Hey my name is hudson limbaugh i’m a Master of wine and i’m a wine minimalist Even though there are thousands of Different gadgets available today for One The only two things that i really use Are this a corkscrew and This a glass and yes yes yes i own many Different types of glasses So i’m probably not a real minimalist But i’m not into Gadgets the only thing that i use quite Frequently that could be considered a Gadget Is this my korava but that’s pretty much It But fomo or fear of missing out is a Real thing so i’m going to the place Where everyone goes these days to buy Pretty much everything In order to find what i did not know i Needed in my life so Let’s go [Music] So first of all i did not get paid to Review any of these products and i Bought them all with my own money And i’m also going to give away a bunch Of these articles To one of you guys the only thing you Have to do is subscribe to my channel And comment down below and i will select Someone and then send A box to wherever you’re based around

The world but now i’m ready to be Inspired so let’s have a look at what Papa amazon has to offer I’m just going to type in wine gadgets There’s a lot of good stuff here so i’m Definitely going to Find something interesting i always Wanted This this is sponsored so it actually Has to be good and who has Enough strength to actually open a Bottle of wine No one so let’s buy this This is from a company called bada bing So this has to be a very fancy Wine device let’s put this into the Basket So i have nine different things in my Gift card and now i just have to place My order and pay And wait i guess that was quick It’s a little bit like christmas you Know on christmas day i usually start With the smallest present and then work My way up and i think this is how I’m going to approach this as well so For opening presents You always should have a nice sharp Knife in your house And this is the first thing I’m going to open so these are the the Capo wine pearls that are Supposed to clean your decanter and i Got an old

Dirty decanter so i’m going to try Whether they actually work I didn’t really read the instructions For this but i think i know how it works This is an old decanter that is very Dear and near to my heart because I got it when i ran the medoc marathon a Few years ago And i’m going to pour those pearls in There And then see whether i can clean the Residue Of the glass I just found out that i did not know how This works you’re actually supposed to Add Water to the crab as well And then swirl it so Let’s see whether that helps So after swirling it for a good two Minutes i guess i’m now Going to pull the water and the pearls Out Through the little bag So let’s have a look so the carafe is Actually pretty clean it looks quite a Bit cleaner than it was before But there’s still some residue there but I would say it actually worked so i Would give this Four out of five so not too bad So let’s open the next box so this is Pretty light i have no idea what is in There

But we’ll find out Okay this is what i’ve been waiting for My glass bottle cap with silicon seal The wine glass So let’s open the bottle so the way this Is supposed to work is that you open a Bottle of wine And then put this wine glass on top so That you can say that you only drink One glass of wine everyone laughs you Look like a fool And that’s it i actually opened one of My favorite Everyday chiantis from casa emma for This I put the glass in and the glass is Actually made of glass it looks kind of Plasticky but It is glass so i hope This will hold and then can i The wine comes out come on one Okay so Yeah very funny one out of five okay Next People really hated the sound of my Adding in my last video But i hope just like i do you love the Sound Knife cutting box from amazon This looks like three different things In one box so That’s kind of nice so me personally i Would just use the cork or ideally a Glass stopper in order to reseal an open

Bottle But you can also invest in one of these This is supposed to close the Bottle properly when you turn it but That doesn’t really work on a bottle Like this but i think This is really designed for sparkling Wine bottles so let’s see whether it Works on that And it does yeah it seals the bottle Really tight sparkling wine bottles Can’t really be closed By putting back the cork because the Cork is way too big to put back Into the neck of the bottle so For that it is not too bad so I would give this a 4 out of 5. so let’s Move on to this which is the Thermometer sleeve which is supposed to Tell you what The temperature of your wine is in Bottle the temperature is quite Important when it comes to wine If the wine is too cold it’s not really Enjoyable if it’s too warm It’s also not nice so It is important to check the temperature But to be honest i Really just check it by using my hands In some cases i’ve used the thermometer Before But for that i just use my normal bbq Thermometer So you just put this thing on your

Bottle and looked a little bit Like a wine cyborg there and it tells You What the temperature of the wine is in The bottle It says 16 degrees i don’t know whether You could see this Which is consistent with the temperature In my cellar so This should be roughly accurate But i don’t really see the point of this It’s A bit ridiculous and the material is Really Cheap it looks cheap it feels cheap It’s just nonsense so i rate this Two out of five it’s not completely Trash but it is really not something Anyone should buy Bye bye so let’s move on to the next Device which is this decanter They call it the essential wine erater There are lots of different devices on Amazon That tell you that they will help you Aerate your wine And most of them are really ridiculous i Think there’s no real point In using any of those devices you should Use a carafe you don’t even have to have A decanter you can just use Any glass carafe to give your wine a Little bit of Air so don’t buy one of those things but

