All about Yamadanishiki with Natsuki Kikuya

Okay okay welcome everyone to the latest In our series of webinars from TT t School London and hopefully you are Aware by now that we’ve been running These series of webinars during lockdown While we are unable to host a normal Events in the school the order is very Simple that safety especially introduces Them shortly she’s got lots of Information for you today If you can try and keep your questions Till the end we’ll have a bit of a time At the end for Q&A and general Discussion this will be recorded the Recording will be available either on YouTube or through the WCT School London Website where it’s under student Information but that is it for me Natsuki take it away Great thank you so much Julia I think Thank you again for the introduction Hello everybody my name is not Suki Kikuya I am the second instructor for Diversity that was three I was in sake As well as the development for the Qualification itself I had helped to Develop this level 3 sake qualification With obesity together with autonomous MW Seven years ago and ever since the Lockdown started I’ve been learning a Few webinars through diversity webinar Sites and this is the third webinar Today and previously we did modern History of Osaka and the last one we

Talked about originality so kind of this Time we are quite focusing on the small Topic but very deep things to discover So and our focus today is about the rice And the famous rice for sake making Llamada Nitschke I had started drinking actually popping This sake already It’s from guma prefecture called measly Bashaw pure it’s a sparkling sake Actually London is boiling hot today Around 30 degrees I have to have Something bubbly and refreshing so this Is kind of pine paeonia or very Champagne style premium sparkling sake In Japan It’s been made with a second bottle Fermentation and they’re using any Madani skies from special edition so Cheers to that come by everyone so Before we start talking about your Mother Nitschke that ice itself I wanted To start with just a licen general for Sake making but today I wanted to Discover why this your mother initially It’s so special to second making how It’s been made how has it’s been Discovered of giving birth to the sake World and you know what’s the speciality Secrets behind this this popularity of The rice party Julia if you can scroll To the next page please so let me just Talk about the type of rice that we use For sake making so if you see around the

Type of Asian rice there is an Undulation nice you can click this Indica and japonica I think a lot of People know the difference between the Con japonica the indica is quite long Grain thin ones doesn’t normally known For jasmine lie so Thai basmati rice and There’s a japonica that’s slightly Shorter grain side is stickier than the Indica rice and we use the japonica rice Pareto for sake making if you can click The next one and under japonica is a Gluttonous and non gluttonous and that What makes a difference between these Crude and sticky rice or non sticky rice Can click that is the amount of Amylopectin so the glutinous rice Contains much more amylopectin and a Known good in a slice and it’s a good Amino texting is a type of starch strain That’s Make it into the waxes like a branch Format when with a structure of a starch And it’s quite hard to process for sake Making so we only use non glutinous rice Variety and if you click the next and The don’t goodness rice prototype blade Branch down to table rice and suck a Specific price so even though majority Of the sake in Japan is made from table Rice I think a lot of people think sake Is almost all the stock is made from Sake rice majority of the sake is made From table rice because of the price

Point and also how let the Sacketts fist Christ is groaning in in Japan but for Premium sake making most of the sake Produced I choose to use sake specific Rice so this sack expects Christ variety Is only for sake Making made only for pocket making Purposes and it has an idea of content For sake of making by the way this this Slide is coming from the level 3 I was In sake so you are kind of experiencing You know it sneaking peak of our Qualification you’re lucky please click To the next page so just inside of the Right screen everybody know rice it’s Brown when it’s been harvested so it’s Been cut back with a husk and underneath There’s a plum and there’s a germ and no Money for the table rice you remove all These bits to make it white so and an Indian a white part there’s a endosperm Which increase the protein mineral by Timing and lipids or the nutrients that Makes us rice tasty or table rice but Hasaki making there is a another part of Another layer of rice live stats make Hits into special quality so that it’s Called simple simple is spelled Liberty Means hot white so it’s a heart of the Rice that is almost pure starch and the Starch is been crystallized and it’s Been stored in the patent Eagle pose So it keeps a kind of loose house record It gives a little space between each

Other and here you see by from the eyes It does look a little bit like opaque Color compared to the outer layer of the Rice endosperm so for sake sake making Shrimp aku is the most important factor To make it ideal or not And the reason behind polishing rice to A certain degree so to decide the sake Categories like by kim ja-jeom i enjoy That it’s all due to the rice pushing Ratio so more you are leaving out a Layer of endosperm you’ll be moving all This protein by turning fat snippets and Then using only the shim pack apart to Make the sack a quite pure and elegant Styles that’s the dike engine it can Click to the next page yeah So what makes a case-specific rice Different to paper rice so as I Mentioned sake spec rice is designed to Make sake the best better quality so the There are there are some few three Futures that make six figures different Table writes the hospice discrete raw Protein content so even though main Nutrients of the rice is starch there Are other factors like protein or fats And if you have more proteins in rice Actually that it’s that would create so Off tend to create soft labor the socket And makes the sake flavor a little bit Dirty or not so clean so it is ideal for The rice to contain low lower protein Paper ice we skip to the next and

