An Update from Josh

Hi everyone Josh Farrell here I know you haven't seen me around lately In the videos Such Um some of you might know I was Diagnosed with cancer in October And so I've been undergoing treatment And all that that involves So taking a little bit of a back seat The good news is I've been able to turn That over to the very capable hands of My good friend and colleague Marshall Tilden thank you sir Marshall is a WSET Level four diploma holder And he also runs our wsct classes for One Enthusiast Academy Great palette great knowledge you can Trust anything Marshall tells you about The wines We also have of course our our wonderful Wine concierge Francis Castillo Who's already at our 800 number to help You make great selections suggestions Find whatever it is that you're looking For France is ready to bend over backwards To make you happy so meanwhile I'm going To continue to work Behind the scenes as much as I can to Continue to find you all the great wines And great values that you've gotten used To here Wine Express So happy drinking everyone [Music]