wine had low Levels of tannin And that’s because there is all of that Sweetness here so i knew that whilst Trying all of these kind of sweet um the Barbecue sauce alongside the marinade May start to amplify Sensations of tannin when tasting the

Wine and increased that perception of Dryness and bitterness As we looked at on our grit so i wanted To make sure the wine was high in Acidity low in tannin And also something that wasn’t on the Grid was i wanted the wine to also be Quite fun i think with a dish like this It’s so intensely flavoured as well And it’s got so many kind of parts going On with it That i didn’t think i i didn’t want to Pair a wine that was Really really really complex um Really really um I didn’t want to pair a wine where the Wine would be able to speak for itself i Kind of wanted to pair one that would go Along really lovely with all of these Fun big flavors And so i’ve gone with a wine that hasn’t Doesn’t Really feature huge amounts there’s not Really really wide plantings of it it’s A great variety called trusso um it is Uh indigenous to France kind of eastern front around the Cone azura area There are lots of plantings of it in Portugal actually for the production of Port And this is A Wine

All the grapes here are grown in California So you might expect given that we’ve got A really kind of warm climate here you Might expect this wine to have reached Really really high levels of alcohol and Be really kind of rich and intense it’s Actually not it’s low and it’s light um I think it’s only 12 Abv And It’s a wine that i chilled down Um Knowing that the wine had had these Lower levels of tannin to it and this High level of acidity um it was a wine That i think could afford to be chills Down a little bit and what that did was It amplified all the fruity character in The wine so amplify these kind of cherry Notes sour cherry red cherry quality to It and again help increase the kind of Perception of a freshness in the wine to Cut through all of that richness in the Dish So It’s i guess also a fun wine because It’s not really really classic in style Um it’s a great variety without it Doesn’t have wide plantings in California it’s um more often nowadays Planted for the production of Fortified wines and so they’ve made this Wine in a slightly different way

Um They’ve made it lighter and fresher with Those lower levels of tannin and so i Kind of thought this is a nice wine it’s Not super classic and it’s a way to Have a bit of fun and kind of experiment With some of these styles and Still have a lovely fresh red wine Alongside this dish and again i think This this pairing worked um it was it Was really lovely um i could have done Slightly warmer weather i’ve got to say For my lovely chilled red i thought the Sun might be shining and i might be um Eating this outside but it was not to be Um but definitely something i think not To completely discount if you’re Thinking about pairing uh Some wines with Um some barbecue dishes don’t discount The reds even if it is a really hot day If you find a red that has lower levels Of tannins that you can chill down Those can be really really delicious um Summertime reds so definitely something To to keep in mind And my final um Uh Barbecue pairing Actually i also didn’t cook in a Barbecue i’m told you can make these uh Really beautifully in a like those Wood-fired pizza oven so if any of you Have those and you’ve you’ve hit your

Quota for cooking loads and loads of Pizzas over one kind of summer season Then it might be really worth Investigating with cooking this this is Called a burnt basque cheesecake so this Is my Um spanish basque country um Food and wine pairing And um It is you can see from the top it gets Kind of slightly charred over the top You put it in a very hot oven and so it Still stays quite nice and kind of Smooth almost a little bit gooey in the Center and it’s more kind of firm and Cheesecakey on the outside and it’s got This kind of lovely burnt top so it’s One that you can do really i hear really Brilliantly in a pizza oven um I haven’t got any other components to This dessert uh just pure and simple a Burnt basket cheesecake um An awful lot of cream cheese an awful Lot of creme fraiche an awful lot of Sugar and i’ve got to say it very Delicious And so Really the key things that i wanted to Kind of consider when pairing my burnt Bass cheesecake with a wine was a it’s Sweetness Um a very very Sweet dessert Also incredibly creamy so lots of fat

