All About Dry Red Wine

What's up wine lovers it's Madeline from Wine Folly and today we're talking the Dry and the dryer that's right I'm Talking about dry red wines before you Start thinking about your ex when we say Dry in the wine world we mean not sweet That's less than one percent Sweetness In a bottle Which is less than two grams Of carbs per serving but wait you might Be wondering where does sweetness and Wine come from it's from those Unfermented grape sugars baby and just Like in life sweetness in wine ranges a Great deal from those less than one Percent sweetness Syrah to those 10 to 15 sweetness pork wines If you're on a keto diet you might be Wondering are there any wines with no Sweetness whatsoever yes they're called Bone dry wines and they have zero Percent sweetness they're like the kale Of the wine World P.S most fine red Wines are bone dry if you're curious to Know more about keto friendly wines Check out this detailed article we have On how to read a wine tech sheet to find What you're looking for okay so before I Get into some examples of dry red wines I want to talk about something you might Have experienced when tasting red wine Do you know that astringent drying Bitter texture on your palette that you Get from tasting red wine it's actually Not related to sugar and sweetness in

Wine it's all about wine tannins wine Tannins May taste astringent and bitter But just like kale they're one of the Only traits in wine that's good for you So drink up I want to give you some examples of dry Red wines in terms of tannin levels on The lower end of the spectrum we have Grapes like Pinot Noir which grows Everywhere and Barbara which comes Primarily from Italy these wines focus On fruit and spice without all that Astringent texture on the palette then On the more higher tannin end of the Spectrum we have grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon which grows everywhere and Petite Sarat which grows primarily in California these are rich full body Highly textured dry red wines there are Many other great choices in between on The dry wine Spectrum now if you're Wondering about different red wines from Different regions let me give you a Rundown classic dry red French wines Include Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Pinot Noir and Syrah in Italy we find Saint Joseph Barbara and nebiolo And in Spain you have tempranio Garnacha bowal and Mona straw if you're Curious to know about other Regional Wines head over to and Join us at the free weekly wine learning Newsletter you'll get a special offer

When you sign up so now that you have Some Basics on dry red wine the next Time you're in a wine shop you'll know Exactly what to ask for I hope this helps you drink better wine And until next time Happy tasting Peace out