Acclaimed 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville, Napa Valley

Here we have the 2018 Acclaimed Oakville Napa cab so 2018 One of if not the best vintages in Napa You know in the last several decades Really you know 99 Point vintage uh Beautiful growing season really warm uh All these wines are coming out with this Beautiful extracted concentrated fruit In fact I tasted this you know about 30 Minutes ago when we were going to shoot And it really needed a good decant on it To uh to just open up a bit because These are just big massive wines that Are coming out of here Oakville I don't think it needs any introduction But screaming eagle Harlan Bond Silver Oak you know foreign all these wines Oakville is just Prime real estate for The best Cab in Napa and you know with a Lot of them they come with these really High price tags and that's the beauty of Of this Acclaim that comes And a tremendous value comes from a wine Maker we've worked with uh for for many Many years he goes out sources fruit From From all these Vineyards and refuses to Let us know where it's from because he Likes to keep his you know Secrets under Wrap which we understand but it allows Us to bring in these wines at such a Crazy value and my Lord this is uh this Is 85 cab 10 Merlot and it's five

Percent petite verdeaux which is my Favorite great by the way uh and you can Smell it so first thing that's coming Out and first of all this is intenses Can be it's just filling up the room Um it's got some beautiful Bramble uh Raspberries some black cherry Cassis you Know currants black currant screaming Out of the glass A little bit of that Eucalyptus note Um it's got this really nice toffee and Um vanilla character that's coming out Obviously there's you know good amount Of new Oak that goes on to the swine It's got a little hint of that clove Spice as well there's lavender there's Floral notes on here so it you know is Is powerfully intense on the nose but It's got this little pretty kind of Floral uh back end thing going on here Too Um Let's give it a taste Yeah this is uh this is not a shy one This is big powerful opulent Mouth filling but it's not Um I don't know what the right word would Be but it's balanced you know there's a A Harmony that's going on here because As powerful and as concentrated as much Tension there is in the fruit Um these tannins are really pretty well Polished they're they're chewy and

They're firm but they're not taking over This wine in any sense really good Acidity holding it together you know This is a a big wine that again will Benefit from decanting and will benefit From from aging as well it certainly is Going to improve but if you like your Wines young a little Brash showing off Their muscles a little bit this is Really drinking very nicely right now And for you know 30 bucks for a 99 Point Vintage Oakville cab really hard to beat Really hard to find so uh something that We kind of bring in exclusively here at Wine Express and uh there's not much of It made so grab it while you can cheers Enjoy