There we’ve got lots of um cream cheese Creme fraiche uh all of the good stuff And this is going to give us a really Really rich dessert now I’ve seen kind of lots of recipes for This cheesecake that it’s often served With things like summer fruits Um or Uh Well actually mostly i’ve seen kind of Fruity pairings alongside this to kind Of balance out all of that creaminess um In the dessert but i’ve just kept it Completely classic and kept that burnt Bath cheesecake completely as it is Which means the wine needs to Help to balance out the pairing a little Bit more than potentially it did do with Some of the other pairings we’ve looked At which have kind of different Components and different moving parts Whereas this is one Very indulgent kind of rich creamy sweet Dessert And so i thought what might be fun is to Pair it with a really really fruity wine And so then i kind of narrowed down my Options a little bit But of course there are loads of really Fantastic um dessert wines or fully Sweet wines that are completely still That would be lovely pairings with this So things like so turn things like ice Wine things like um tocai would be

Really lovely And i just thought actually this is a Really lovely opportunity to bring some Asti into the world uh or my world of Food and wine pairing um And I think that Pairing a sweet sparkling wine with the End of a meal so with a dessert is Something that we should kind of all do More of because as much as i do Absolutely adore loads of still dessert Wines like the ones i’ve mentioned There is something about having already Had a really large meal and then having A really indulgent dessert that can mean That that sparkle even though it’s only Lightly sparkling in that um asti Spermante Is enough to kind of liven up and Freshen up your palette in a way that i Think sometimes really quite rich Dessert wines when the weather’s really Warm as well is not exactly what you’re After especially when pairing it with Such a rich dessert like this So I knew it needed to be something sweet Because any kind of dry wine would taste Incredibly bitter alongside a wine like This I also wanted to make sure it was quite Light because all of this is so rich Especially if you take it into the

Context of having had Previous uh kind of savory foods prior I’ve got to also just caveat this by Saying i didn’t have all of this in one Day this was uh spread out um Unfortunately uh and so This pairing means that we can still Have something sweet And something light but we’ve got that Sparkle that can kind of freshen up and Liven up the palette after you’ve had Maybe a lot of differently flavored Foods and you’ve really had like you Really gone to town your lunch then You’ve had a really lovely big dessert And then you want a wine that isn’t Necessarily going to also be really Really full in body and have lots and Lots of alcohol lots and lots of sugar Um And be that kind of really viscous style Of sweet wine so this wine does have Sweetness to it definitely but it’s also Got this freshness Coming from the sparkle And it’s got this really sweet uh oh Well this really fruity quality to it Which i think pairs really well when You’ve got a lovely dessert that doesn’t Have any other fruity components it sort Of brings the fruit into that Combination So another um Maybe this is my favorite i mean i don’t

Want to pick though it’s like picking Your favorite child but maybe this is my Favorite pairing i thought um It’s also Easiest on the wallet i think um that One’s not too expensive and you get a Lot of bang for your buck uh in wines uh Like ashti spamanti you get an awful lot Of kind of fruity flavor that lovely Sparkling hit so um A really lovely pairing Um And so These were my four Um recipes Uh or or four meals that i cooked and Paired my my four wines alongside It was so much fun kind of experimenting With them so i can’t stress that enough Over this summer Season Keep experimenting and maybe open up a Couple of different things alongside Some of the foods that you’re eating I’ve got Another little slide of kind of um some Top tips to kind of finish up with so The first Acid is your friend um high acidity Levels in wine Whether you’re pairing that with a dish That already has a lot of acidity or a Dish that’s actually quite creamy The acidity in the wine is going to be

A lovely pairing either way so it’s hard To lose if you pair your meal with A lovely high acid wine um so it’s Definitely something to kind of keep in Mind the second that we touched on with That pulled pork pairing is to chill Down those reds um i think it can be Something people get a little bit Worried about um because you don’t often See red wines being kept for too long in Fridges and Admittedly if you do chill down very Strongly kind of a red one that has high Levels of tannin that will become really Really grippy and really really drying As long as you make sure that your wine Has a lower level of tannin What you’ll be doing by chilling it down Is Dialing up that fruity quality Giving it a bit more texture maybe and Making it maybe better suited to the Context of the weather into the Environment that you’re in so don’t be Afraid to chill down some some reds i Know that i chose a pretty um uh a kind Of different style uh that might not be Readily available in lots of different Places but you can definitely try the Same thing with with gamay um with uh Wines um from beaujolais so that would Be our gamma grape or some kind of Lighter styles of pinot noir as well These lighter turning wines