Another factor is well-defined simple so I did mention simple is a pure starch Content in the middle of the rice grains That has that tiny doll balls in the Middle but it hurts that kind of Crystallized so it has a little blue Space between the starch content in the Middle so this shrimp a coup so you can See in the picture you see closely but The center part of the rice is this kind Of baked kind of white color compared to The outer layer of endosperm that’s kind Of transparent white so that is a simple And simple give this space for the Koji Mold to grow so one of the thing what we Do for sake making is to make a Koji Mold advise to provide the sugar for Sake of habitation and to propagate the Koji mold into a The rice grains shrimp Paco is essential Because if the court only grows the Surface of the rice that’s not the ideal Type of Koji especially for the premium Category like they enjoy enjoy so if There’s a space in the middle Koji molds strains or sports growths Sends the feeding tubes to grow to dig Deeper called the rice grains so make ab A long lasting nice tsuki housing like So it’s what is called the third factor Is large grain so most of the table rice It’s about 22 grams per thousand pieces That’s how we measure the table rice for The brown but all llamada anushka

Especially it’s actually much much Bigger so 28 grams 4,000 grains of their Modern history is average weight so it Is ideal for that ice sake rice to be Large grains for the processing Perspective because you need to polish The rice and you know ferment them and The next point is that it is started Cracking when it’s been pushed so we Even talking about polishing rice grains The higher degrees so in order to Categorize to tie Ginjo categories you Have to actually polish the rice more Than half of what it’s been amazing so So or more into more into more than a Half of the rice remaining so you know That the do so rice has to be resistant To cracking some if the rice is too soft They cracks in the middle of perishing And it’s not ideal to make the Consistent fermentation so it has to be Resistible for that and the next side Please and good water reserve and seeds Is another factor because rice it’s Being will be washed and soaked in water To retain the moisture and then being Cooked steamed afterwards and that would Be you know either going through the Koji making mochi rice making or going Directly to the fermentation mush If the water examinee is not good enough It takes me a long time to soak and it Stability so when you hum bent or in Into the mash it takes a really long

Time so the moisture content is Essential to and today there is about Over about 130 Tucker specific Respirator registered in Japan then even Though we have quite many numbers Yama Tanishka is the biggest one and together With their mother Nitschke and we have To man Goku so I have come up with Seconds famous mice RIT for the sake Rice that takes 60% of their eyes like a Specific price silence please scroll to The next page peace So just to talk a little bit about the Another factor how to differentiate the Different rice we do have a grading System of each rice right oh this is Also from the level 3 content that each Rice varieties it can including a mother Nitschke or any other table rice it does Have the grading system so that start From the toe Cujo and Taku above special On special grades that only exist for The sake of variety and first second and Third grade that’s same for the table And table rice and Sakurai’s and this Grade has been decided by the size of The rice grains if they’re ice cranes The big enough oh if that ice cranes no Cracked so after harvesting and you know Husking else the rice grains some grains Get broken and some grain can be can be Under matured so if the weather is not Good enough they are kind of mixed up Some green grains that’s not be matured

Enough or some black grains that’s maybe Even attacked by the disease or insects So that is no idea for the right grades A bug special’ the top of the top grade Of the rice party actually 90% over 90% Of the rice is in a good condition flood Shake no under mature though not broken Or not you know mixture when the other Unwanted rice grains and it has a good Moisture content and special takes up Actually 80% of the good grains Has created 70% second-graders 65% are 60% and sad grains has 45% So compared to top the photo Kujo to Start great it’s actually the same it Could be a sign rise by 2 but depend on A grading system the quality of the rice Is very very different and effect to the Price point of the rice as well so if You compared to the kikuchiyo above Special grades for the special grades Lastly for the past 60 kilogram of rice You have about 10 pounds like taejeong British pounds of the difference 460 Kyra Or Bryce if it’s fast great compare Difference between Cappuccio and the First grade it’s about maybe nearly 30 Pounds and if its second grade probably About 55 pounds and it’s at great the Difference is nearly like 75 pounds Difference compared to the special Special above special grades so that Really changes the whole quality when

You know when you’re deciding which rise To use please click to the next page so Let’s move on to llamada Nitschke so i Just wanted to show some overview or P.m. modernity rice so you see the map Of Japan here net part is where Madonna She is grown actually it hasn’t been Updated for ever since our codification Started so 7 years it hasn’t be updated I believe we have actually little bit More prefix just growing a modern iski But you can see how popular it is it’s Been growing all over Japan but the main Part of production area is Hugo that’s Where the deeper red color is you can Click to the next so the mainly jump Yoga Prefecture is jogo prefecture where I mentioned this darker red color Prefecture South West part of the mainland Japan And llamada Nitschke characteristic is In Greek Distant cracking so it’s one of the Ideal taxa of psychic rice and the great Mood observance II so it has all this Nice factors to make the sack respect Rice quality and then low protein and Large grains and high presence of shrimp Pocket so you know initially has a 70% Of shim puckering date which is quite High compared to any other sake of spicy Rice and it’s quite large as I mentioned 28 grams thousand grains for the rice Where’s the table rice is about 22 grams

