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That bitter astringent taste in a glass Of red is from wine tannins so are they Good for you bad for you how do you find Wines with smooth tannins I'd like to Break down this major trait in red wine And some white wines so you can drink More of what you love Where do wine tannins come from tannins Are naturally occurring polyphenols Found in plants so you'll find them in Seeds bark wood leaves fruit skins in Red wine tannins come from the seeds and The skins of the grapes you might not Think it's a big deal but they have a Huge effect on the flavor and texture And even color of a wine so what Attainance taste like Go grab yourself a wet tea bag and stick It on your tongue astringent and often a Bit bitter and because tannins are Bitter and astringent a lot of people Think they're bad for you wrong turns Out grape tannins are some of the most Powerful antioxidants out there I'm Looking at you acai wine grapes contain Compounds like epicatachin cation Resveratrol and quercetin it's basically Like reading the ingredient list of a Super vitamin but I'm not here to drink Wine for my health I'm here to enjoy it Fortunately tin is due more than that They add to the complexity and taste and Also the age-worthiness of wine so how Do you taste tannins and wine you take a

Big old Swig of wine and you swish it Around all over your palate and you will Immediately start to feel the grip of Tannin some wines are like super grippy 80 grit sandpaper and then other wines Are softer with velvety tannins so you Might be asking how do I find the type Of tannin in a wine that I like well There is actually a bunch of factors That affect tannin levels in wine Everything from the type of grape Variety the ripeness level the Vintage The region the wine making method the List goes on so I'll talk about the most Obvious things to pay attention to First things first we've got grape Variety some varieties have less tannin Than others generally speaking you'll Find Pinot Noir game and senso tend to Have lower tannin on the other side of The spectrum you'll find grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon temper Neo and tenat To not by the way is one of the highest Tan and wines that we know of next thing Is bottle age over extended periods of Times those big Brash aggressive tannins Polymerize which means they combine with Each other creating these long tanned Chains this actually tastes smoother and More velvety on our palette and this is Why aged wines tend to have smoother Tannins finally wine making can greatly Affect the taste and texture of tannin In wine now there are a myriad of

Different techniques that wine makers Can use and I'll give you the most Obvious ones you might find on a wine Label or in a wine tech sheet stem Inclusion this is when we have a whole Bunches of grapes thrown in the Fermenter with the stems and the stems Themselves have astringency and tannin In them this is commonly practiced with Grapes like Pinot Noir and Syrah and Another term you'll find on a wine tech Sheet is racking and that's when we take Wine from one barrel and transfer it Into another Barrel in that process a Little bit of oxygen exposure occurs in The wine and that causes polymerization In those tannins which makes them taste Smoother and more velvety finally we Have Oak when you see new Oak For six maybe 12 months in a wine you Can expect more tannins to be added to The wine if you see used in neutral oak Or wine aging in Oak for a long period Of time well you can expect again a Little bit more oxygen exposure and that Polymerization of the tannins which Taste smoother and more velvety so how Should you feel about wine tannins as a Wine near fight I was honestly a bit Fearful of tannins they were bitter People told me they gave me a headache And now that I know a little bit more About them I realize they're not bad for You and actually they're kind of a

Little bit magical and awesome so I hope This helps open up the possibility of Tannins for you and at the very least Drink more of what you love and if you Want to learn more about wine I highly Recommend checking out the course that I Made with Christine marsilio she's a Master of wine and I'm a total geek and We challenge ourselves to make the most Mind-expanding course that's out there It'll change the way you see wine for The rest of your life on that note let's Live it up you gotta give me your best Tanning face Hmm [Music]