Avoid my mistake (how to learn wine)

How do you learn about wine I came into Wine as an outsider so I decided to Pursue my master sommelier to prove that I belong but in that Pursuit I lost my Passion I couldn't even drink wine for Fun anymore as soon as I quit the Program it was like a fog lifted I Realized I still love wine I just need a Different angle of approach so over the Course of 10 years I built Wine Folly Books Maps learning tools all to make Learning about wine more fun and I am Happy to announce Wine Folly has Launched its own certificate course it's Built for that person I was starting out Passionate excited about wine and Thirsty to learn more that passion you Have that's actually what makes wine Special and you deserve to be part of it I invite you to enroll in wine Folly's Wine 201 to build your confidence and Foundation you never know where it can Take you