Angelique de Monbousquet 2018 Saint Emilion Grand Cru

This is Angelique de mon bousquet 2018 Santa Milian Grand Cru so this is the Second wine of the the crew classe Chateau mumbusque So Property with One of the best terroir in Santa Milian And It was purchased by Gerard Paris 1990s yeah You kind of turned the whole thing Upside down Reduced yields dramatically and Transformed Sellers and just really Um Took the wine from uh Something sort of secondary into being One of the top Wines of the region And Immense care is taken The Vineyards And with the grape selection Fermentation aging and French Oak barrels Um Angelique named for his daughter is the Second wine it’s mainly from the younger Vines on the same same property Um 60 Merlot 30 Cabernet Franc 10 Cabernet Sauvignon This was aged 18 months In French Oak barrels

And 2018 great vintage Yeah so you you get the nice Black currants coming up here And they’re Mingled with that Nice little hint of toasty Oak It’s very appealing Get a little bit of a little bit Minerality too So sort of a You know pencil shaving effect the toast Yolk the minerals And then that nice Black cherry black currant fruit Beautiful Let’s try it [Music] This is really nice It’s pretty bold Although Remarkably sleek And elegant Um But it hits your palate Spreads out And there’s a real kind of density to it You got the nice Fruity notes those berry BlackBerry Black currant black cherry notes And that minerality coming through Toastiness from the oak kind of takes a Back seat Just kind of

Adds a little bit of seasoning Um The tannins are really dense but but but Really nicely polished I mean they feel feel good in your mouth You can chew them a little bit But uh Just beautiful balance of this wine And clearly this is a wine that will age Nicely over the next several years This flavors will really open up Quite a classy Classy wine And uh yeah Second label so great value Happy drinking [Music] Thank you