So much bigger and it’s known for the Very tall stalks very cool it’s 130 Centimeters height when it’s been fully Grown and because of that and larger Grains actually easily falls down to the Ground when it’s synchron truly so it’s A little bit troublesome for the Producer but it is still a ideal rice Styles and then the characteristic of The sack sake you get from your menisci Rice it’s deep in flavor soft and well Allowed the texture elegant and plights So I know last week I be mentioned in The legend allottee factors you can’t You know see the light sprite the Exactly same as a great priorities in Wine and it is quite difficult actually To brine taste the rice like well how we Brian taste the grape varieties for the Wine because any other factors of the Techniques or choice of production Choice of East all this environment Gives much more influence for the sake Qualities and styles too so you can say You know yamaneika tastes exactly like This but i can say a modern ishke tent Or if you make sake of esteemeth Initially tend to have a really nice Elegance and the brightness so kind of Very transparent and very clean and pure But you know the fruity characteristic If it’s a Ginjo category it really shows Blight in a socket qualities and also as Well it keeps a really soft

Somewhere along the textures to and deep Long-lasting flavors so I know it’s it’s A it’s a king of King over Sakurai’s for The reasons please click to the next Page so I wanted to explain the person Beyond – yeah how it’s been giving birth To this world today So it has been crossbred in 1923 with The mother or mother as yama double Price right oh and father as hong kong What a leap in it and it’s been Registered in 31st of January in 1936 so I I got this stage this is the first Date of a modernist if you ever wants to Circle that on your diary to celebrate Oh yeah what on each people stay that’s The January 31st maybe somebody has the Same birthday Yeah actually I also known I had this Amazing book I wanted to introduce you To that if you understand Japanese this Is a great book to read it’s called free It’s called the Yamada Nitschke Monogatari the story of a Amidon ishke It’s like this tells the older stories How a modern is keystream giving birth And who’s been thriving to make this and You know all the stories historical Stories behind it so I recommend to read Hugely Japanese but within this Berkeley Was saying actually was originally not Yeah mother history the name wasn’t no Mother Nitschke when it’s been first Lady assisted it was actually called

Sure sure was actually named of Emperor’s era so one of the era now it’s A laywer era in parents year in Japan But the Showa is that two at a previous And then for some reason because I I Also read that there was another name of Sake ice cold shower so they change it Into llamado Nitschke pick afterwards Your mother comes from the mother’s name Yamada Bo and a Nishiki is coming from The famous no common name for rice fried To parity Nishiki means brocade brocade Is kind of golden silk so when the rice Is been good at growing foodie in autumn Time the whole ice field is covered With the golden colors applies nice and It’s being you know dancing in the wings It looks like a golden silk floating There so that’s why the Nishiki the Brocade is being normally famous they Use Oh that’s Christ’s name so as I Mentioned the Mata Yamada bow a mother Bow is if quite similar characteristic Tiamat on each key it does have nice What Michele level like a water Absorption level and nice digestibility When it’s implementing and also quite Large grains so that kind of brought That the characteristic the beauty of The rice comes from the inaudible mother But interesting parts of the character Comes from father So can comedy a thirty-minute pancamo

Caribbean alludes back to sugar Prefecture next prefecture to Kyoto and It is very interesting characteristic And it has the ancestor of matcha right So here are known You know rice Sakura’s vitals how much Is a very interesting nice because it’s Being one of the old oldest Wi-Fi to Existing today and it has really careful RC and complex character escapes a Complex characteristic to ok itself and Actually cut up this yama what that even Arise it’s you know same for Yamaha Nitschke that the chief child it’s very International even though he’s a very Old pirate of the rice because around The 1900s when a lot of Japanese people Migrated to States Yamato even a nice varietal has Reintroduced the states continuously So I’ve heard that a large large chrome A quantity of the bottle even a nice Grains has been imported States nearly Mostly in California and it’s being kind Of updated to be suited to the to the Environment there and become a nightlife Called Carlos so here in States soccer Fans you might have the Carlos life nice Variety that’s actually very famous rice For some sushi making in in California It’s mainly useful eating nice in California but it’s actually suitable For Sukkot making so that’s why a lot of Sake makers in States use its Kuro slice