Are really do take well to chilling down A little bit Well the third Is that versatility is key um i think i Put this on my last webinar as well so It’s it’s definitely an occasion where You’re likely going to have a lot of Different styles of food at any one time Barbecue season you’ve got people over People are bringing different dishes Potentially you’ve got cicada for lots Of different tastes and a lot of Different kind of dietary requirements And things like that so you’re likely Going to be eating a really really Varied plate of food and so As long as you make sure you’re picking A wine that a you really like already And you would be very happy with with or Without food um then You are winning uh and it’s likely going To be a wine that uh larger kind of Crowds of people might also really like So Keeping to Stripping things back to the basics and Making sure that at least you really Like the wine and you really like um You would really like to drink it with Or without food can be a good way to go And my last tip is to just to try and Have as much fun as possible with it Experiment if you’ve got a few people Over it’s a good opportunity to have a

Few bottles open and so you can kind of Taste a few different things with some Of the foods um and That fun kind of extends to the fact That um as i guess it says here It’s maybe not the occasion uh to open Your finest or most treasured bottle if We’ve got Um plastic tumblers that have already Had many many different kind of juices And waters and liquids in them all day Um and you’ve got A really really hot weather it might not Be the day to open up your most kind of Long-lived complex uh treasured bottles Of wine so pick something affordable Something fun Maybe something you’ve never tried Before And That will just help you i think Experiment a little bit more and explore The weird and wonderful world of food And wine pairings Even more Um And so it’s with that oops that i’ll Uh end my presentation but it does look Like we do have a few questions so i’m Just gonna bring up that box Um So Uh i’ve got a question from laurie do They add the labels later i think that’s

In relation to the nautilus yes they Would do um and that’s done something Done quite common with a lot of wine Maturation um if you imagine even if You’re in like a cellar say you weren’t Um maturing your wine or storing it Underwater Sellers can be damp um and it’s often That you want to Uh You often want that level of kind of Damp um a good level of humidity in your Cellar but it does mean that you can get Kind of mold growing and things like That so just keeping them purely in Glass bottles whether you’re underwater Or not is generally what’s done then You’ll label them right before you put Them out to sale Um The tandoori as a red also so this is a Question from milos um tanjori is a red Alternative would you go for Would you go with something high acidity Slightly simpler red or would you go With high tannins to give it a kick now Because i’m a wimp i would probably go With something a a light red wine so i Think a pinot noir would work really Beautifully um Uh or or actually a beaujolais as well As these look kind of lighter styles of Red potentially something like a a Cabernet franc from the loire uh might

Be nice because these are relatively Light in style but also have this quite Kind of interesting green quality to Them which might go well with some of The kind of peppers in that dish too um You could certainly go with something With really high tannins and for that Matter really high alcohol too Um but you might be amplifying some of Your some of your chili heat there Um Nautilus screw cap um or kept in bulk From short so they’re kept in the Bottles um as i understand it to mature Underwater so in kind of cases of glass Bottles of wine submerged underwater um Share how much the wine bottle was of The fuevos nautilus do you know i Actually can’t remember off the top of My head it was definitely affordable but I was buying it whilst i was on holiday Um you should be able to find it pretty Easily online and i’m i’m pretty sure They export quite widely so it’s Definitely worth checking out Um Pairings with hot dogs or bratwurst um All about the toppings and riesling and Rosie have worked well for me so that’s A good that’s a comment from greg and I’ve got to say i completely agree Toppings it’s something that i actually Also touched upon it in in the christmas Um foods webinar

