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Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And today i’m going to focus on one of The most popular grape varieties in the Universe it is very distinctive but also Very versatile and it’s one of those Wines that are pretty safe bet if you’re Inviting lots of people with different Tastes i’ve prepared the tasting of Wines from that grape variety that are Highly rated on vivino are widely Available and should cost less than 30 Us dollars so let’s go Well and i’m of course talking about Sauvignon blar here So let’s go [Music] Sauvignon blanc is the kim kardashian of Grape varieties as it’s a pretty famous Grape variety from a famous family it’s The offspring of savannah a sibling to Shenandoah and closely related to semion Together with cabernet franc it’s a Parent of the most widely planted grape Variety in the world cabernet sauvignon Which was according to scientists a Spontaneous field crossing in the 18th Century in bordeaux sauvignon blanc is Easy to identify in a tasting as it has A very distinctive flavor profile if it Is from a cooler climate it smells of Green bell pepper and grass because of The methoxypyrazines a flavor profile it Shares with cabernet sauvignon another Important flavor group are the thios or

Mercaptans My captains my captains my captains My captains my captains thanks chances My captains can smell like grapefruit Passion fruit or the famous cat’s pee They are often elevated in wines from New zealand but you can influence their Intensity in the vineyard or in the Winery in all wine growing regions of The world sauvignon blanc for a long Time was very closely associated with The lua for light and fresh wines as Well as bordeaux for more concentrated Dry and sweet blends but in 1980s and 1990s sauvignon blanc from new zealand Took over the world by storm and is now Planted in most wine growing countries In the world it’s the seventh most Planted grape variety overall and the Third most planted white grape variety In the world the sauvignon blanc vine is Highly vigorous flowers early and the Grapes have a long maturation window it Has many nicknames sauvignon fumey Blonde blonde female muscat sylvana Amongst others But All this talk is making my mouth really Dry so it’s time to pop some corks i’m Starting off with the 20 20 from winning Sauvignon blanc 2 from the farts it got A vivino score of 3.9 and it retails for 14 usd convening has a long tradition in The falls they own many great vineyards

And they make wines from riesling the Burgundian grape varieties and sauvignon Blanc they’re quite well known for using Oak in their wines during a period when Germany didn’t really produce a lot of Wines that were influenced by oak even Though it’s possible to ferment Sauvignon blanc in oak this one is Fermented in stainless steel it does Make a lot of sense to plant sophia Bloor in germany as we have a cool Climate here and sauvignon blanc is a Cool climate grape variety so i don’t Really know why it didn’t became popular More early on maybe it’s because it’s a Bit of a competitor to riesling to me This is more of a classic old world Sauvignon blanc style it smells of Gooseberries a little bit of spices There’s a hint of grass in the Background but it’s a very clean very Neat and tidy not so explosive white Wine on the palate it has lots of Freshness it’s very vibrant and long Very lively this is a really good Example of a more restrained cool climb In sauvignon blanc and i would rate this 89 points you can’t really talk about Sauvignon blanc without talking about The lua so i got this 20 20 pascal Jollibee song that got a vino score of Four stars and then retails for 28 us Dollars the jollibee family set up their Business in the 1920s and different

Members of the family have set up Different businesses pascal jollibee Started his winery in 1987 and he has Become quite famous for high quality White wines from the region sonsai Became really famous in the second half Of the 20th century it’s a cool Continental climate and the vines grow On limestone clay and sea lex soils all These different soil types are blended In together in this wine so let’s taste It cork is also the traditional closure In saucer but screw cap is becoming more And more widely used especially for Sauvignon blanc wines as new zealand Sauvignon blanc has become such a Success story more and more wine makers All around the world are trying to Emulate that style but this is not it This is the original it’s very fine very Elegant very restrained but it has lots Of power on the palette it smells of Green apple mint there’s also a little Bit of dustiness there On the pallet it’s concentrated and rich With a grippy texture lots of finesse And fresh and vibrant finish this is not A crowd pleaser it’s more one of those Restrained wines but i would rate this 91 points it’s really good and i’m Getting hungry now so I think i got exactly the right thing This cheese is called cotton de Chavignon and it comes from the region