Well I’m getting ahead of myself let’s try This first so i put myself a little sip Of this wine in order to see what it Tastes like Without a ration but technically Everyone gets aerated as soon as it Exits the bottle so as soon as you pour It into a glass if you swirl it you Aerate it But anyways i will taste it like this And then i will taste it After it went through the aerator and See whether there’s any difference The wine tastes like cherries is fresh And vibrant and It’s quite enjoyable just like that so Now i’m taking this thing which Is a bit plasticky and i don’t know why This is rubbery because you can’t just Put it into your glass it would fall to The bottom but anyways And i’ll pour a little wine through There Do you hear this sound yeah it gets Swirled around in there So it gets a little bit more air i Assume but I don’t know whether that actually makes A difference let’s taste it I would actually say if i’m really Honest That it is a little bit more open now And the fruit is a little bit more

Intense and the flavor is a little bit More present But i think the same thing would have Happened if i would have just Waited a minute longer so if i would Have just left the wine in glass and Then i developed a little bit So i’m not really seeing the point in Purchasing this item If you really want to aerate your wine Then pour it into a carafe Or leave it in the glass for a little Bit longer so the aerator gets a three Out of five It works but it’s not really necessary So let’s move on So on christmas there’s always this big Box that you save to the end And then really look forward to opening Okay oh wow Everything i wanted i got four beautiful Things in here let’s see whether they Are any good So i’m going to start with the venenko Wine chiller let’s see what this is It comes with a very cheap capsule Cutter which is one of the least Important things that you should have in Your kitchen but Let’s have a look how this thing works So you’re supposed to put The device into Your freezer for an hour at least so That this

Gets really cold and then you put The thing into your bottle It seals because there’s this rubber Seal on top The stick is in the wine in order to Keep the wine a little bit colder and Then you can pour Through this pouring device here And it actually works i couldn’t really Check whether it cools down the wine but I’m pretty sure It does this is just the stainless steel Stick that will cool down the wine Naturally I think if you’re outside doing a picnic Or If you don’t have a fridge nearby or if You’re too lazy to get up In order to get to the fridge or to your Ice bucket Then this is actually not too bad i Think it’s a little bit plasticky a Little bit cheap But it works so i would give this a 4 Out of 5. So let’s try the olli vv wine Bottle opener which is electric again This is very Important because opening a bottle is Just too hard You shouldn’t use your muscles at all so Get an Electric wine bottle opener it comes With all different kinds of things with

A Very very very cheap capsule cutter this Pouring nozzle which looks completely Ridiculous but is Probably also supposed to aerate your Wine and This i don’t know I guess you’re supposed to be able to Pump out the air With this from your bottle but let’s see Whether this works so you put the device On top And then press the button and wait I didn’t charge the device so maybe it’s Running out of power soon but It seems to work this state takes ages But yeah the cork is out of the bottle Then you press again And and this thing comes out And well you save Yourself a little bit of work i think This is totally ridiculous it sounds Really weird it takes a long time and if You’re too lazy To pull a cork then you should maybe Just drink wine from screw cap Bottles but yeah if you want to buy it Then go ahead and buy it i would rate This Two out of five it works but it’s just Super unnecessary So the next thing is this vacuum Wine saver which is one of the classics Amongst unnecessary wine stuff

In my opinion at least so this is a very Plasticky Little pump and the whole thing works Like this you put This seal on top then you put the pump On top of the seal and then you pump Like this Until you get a little vacuum inside the Bottle The logic behind this you remove the Oxygen From the wine in order to preserve it For longer there might be a little bit Of benefit there so you might be able to Get some of the oxygen out of the wine Or out of the bottle But the thing is as soon as you open the Bottle there’s Oxygen in the bottle and there’s also Oxygen In the wine especially if you pour the Wine and you normally would pour a glass Or two Before resealing it but the oxygen in The wine doesn’t get pumped out of the Bottle so I don’t really think you need this you Should either drink the wine within A few days in order to make sure that it Doesn’t go bad or you should use Something like a kohlrava In order to make sure that the wine Stays fine for a month Or even years this is just right in the

Middle And in my opinion totally unnecessary But i would give this A two out of five so the last thing i’m Going to review is This the callaway glass bottle cutter Set which is something that i always Wanted you Can cut empty bottles with this in order To be able to Build lamps or carafes or whatever you Want to do Out of them with this so let’s see Whether that works So let’s say you want to remember that Beautiful bottle of great wall Chinese red wine that you had you just Put it On here ah That sounds pretty terrible Turn the bottle and then the crack Becomes visible So for the next step you put those Rubber rings around the area That you’ve cut with the machine so the Next thing is you Pour some boiling hot water Over the area that you’ve cut and then You pour some cold water over the area And then the thing breaks it actually Didn’t quite work out the way it’s Supposed to i broke off A little bit too much down here but Overall it is actually not too bad i got

My own Great wall vas now which is something That i will always Treasure and i think this device is Something that i will Actually use so i give it five out of Five i hope you enjoyed this video if You liked it then please like it down Here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already Please comment down below if you want to Win the wine Gadget box if you really want to win it My question of the day is what is your Favorite Wine gadget that you already use please Let me know Down below i hope i see you guys again Soon Until then stay thirsty You