Because it has the same ancestry Background ads what are you name Oh Machi price and the Akshay name of what That even is also interesting as well What family banana tree means floating Boat and this has the story behind like When the the life’s growers were Selecting the grain pieces to for the Seedling of the rice screens for the Following year what they do is normally Takes they sink the light screens in a Salted water so because of the gravity The heavy grains go sink on the bottom And then the light weight grains floats On the top so they only use the heavy Grades for the seasoning so when they’re Doing it you know the the grains get a Penalty so afterwards they normally wash Them in in the lake or any any big pool Of water so in a prefect in seeker Prefecture they have the big lake called Bua Bua lake so they were floating on a Boat washing this rice fried Oh in a Buell Lake and they mystically drops the Name of the rice right old name plate So they forgot which name this rice Fried to was so they’re like okay Temporary we’ll just name this rice what Are you a floating boat because we Forgot what was it called and then find Actually it became the name of the rice It’s very interesting story behind that And also this rice a Madonna she was Introduced to the local sake breweries

By the temporary rice code that Contracts 1940 so an under around this Time the Japan was joined the war time So a lot of wake up the Japanese Government has been actually controlling A lot of trading and growing of the rice Crops and one of the thing they did was Not allowing the lies to travel outside Of the prefectures so not of sake makers Couldn’t actually buy rice from outside Of the prefecture there They had to make sake with their local Rice so the Hyuga prefecture people Previously was making the nice groaning In Osaka Prefecture but because of this Act they had to use the local rice so Now what initially was given birth Around this time so it was the choice to Use from the localized rival so that’s How it’s been introduced to the local Sake breweries and loved ever since So quite interesting that’s kind of Negative background of the world Actually give a chance for your mother Nitschke to shine and be introduced to The sakura industry and you know another Forty year the Yama dynasty hasn’t been So famous in the industry but achieved The most more achieved you know position Today as a king of sake rice during the Ginjo boom that was about around 86 to 91 So when begins Osaka I think audience we Become massively popular in Japan yeah

But a Nitschke was one of the best Choice for the for the sake makers to Choose and at one point during the National inner circle contest Jenko Questions you can pee okay More than 90% of the sake and entered or Enrolled to this competition was made From Yama doneski rice and they even had A formula called YK 35 so if you wanted To win the competition you have to Follow this template almost follow as YK Certified and Y stands for young Modernist guys K stands for Kumamoto Kobo so it’s the type of East that’s Number nine East found in Kumamoto Confusion and 35 starts with a polishing Ratio so if you use them at any scale Ice pouring down to 35% choose nan Bondi Is to make you win the competition that Was a template alone you know 30 40 Years ago Can you please click to the next page so Just to show you the life growing years Llamada Nitschke belongs to the late Harvest varietals So you can divide the light brightest Into roughly three different categories Depending on when they harvest So there is re harvest life right tools Such as we had to bang beaucoup and it’s Normally being pretty The ceiling has been normally flung Around in around April time in May Harvested on August to September and

Yeah modernity which is a late harvest Varietals same as Amati ice has been Normally planted ceiling allowing June Time and being harvested around October Up to November so it’s quite late Harvest but because of the late harvest Characteristic it the lifes tend to show Much more individual characters compared To the early harvest artists please Click to the next page so as I mentioned Yamada Nitschke mainly grows in Kyoto Prefecture the main grower of Yama name Is Hugo and even within Kyoto prefecture There is edition called special a vision Or district or pyramid initialize and This this image here or map here is Actually showing the villages that’s Considered as a as a special edition Where what initialize and you can kind Of see like this is kind of comparable To ground crew region Oh like Madonna She is so the best growing vision of a Madonna ski and it’s been actually Prison so it has been decided ever since 1887 so over you know to over two Hundred years or more than that llamada Nitschke this edition has been conceived As a fascination of the menisci and has Been established by the village by System so village die system is it’s a Very quite unique system that’s been Only practiced in Java Prefecture and It’s a farming contract directly between De la créme governs between specific

Local brewery in Kyoto prefecture and Specific colony so colony It’s in Japanese it’s called Mura so It’s kind of like a village but slightly Smaller smaller community with done the Village and a part of this it’s still Continues today as this special edition And so what they do is they you know Make the combination they paired up the Local sake maker with the colony and They try to work together using their Eyes and you know kind of making almost Like a family um you know this is time Family making a whole team of rice Grower and sake maker together so they Only make it use this device from this Colony and they you know try to improve The quality and this contract motivated The farmers improve ride quality and Compete among called each colonies and Like topography soil test statistic and Other factors assessed and you know Quite often because they wanted to Compete each other so and thanks to These ongoing assessments especially Genovia one initially has been decided In 1938 Based on this assessment and this Picture of special edition is a Southeast side of yoga Prefecture the City of Mecca Miki psyche and also Cutoff city so some village like cordial Or yoga village that’s all you know a Special agent of an escape