That i think people often really really Focus on the main event so if you Imagine a christmas table often the main Event is roast turkey or something like That but it’s actually the sides that Will have more of an effect if you’ve Got loads of cranberry sauce for example Or all those roast potatoes what have They been kind of cooked with things Like that i i think you’re exactly right With the the hot dogs it’s those Toppings what are you putting on top um That compare really well and your Suggestion of rose in particular i think Rose Is a really versatile um Pairing So if you’re ever kind of struggling a Little bit Rose in all its guises those deeper Colored ones and those paler lighter Styles um all those kind of ones with a Bit more grip on them uh are can be Really versatile pairing so yes i Completely agree If you were to choose one so this is From beth if you were to choose one White and one red for a family bbq what Would you choose oh my gosh this is so Difficult so In terms of a White Well actually no i think maybe red Trying a

Medium Kind of style of red and by that i mean Kind of medium body medium levels of Tannin those can be real crowd pleasers So if that really really light kind of Chilled style it might not be If you want something that is definitely Going to kind of just please everyone Then something like maybe a reserve a Rioja um it could be really lovely or or A penitage pinotages often have this Kind of smoky quality to them which i Think marry really well with barbecue Now a white oh gosh a white is quite Difficult I would go with Probably A Lightly oaked Chardonnay I know oak is not for everyone which is Why i wouldn’t want it to be heavily Oaked but again it can contribute this Kind of weight to the wine Uh and Maybe even another little kind of smoky Character so you could pair essentially These two slightly smoky wines with all Of your your delicious bbq food um and Equally both of those styles of wine i Think work really they’re very very Versatile they’d be fine without lots of Food and they’d be fine kind of long After once you’re clearing up to have

That some some final glasses um at the End of the evening too Um Uh Did i try more than one wine with each Meal or just one bottle so i Prepped these kind of in advance so what I did was i i decided on my barbecue Kind of dishes i wanted to make sure i Was as broad as possible and then i i Picked a wine and kind of risked it that Said i would love to be able to kind of Have multiple bottles on hand and get Even geeky with this and taste some of Those foods alongside different wines to See how they all kind of interacted and Changed um Maybe one day when i can kind of keep Multiple bottles open and not worry About wasting them um i’ll get there uh But yes it’s also something that you you Explore if you take um some of our Courses in our classroom courses you Often In the food and wine kind of section you Often will have a flight of wines and be Able to taste them all alongside Different foods so you can get really Kind of into it then too Um We often barbecue mushrooms with Balsamic vinegar so this is a question From manolis With balsamic vinegar what is your

Opinion for pairing now that’s really Interesting question because mushrooms Are very high in umami and balsamic Vinegar Can be quite sweet so this is can be has The potential to be quite a tricky Pairing because we’ve got both umami Here and some sweetness So If you are pairing a red i think a Really light style of red but actually i Think this might be where um rose comes Into the mix so uh a lovely rosie from From the south of france somewhere might Be really um beautiful with that Um Another kind of option i will always Bring out the bag for very very tricky Pairings is if all else pale Fails pair um some kind of traditional Method sparkling wine so be that Champagne or carver english sparkling Wine something like that It has not failed me yet um so i’ll Leave you with that go go buy a lovely Bottle of champagne because uh it’s nice To have an emergency bottle on hand if You’re ever wondering about what exactly To pay your food and wine with that is a Bit of a fail safety um i think those Are all my questions uh so it just Leaves me to say really oh I’ve got a comment i think from david Um

Ah so the bottles are sealed with Beeswax for that nautilus wine and then Submerged um so not just there just Their screw cap Um A question from cynthia will this be Available after yes so this will then Sit in the events hub on the wset Youtube channel so you can um check back Over some of these uh foods and wines at Your leisure um it should be up in the Next day or two Uh and so i think that is the end of the Questions thank you all so much for for Coming along Um oh sorry bless i’ve got one more i’m Just gonna i’m gonna answer this one More um What’s your emergency this will work With everything bottle for me lost okay So yes i’ve got to say traditional Method sparkling wine or even Something like a tank method sparkling Wine something like prosecco um is a Really good fail safe i think if you’re Not so big on bubbles um then i do think Rose can really work For those emergency food and wine Pairing emergencies then it’s worth kind Of exploring some of those Um Thank you so much guys thank you for Coming along Uh watching the the webinar and thank

You for joining in lots of questions um And i can thank you for them uh and with That i’ll leave you thank you very much