Armitage 2020 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir | Wine Expressed

What's up everybody it's Marshall here With another wine expressed tasting and We got Pino in the house 2020 Armitage This is Santa Cruz mountains heart o the Mountain estate Vineyard and uh don't Even ask me how we got this one so this Is one of those Winery only minuscule Production tiny production sample came Our way close out of a 2020 Vint And this one this one dropped us Hard oh my God so uh they're uh using This a pomard clone which is you know One of the best not the best clone to be Using for uh for Peno and it is Santa Cruz is like between San Fran and Monteray and so you get these really Warm days these really cool nights and It keeps the acidity in the wine uh on The better made wines like this one My Lord So lots of really dark fruit for penino Right sometimes penos can be you know Bright and red and Cherry and strawberry This is black cherry Blackberry uh lot Of spices on the nose right a year an Oak 25% new French Oak and you're Getting those graham cracker pie crusts You're getting that clove and Nutmeg uh On the nose you're getting some of that Uh Mushroomy tobacco hint of that tertiary Just starting to show its face but in This beautiful you know wave layered Wave of fruit first then spice then that

Little floral and then that little Tertiary just kicking up at the end it Is really intense and I I just opened it I didn't de cand it cuz I remember from The sample it just opened up so quickly With a few swirls let's give it a Taste so balance right all these these Wines have to be about balance and the Balance here is tremendous searing Acidity again that that first of all the The silt Stone and the the soil the Gravel that comes around this particular Vineyard brings out this minerality on The pallet that's hard to harder to get On the nose but it's really prevalent on The palette tannins you know there's Enough grip here to give you a little Bit of a drying out but it's really soft Really Pleasant I'm getting like baked Cherry pie Uh that graham cracker crust really Coming through on the pallet here um Some of those floral notes those spice Well integrated Oak into this Concentrated fruit I mean just look at The color on this wine right this is a Deep colored with a little bit of that Garnet little that brown coming through I mean this is a very extracted wine Where they do a lot of skin contact that Breaks out that brings out that that Deep deep color on this peanut like I Said we got it on a close out vintage I The value the QPR uh on this wine is

Just it's off the charts it's going to Be one of the best value penos that we Probably ever bought in certainly for This year and maybe ever so uh so when You say there's 22 cases made I Guarantee we did not get all of them we Got a handful of them so make sure to Grab some while you can because this Thing's going to be gone before we can Say uh p no cheers Enjoy