And you visit their life farming season Two to this year much special edition You can see all these flags you know Standing next to the ice field and Actually it’s a flag of sake Brewers so They’re showing their very very low you To each farmers in their special Editions there’s very very proud that This vice field announced to us so it’s A very very nice scenery to see can you Click to the next one And Tarawa of special-edition what makes Special Elysium best as a best vision to Go Yamada initialize is these points so The geography is very hilly or Mountainous land that are stretched in East-west direction so east-west Direction gives the best Sun lighting Opportunity as well so that that was the Ideal earlier parts to to locate and Long having along sunshiny hours and so It’s come a the typical temperature a Typical climate of special-edition this Area of Chaco prefecture it’s very very Long shiny and very last line for it has About 1850 mill as right now 11 1198 Mill rain precipitation and 1850 shining Hours and known for the moderate Temperature so about fourteen point four Celsius degrees throughout the year And for the maturation period in the Summertime autumn time it’s about 20 to 25 degrees not too hot and the other Factor that makes this area better than

The other is that this bigger diurnal Temperature variation between days at Night one of the fact that to give this Is the mountain that situated in this Region called Mount Lupo So the local mountain actually blocks The warm air to coming into this area so If it tend to create this time therefore The temperature between the difference Of about 10 degrees Celsius between days And night And terraced slope is a good drainage And made deserver so upon the water Sources and nice Terrace not so you can Get the water for the last field easily And for the soil a creative volcanic Soil so memoria Knight is actually the Type of soils famous for this this area So Rocky Mountain soil is it’s Predominantly a grenade and when the Water is being falling from the Mountaintop and all the sun’s has been Traveling in the levers and creating a Delta on the bottom and the water Springs out that create they creates a Babe a pure clean water for the Mimi’s Nice semi hard water that gives a nice Minerals high mid magnesium and Phosphorus it’s actually ideal water for Sake making and when it’s been weathered Epoch turning to memorialize and this Memorial is a great ideal actually soil Volcanic soil that keeps retains Moisture in the nutrient nutrients in a

Soil much much longer so when the and Also the it gives space for Duluth to Burrow deeper so I also let that because Of the soil the llamada Nitschke Lutz Has been grown deeply to one meter in Average and there were drugs happened in 1994 but they survived a Madonna she Survives thanks to this soil and no loot Long roots that’s being yet detaining a Water from the deep soil And because of the because of the global Warming Actually this areas being affected quite Heavily with the hot heat damage in the Past years so around 1997 85 percent of The rice captured or harvested in yoga Prefecture was about special or about Special special above special great but After 98 only 75 percent so and it’s Been declining this percentage being Decrying so the heat damage is that the Grains it makes them very dry and also It doesn’t matter well so the grain gets Quite smaller than the average so you Know that to respond to that global Warming they actually so delaying the Nice growing season slightly longer in a Back so nobody it’s maybe one week or Two weeks stream They’ve been delaying that special Edition available on each key nobody Tend to have a higher price point Probably highest price point out of all The other ice fighters I just wanted to

Tell you a little bit of the price point Wise regular price of table rice cost About 70 pounds for 60 kilogram but when Instant comes to second eyes I mean like A very stocky rice it becomes hundred Pounds and if it comes to special Edition of a modern ishke it becomes 250 Pounds so more than three times Price you get so because This and because of this village the Village life system it’s been so Difficult for the other Prefecture Producer to get the best emote initially But thanks to you no no thanks to but Because of the rice Asaka industry has Been falling there are some farmers some Less brewers Brewers who it’s not available to buy Everything everything from the village So more and more producer producers are Able to get lies from this special Edition but still they have to pay this Amount of money for the qualities Can you click to the next slide please So just to sum up why amadon ishke is The king So this is quite a technical thing apart From you know the geographical from Perspective or historical perspective What makes them other Nitschke better Than the other one of the thing I think Is the shape of your shin pocket so Shame Paco is a pure starch fat in the Middle of the rice but bigger if the

Impact is bigger it’s not always the Best so on the right hand side you can See the photo so this is the light Screen cut in half then you can see the Dimension of the rice grains It’s a shame Packer in the middle so you Can see on the top is a known knowns Impact rice grains second one is a dot X Shame pathos kind of a bit in the middle And then the third went aligned shim Paco or linear sympathy and then there Is this kind of quite big round i shaped Jimbacca and then kind of tilted one Side is heavier and the other side Doesn’t have so depending on the right Parietal for the vintage shape up the Shin Packer Oh can you hear us can you hear me I see The message okay The shape of the shim Paco differs so Yamaraja skis shape auction it’s known For the disc shaped linear simple shake Shake so which you can see on a third of Third from the top of the right shape so If it’s if the impact is too big when They when you try to polish down to Thirty five percent or 50 percent or Even smaller size life sucks easily Because she impact it’s quite soft but It’s been crushed crystallizing You know in the loose blue structure in There so it’s not always the best if It’s been too big so ideal shape is kind Of thin lines kind of spread into a disc