Where this wine comes from and as they Say what grows together goes together so This does work i know it kids don’t try This at home Delicious this is a classic for a reason The goat cheese is very earthy and very Intense the wine is fresh and vibrant And together they just complement each Other the next one is the 2020 team and Sauvignon blanc and kreider from the Zuch dyer mark in austria that retails For 14 us dollars and has a venus score Of 4.0 the winery was founded in 1959 And manfred tiemann took over in 1976 at The tender age of 16 years and he really Made the winery into what it is today They are certified organic really Focused on sauvignon blanc and are Amongst the most well-known producers For this grape variety And they also use glass stoppers they Are one of those wineries that uses Glass stoppers for everything And I’m not always 100 sure whether i Actually like glass stoppers they look Cool they feel cool but they don’t Necessarily perform as well as cork or Screw cap but they are very easy to open Which is a good thing When you’re thirsty their most famous Wine is the grassnetsberg this is the Entry level or as they would call it the Signature wine and it comes from chalky

Salts so let’s taste it the zucchermak In the south of austria has become one Of the most famous regions for sauvignon Blanc in europe the wines tend to be Quite delicate and fine they remind me More of the luan than they would remind Me for example of new zealand they have A little bit more texture in my opinion Oftentimes they are more concentrated And more rich than their loire Counterparts and this is exactly that it Smells of gooseberry there’s a little Bit of green apple there as well very Delicate very fruit driven on the pallet There’s good richness good concentration The acidity is less pronounced than in The previous wine but it’s still there It’s quite a round and rich and Beautiful souvenir i do like this wine Quite a bit but it has the same vivinos Score as the saucer i think this is not Quite as good i would rate this 87 Points it’s a beautiful wine but not top Notch we’re moving on to the 2020 Vinegar sauvignon blanc from collier Corgio is in the northeast of italy and It’s known for aromatic wines The sauvignon blanc are not super famous So i’m quite interested in tasting this Wine by the way this wine received a Viviano score of 4.0 and it retails for 24 us dollars the weinike winery started In the 1930s they produce all different Kinds of wines the wine smells of pear

Apple it’s slightly spicy on the palate Something comes through that can happen With sauvignon blah it can get a little Bit bitter and harsh and i have quite a Bit of bitterness here i also think There’s acidity missing the alcohol is At 13.5 which is maybe a bit too high And there’s just not enough acidic Backbone so the wine feels a little bit Flabby i wouldn’t really recommend this One i think at this price point you have Much more fun with the other ones that I’ve tasted before i would rate this 82 Points it just feels a bit unbalanced Sorry next up is the 2017 chateau reynon Blonde from bordeaux this has a vivino Score of 3.6 stars and it retails for 18 Us dollars bordeaux has a long history With sauvignon blanc but in most cases It’s actually used in blends with Semillon and muscadell in order to Produce the great dry and sweet wines Coming out of bordeaux this one however Is 100 sauvignon blanc and it used to be Made by one of the most influential People in the region denis dioboli was a Professor at the university in bordeaux And he also consulted for different Wineries in the region and he Unfortunately died in 2016 but today his Wife and his two sons run this estate so Let’s taste it i actually once met denny De bourdieu and i was very impressed by Him he was a very smart person who

Always tried to find ways making better Wine especially his whites used to be Very aromatic very intense so i’m Looking forward to tasting this one this Was fermented and stored in stainless Steel as well as barriques for five Months so it should have a little bit of Spiciness which is quite typical for a White bottle this is very different to All of the ones i’ve tasted before It’s quite intense there’s spicy oak Notes but also Grapefruit passion fruit flavors coming Through so there’s quite a lot of Complexity there on the palate it’s rich And punches and intense but has fresh Acidity white bordeaux tends to fly a Little bit under the radar which is Weird to me but the reds are just so Much more famous but i think white Bordeaux can be really pleasurable Really enjoyable and i like this wine a Lot i think this is really good i would Rate this 90 points and i don’t know About you but i still feel a little bit Hungry so i might need something else to Eat And i just might have the right thing Okay This is another classic oysters and Sauvignon blanc especially oysters from The basa of akasha and sauvignon blanc From bordeaux Work really well together

