Berghold 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi | Wine Expressed

What's up everybody Marshall here with Another wine expressed wine tasting and We got the 2015 bergold cabern svon this Is Loi and for those that may recall we Have the 2013 Berg hold cab and man that Was a that was a crazy one and once that One impressed us so much we said hey you Got any more vintages and sure enough we Found some more 2015 another fantastic Vintage and that but you know really Highly rated warm year uh ber hole they Were basically you Know just so good on the nose uh just Providing grapes uh as sources for other Wineries they made some of their own uh Loi you know known for zinfindel and and And blends and this uh this here these Vineyards are at the base of the uh the SI Nevada and my God these wines they're They're so intense it's unbelievable the They just pop out of the glass now this Is 2015 it's got you know eight years of Bottle Age first thing that comes Screaming out of here is fresh ripe Fruit it's it's black cherry it's black Currant um little nice hint of that Eucalyptus and that Mint and you're starting to get some of That that dried fruit starting to come Out right so some of that well-developed Kind of red cherry uh and those graham Cracker notes so it gives it that kind Of like cherry pie feel love that uh Some nice Bramble fruit because you get

This Zin character sometimes in these Lowy cabs just from the region Itself you have some earthy tones you Have a little forest floor almost like a Like a pine like a pine needle that Comes off here there's like this sweet Candi note that comes on it's it's Really complex for what is ultimately uh A value cab let's give it a [Music] Taste baked ch cherry pie is really what Just hit you on the pallet you know from From start to finish um you know which Makes sense it's got that well-developed Kind of cherry fruit all those graham Cracker kind of cinnamon spices vanilla You know from the oak um acidity is There this is a a lively kind of Refreshing for lack of a better word Cabernet um tannin totally smoothed out Right 8 years of Bott AG have done this Well this is drinking perfectly this is In its prime this has just the right Amount of bottle age this is something That you can pair with you know Burgers Pizza something that's got high acid Something that's got a little bit of Beef to it great barbecue wine Tremendous value if you grab the 13 You're going to love the 15 and if you Missed the 13 you're in luck cuz we were Able to sore some of this Berle 2015 Only here at wi Express cheers [Music]

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