Shape into the shape of the rice so I Imagine each Key has this shape of my Mother These days you can see development of Technology there are lies polishing Machines that you can polish down Exactly same shape as nice super flat Polishing or original shape polishing That’s what’s de being kind of Developing because he poorest allies to Higher degrees because the shape of rice Is not as compelling completely circular Its top limits more of the top parts and Limit less of the side part and ended up Becoming a very very circular tube a Circle shape but this original shape Pouring or super flat perishing Techniques they actually polish exactly The same amount out their layers into a Shape of rice I don’t know how they do That but that’s a Japanese technology And the second point is a short short Side chain of amylopectin and starch so I mentioned about the content of an Amino texting the content of starch so Into the light screen this amino amylose And amylopectin and amino texting is a Blanched out part that normally has has A longer branches but for for llamado Nitschke amylopectin I heard it has a Much shorter chain so that accumulate Slowly and in a starch accumulate slowly And enabling the great solubility when It’s been fermented in the ice

Fermentation mush so that type of starch Is a better quality and then the sad Part is a protein protein in a modern Ishke so your mother initially proteins Are low to start from it’s much lower Than the other Rice Oh still not here okay everybody Here is okay sorry about I don’t know Why maybe it’s a mighty Mike protein in Llamado Nitschke is it’s actually hard To decompose so if there is a protein in Sake because of the Koji enzymes I’m not only breaking down the starch Into sugar but they’re also breaking Down the protein into amino acid so Amino acid is umami Or bitterness into sake so if there’s a Lot of a moment in sake it gives you Know it could be very tasty but it could Give em one unpleasant bitterness or Astringency in flavor which could be not Ideal and protein Yamada Nitschke is Hard to decompose decompose and also Even it’s been composed or turning into Amino acid there are so many different Type of amino acids in the world from Amina’s it gives more bitterness so some Some type of amino acid such as arginine Or histah dying or vanilla Learnline sorry this type of amino acids Tend to give more bitterness than the Other amino acid petals and like alanine Or grizzly so Goodison so these are the Sweet a type of in amino acids so I’m

When I let that Yama dynasty tend to Turn their protein into non bitter amino Acid so that’s why the sake kalitta tend To be quite elegant and pure and applied Characteristic not showing much of the Pita unpleasant astringent sness in a Second so scientific background Diaz and Also because because of all these Reasons that as I mentioned Emma on each Key has been the king and the most loved Rice rice pareto for long periods for The premium sake category that’s all I Wanted to introduce you today as I have Quite a lot of time I would love to do Q&A session Now if possible Julia should I should I Just ask everybody to jump in or what’s The best – oh yeah any questions – still From the from the chat we can answer That too I didn’t see any questions come Up in the chat yet but and as people so If you’d like to mute yourself please do So okay question so really yeah okay um You mentioned that in 1940 there was a Temporary rice quota Control Act in Place as anything replaced that to Continue to control the rice in Japan Since then as long as I know after the Word these kind of Nyx tricks to Government restriction has been removed One point the government could control Act regulated for the life’s sake brew Was not enabled to grow rice so even Though a lot of side suck if our sake

Brew was originally being a nice farmer His connections being cut ever since but It’s been removed I think seven years Ago so so now they can grow their own Rice buy directly from the contracted Farmers it’s quite a lot of freedom I Think but llamada Nitschke the Hyuga Prefecture has been trying to save the Grain obeah modernist guys they don’t Want to introduce the many other Prefecture international destinations Same as value they don’t want their Feces to go outside to be introduced to The different nations so maybe some Prefixes like hobo prefecture are trying To try to regulate you know bringing Outside of the prefectures but that’s Coming from a more professional level Okay some questions here yes why Oyama Yeah well else’s yeah modern is growing Outside of Japan I do not know apart From States does anybody know Ahmad Anushka grows in China when you’re The curry agent countries could be Possible corn in the Arkansas oh okay Now it’s grown a key so they it’s been Introduced it’s it’s been broke too Something I don’t know how it’s been Started but The farmers name is Chris’s Bell and He’s been growing you modern Isshiki for Seven or eight years and selling it to American sake Brewers from Takara to the Smaller soccer girls that are trying to

Start up interesting very interesting I Know when I visit a show Prefecture they They’re all against the idea of be a Mother’s growing outside of Prefecture They’re like wide possible that you know What how all these grains no seasoning Has been escaped from up there like this But I think it’s a great contribution to Bring the effect you know the brand Oh Be a modern issue ice itself so I think It’s a great idea groaning outside and I Think a cause I mentioned about Spain There is a good economical rice growing That’s interesting and our concerns okay And any other questions so what is the Biggest difference between a modern Aegean call da graça mango good so what How come on Coco it’s the biggest Difference is the growing season so We’re come on go please re harvest as You can see the the planting harvesting Time is very different and because of That when I come on go tend to tend to Give slightly less characteristic like Cleaner and simpler characteristic to The sake quality and also I think they They are more suitable in a northern Northern part of colder region of Japan As well so the growing I asked I do Environment for cultivation is different As well And the size of the rice is different But welcoming Goku is slightly smaller Than one initially but it has a nice