Oh i can smell the sea i don’t know Whether this looks like i know what i’m Doing but i definitely don’t smells good Let’s try it This does work but it definitely tastes Better at the seaside the next one is The 2019 dog point sauvignon blanc from Marlborough it received a vino score of 3.9 and it retails for 22 us dollars Marlboro as a region doesn’t have a long History mine growing started in the 1970s this winery is also fairly new it Started in 2002 when the sutherlands Decided to use their knowledge that they Learned at cloudy bay one of the most Famous wineries in the region to make Their own wine in new zealand lots of Vineyards are actually machine harvested This is hand-picked as they want to use Whole bunches in their wine the name dog Point developed because there was a pack Of wild dogs living in that area and the Winery became famous quite quickly Because they really focus on quality so Let’s taste it okay this is also not the Most classic sauvignon blanc from new Zealand This is from the viral valley which is a Bit warmer but it doesn’t really show a Lot of like super ripe flavors here it’s Quite fine and elegant there’s a little Bit of passion fruit quite a little bit Of gooseberry flavors you also have some Grassy notes coming through but on the

Palette it’s just super fresh vibrant With good texture it’s not one of those Over the top sauvignon blanc from new Zealand it’s really balanced without Losing its identity i think this is Beautiful i will rate this 92 points Next up we have the 2021 springfield Live from stone sauvignon blanc that has A viviano score of 4.1 and retails for 14 us dollars and to be clear there is No life from stone but this vineyard Apparently seems to be quite stony There’s quartz soils And this often has an impact on Sauvignon blanc in one way or another if You want to talk about minerality Check out my video on minerality we’re Now in south africa and this family has Roots in the lua and they brought some Of that knowledge apparently to south Africa south african sauvignon blanc Tends to be in my opinion a little Leaner than new zealand sauvignon blanc It’s not quite as refined and delicate As the wines from the lua Tends to be a little bit greener Grassier and a bit more intense so this Is already the 2021 vintage south africa Being in the southern hemisphere is Obviously already a season or two ahead Of us this is very typical for south African souvenir in my opinion it smells A little bit green a little bit of peas You got some gooseberry flavors there as

Well but there’s even a little bit of Tobacco there all of the methoxy Pyrusin’s coming through Quite strongly on the palate it’s lean And fresh there’s not a lot of body There and there’s a bit of an aftertaste Of cold ashtray I think it’s good it’s not my favorite Style of sauvignon blue it’s quite Distinct and quite intense I would rate this 85 points a really Good effort the last one of the tasting Is the 2019 ritual sauvignon blanc from Casablanca valley in chile it has a Vivino score of 3.8 and it retails for 16 us dollars chili’s casablanca valley Has established itself as one of the top Regions in the new world for producing Sauvignon blanc the vineyards here are Very close to the ocean and therefore Are cooled down by the influence of the Ocean allowing the grapes to ripen for Longer and producing more fresh and Lively wines this one was fermented and Aged in a combo of stainless steel Neutral barrel and concrete egg concrete Eggs have become more popular for Sauvignon blanc as well because they Don’t impart flavor as a barique wood For example but they allow a little bit Of oxygen in and therefore give the wine A bit more roundness and that tends to Work quite well with sauvignon blanc This is actually a bit of a surprise i

Thought this would be just another Aromatic and fruit-driven sauvignon Blanc from chile but it’s actually more Complex than that it smells of Gooseberries green apple a little bit of Lemon as well but there’s also some Creaminess there Lemon tart flavors a little bit of baked Bread on the pallet it’s concentrated And rich there’s quite a lot of body There but also good freshness and Vibrancy A long finish so it’s quite a complete Wine i do really like this I would rate this 92 points a beautiful Very complete sauvignon blanc that isn’t Just fruity but also has some other Elements to it all right this was a very Interesting tasting sauvignon blanc is Often just associated with this fruit Bomb wine star but this tasting show has Quite a lot of diversity my favorites Were the dog point the ritual and the Pascal jolivier Three really beautiful wines i hope you Enjoyed the video if you did then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already My question of the day is which is your Favorite sauvignon blanc i’m going to Eat some more cheese and crack open some More oysters and drink some more Sauvignon blah i guess whatever you do Stay thirsty