Moisture level and it grows nice it Makes good nice Koji so it’s also a Second choice to make a great present Premium sake why are the proteins in Yamanashi are harder to decompose is it Because of the nature of the protein Content or is it because they are less Susceptible to the action of the Protease from the Koji I’m sorry I don’t Really know anything deeper than this I It is just the fact that maybe not right Right but you it was coming from this Yamada Niki story book that some Scientists scientific science science Researchers mentioning about the the Protein Oba menisci doesn’t process the Pitta amino acid and maybe some type of Protein it’s the protein content is Different from the other rice I’m sorry I couldn’t answer anything more than This Oh Celine is asking Tom because we Have a two Brewers in this room as we Know Tom and Gordon if you have no Common golden couch can you comment I Could comment but I probably about an Itchy it’s easiest to blue base what do You think comma Borden I know you have a Brain background is it is much easier Than the other You You It’s difficult for me to say that the You modern is chic he’s so popular that What happens is when you are in the

Brewery and you receive some rice you Can compare notes with the other Brewers About how the rice is working so if you Have a rice that only three Brewers in Your region are using so when I was in Fukuoka we might use only some Fukuoka Popular rice like a you may econ you Only have a few people to talk to But many people are using you modern Isshiki so the groomers are comparing Notes with each other is is your rice Brittle do you have any tips on how I Can work with it and they’re exchanging Notes so because it’s so universally Used it becomes easier to work with Because of for lack of a better term Kind of crowdsourcing what you’re doing With the rice now if I if I was gonna Comment on the for rice grains that we Use at Camp I So we brew with your madam is key Cairo’s go yeah c’mon Goku and on Matching and I would say obviously There’s variations seasons a season for The length of time you’ve had the grain What you’re brewing with them but you Madame eshki and Kairos are actually Both relatively easy to brew with and Less breakages go yeah c’mon Goku Potentially is a more brittle grain and Larger so depending on the milling rate You can get some some breaking and I’ll Match he’s pretty pretty pleasant agree With as well but we don’t typically have

That polished too far yeah your madam Usually is always a pleasure even even When it’s highly polished yeah Yeah I think whenever I talk to Osaka Producers they always said it’s it’s the Easiest I don’t know is easy or making It easier like screen some people even Say you can you can grow cold koji with Quality with your modern easy even in Your Chester words they say that kind of Things but I never be experienced so It’s a very very shelter here from Possib you I know that lot of Prefecture So I Shawn’s question is Cauchy Townley Is an offspring of sorts of your mother Identity why is it still not widely Grown so a lot of prefecture is striving To create the next Yamada Nitschke so Co She found a zani got as suk is mystic Rice right all that they all spring or Vanish can I tried to make alternative Rice right or your Matanuska in a local That it’s suitable local environment Yama Yama Yama gotta Prefecture has Yuuki mega me that’s you know the idea I Tried to make a local rice let’s try to Sauce everything in a local prefectures So they made the life that’s suitable For Heidi perishing degrees and making a Quite pure elegant style and I think Some Prefecture very very successful in That so I wouldn’t say you know which is Better than the other but now you have More choice you can choose from the

Local area or local local species or the Sick with a nice menisci oh yeah man Initially growing other area has been Improving as well I had like saga grown In llamada Nitschke or kakuka Amidon Ishke it’s quite high quality as well as Opium on so this Prefecture which Protects is striving to improve their Manage quality or any otherwise Localized qualities to in to you know Change the next a modern is capital and Whom the creature was working on young Exchanges in the soil because he passed Away Do you know young exchanger is affected Ice quality sorry I don’t know this Thing Honda Kaito is actually a legend In terms of kind of discovering the Tarawa of sugar Menisci he works he was a chairman of Honda sugar that Tatsuki Siddiqui sake in yoga and he was For long yes I have his research of the Terroir as well so he’s he’s been really Digging all these soils of protection And they finding out the different Content of the soils in each region I’m Not sure about this young exchanges if Anybody know you can comment sorry for Them Natsuki just so you know he was doing Research and development with this Company called Yanmar Yan Mars famous For making the farming equipment that’s

Harvesting and planned on the rice and They are continuing his research so There’s a qualities to the soil that Creates something that’s beyond my Scientific expertise ion exchangers and Depending on what’s happening at the Microscopic level and the soil research Is suggesting that through ion Exchangers we can improve the quality of The soil which will improve the quality Of the rice but somebody’s continuing I Know hunter Quechua passed away three Years ago three years ago and I’m sure I’m hope somebody’s taking over this Position to continue researching this as Well Koji sang ask about I had a sake brewery Today trying to use table rice to make Great Jim my Ginjo yes Actually more and more producers because Of the diversification of sake Now many producer and also they have a Great skills great east rains great Koji Strains as well so all these making it Possible for them to make great secure Weights table rice so I’ve tasted many Ginjo die Ginjo sake mistake More ice and it takes great but I Understand I might take a little bit More effort than using expensive modern Easy ice haruko-san I know there are lots of other factors As well but how would you describe the Difference thing I don’t like a products

Between emmalin ishke brewed sake and The way acha acha boots okay so as I Mentioned earlier it is quite difficult To blind taste the rice so even if it’s Being made in the exact same conditions Choice of producer if you are producer You know try to leaves the hydia dramas Using a east ethnos it is quite Difficult to really see if it’s making a Modern Ishqiya we have the mango because Mostly you’re getting is the East aromas I think but here I tried to make in a Way that to show allies Jack’s mystic Moe I think your mother Nitschke dibs dismal To me personally little bit more Well-rounded and sake matures better Than Oaxaca mango kohaku mango go to me Is a very fresh pure green side of sake That could you could give a slight Dryness styles and has a nice melon Touch to it and yeah what a nice we tend To have little bit more lingering softer Lengths and elegance I don’t know elegance this be difficult To describe what it is but it feels very Bright compared to other hospitals from My experience Because I have notes about soccer Because I was joined by late you can see This on our YouTube it would be should Be released in a couple days is Hugo Boss quality and the volume leader yes They are the biggest sake production

Area produced as well famous area is Another not a legion of sugar prefecture That’s the biggest soccer production Area historically and they’re the top Leader goes well so they got nice water Nice rice and a lot of sake makers can Show in Spain is a great table right Sake Murray smile yes I visited there And they have the nice life fields and They they use their local rice to make This okay and say that Equis darts Making Hakka mango curry rice in Spain That’s that’s a great news to hear I Think any other questions Any thoughts on your mother initially For food as this brewing season hasn’t Meant lot of spare grains at yes I know A lot of producers like Desai they Started setting your mother Nitschke for Eating to the consumers because because Of the corona virus We expected to not make Sukkot for the Previous year so they have a lot of rice That they contracted to buy not be able To make sake for this quantity so they Are setting it for eating and I tasted Your mother Nichkhun few times it’s Tasty I had a nice risotto with the Yamada Nitschke maybe you eating as a Regular like kind of specialized whites Made in a kind of steamy in a regular Steamed rice it might not be ideal but Yeah making porridge porridge or risotto It’s actually really tasty has a really

Nice umami diploma in flavor to it too So I if you can get a hold of it I Highly suggested to get them and I think It’s a great time for the home brewer to Get hold of a about a new ski from from Japan as well you know I think you can Even buy them online two from Japan not Sure if they’ll ship to overseas but I Know there are lot of home brewers here Making over local so You can get a hold of one you see from a 0 and the other producer setting them Online consumers maybe you can get them It is quite expensive yes that’s right But you know for the home brewing level Might be nice experiment to see how I do Recipes Okay and yeah the comments or questions Oh no Sookie I have a comment to make Yes you know I’ve been thinking about Rice for 22 years but only brewing it For five years and one thing that struck Me when I was working for Noguchi touji We got some excellent rice and when it’s Delivered to the brewery it typically Sits for a week or even longer before we Actually start brewing it this is like a Natural process but if it happens to be Raining if there’s a lot of moisture and Humidity in the air the best rice in the World is going to get affected before we Even begin working with it before we Even open up the bag too much humidity In the air as a result of rain is going

To play tricks on the rice before you Actually start washing it and steaming It and so there’s so many challenges to Getting the best rice to the brewery and Then if we have three or four rainy days All of a sudden everybody’s depressed Because this could affect the quality of The rice because the moisture that’s Ambient in the air is going into the Rice too early and during the washing And the soaking process of the rice this Affects how the moisture is going to be Absorbed into the rice so when we have Really delicious sake I think one of the Things that’s not mentioned enough is The climate had to be perfect at the Brewery right before they began working With the rice otherwise becomes a Trickier proposition yeah I understand That like like fob like even just the Decide when to harvest it’s so stressful You know you never know the – my heat It’s my gonna rain if rains it’s not you Know you have to wait until it dries out And you don’t want a crock to re either So I think it’s very very stressful time In autumn and to this even if it’s been Cropped as Mentioned all this environment to make The best circus deity you know thanks to All the effort of the producer and the Nice farmers too and I was leading this Book and it has a lot of names of the Farmers and you know just just the love

For your mother Nitschke and farming It’s it’s just striking I think to me And that makes the sake so special thank You for sharing I I think I think I Think a second biggest area is Okayama I Think it’s a second biggest night a Madonna she destination but also how Difficult it’s it’s quite nice it’s not Quite good quality or be about Initiative so I think these two Prefectures are prefixed just to watch Or they are balanced correctly I think We might have reached the end of the Questions there some excellent questions And responses I like the collaborative Team response as well so I think all That’s left so thank you so much Natsuki for presenting that you asked This evening thank you everyone for Joining in and participates in this Evening it’s probably time to sign up Here but if you’ve got any other Questions that you think of later do Feel free to send them over and we’ll Try and get answers back to you and and Yeah I hope you all found that as Interesting as I did and we look forward To more soccer information in the future Hopefully great thank you very much for Everyone and come by for your mother on Your ski and come back on pie for sake