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The sponsor of this episode is Skillshare hi i’m konstantin bauer Master of wine and today we are going to Do a blind tasting a very special blind Tasting i got leon to pick some german Wines from me and my guest the wine king The biggest youtube wine channel in the World and we are going to taste those Wines together describe them and talk About german wine now the only thing i Need to do is get him into that chair i Heard there’s a way of summoning him It’s by saying hail to the wine king and Snapping your fingers three times so i’m Going to try this now hail to the wine King It worked there he is jay Good to see you good to see you Now let’s start tasting [Music] The wine king is traveling through Germany and i thought this was a great Opportunity to get him here into my Cellar and taste some wines with him and We had some pretty good days already Here in banbarden didn’t we leon my Intern picked the wines i don’t know What they are and we are kind of going To taste through them the only thing we Need we know is that they are all german So different grape variety different Styles from germany it looks like a German bottle it looks like a german Bottle and the bottle shape kind of

Gives away some some things maybe Already yeah the color doesn’t really Give give me too much information here But there’s quite a bit of co2 there Yeah a little bit of small bubbles so it Might be a fairly young wine you guys Say i really like it it has quite a lot Of grip Quite a lot of acidity as well there’s Quite quite a good amount of freshness In my opinion That’s great acidity is very high yeah Yeah high acidity Um the fruit flavor pointing more Towards like an aromatic grape varietal Maybe i would lean towards More to To towards uh silvano yeah yeah they’re In bristline yeah it’s for it’s really Hard for me to say because in terms of This kind of uh High acidity yeah it feels me like Wrestling But silvano as you said is A little bit more floral yeah it’s a Slightly plural that Which doesn’t happen Very often with a wrestling so it’s Hard for me yeah yeah it’s tricky i Agree But it’s good We agree on that It’s good german wine that’s already a Good start for me um i think the

Savannah guess is pretty good um But i actually think it’s more of a more Of a Less pristine Riesling character so it’s not like the Very protected riesling fruit Shall we have a look Just a second please Anyway your cellar is the best place to Enjoy this kind of wine yeah especially With this weather outside right now it’s 35 degrees celsius And in here it’s nice and cool yeah nice And cool almost cold So what do you say Okay yeah so i’m going to stick with Riesling but I’m also torn so it could be both do you Want to open it you want to have the Honors yes Oh They are very Close to the nature they farm Biodynamically and they i believe you They um they use low levels of sulfites He felt a little bit weird but it was Weirdly good yeah That’s a good description It’s very oaky but in a good way there’s Also quite a bit of reduction like the Very very Um feels like like there was not too Much oxygen Getting introduced into the wine so it’s

Quite Quite complex but it’s not the fruit That stands in the phone no Normally the german wines are fresher And Simpler at least on the nose yeah yeah Many in many ways particularly because Reason is so famous in germany They’re almost never okay yeah that’s i Think that’s still really the perception Outside of germany because german wines Don’t get exported enough i think Especially the really good wines So people always associate germany with Riesling which is usually fruit driven And high in acid Very complex yeah very complex um very Buganian one you see goosebumps here Yeah Because of the temperature It means It is tasty [Laughter] It is very heavily marked by the oak as Well Not in a bad way but it makes it more Difficult to say what the grape variety Is in my opinion it could be chardonnay Or vice bukunda It’s at least it’s a chardonnay Like maid yeah yeah exactly yeah white Wine and with you i think i think it’s Chardonnay yeah i think it’s chelsea Really good chardonnay it could be wise

But i think it’s a really good Chardonnay i would say it’s from a Producer that Is strong with that grape variety and Has been working with that because this Is very sophisticated chardonnay in my Opinion do you wanna yes so this time Either we are both wrong or or we are Both right which is nice all right Okay let’s see what it is Chardonnay i can see it yes it is Excellent what is it But it’s right on on the rhine So so this is Right from the rhine pretty much the Same area like the other one but it’s Actually labeled as a as a land vine This one is very good i think you second Good one I actually think you could put this into Like a blind tasting of burgundies And people would Rate this very high let’s finish our Tasting here because this was so good [Laughter] Yeah you can make me You can’t make me spill the wine Thanks leon yeah now i love you well Done Yeah the color is totally different now Yeah the color might already give it Away a little bit yeah i mean there are Some great varieties that Are white grape varieties and have a

Darker skin like with amino For example So if you leave the juice in contact With the skins for a longer time you get More color you extract more color i Think it smells like of a Really ripe apple but also a little bit Of orange zest It has quite a lot of yeah quite a lot Of flavor to it it’s not super aromatic So it’s definitely not good stamina in My opinion no um but but it’s uh it’s Quite aromatic on the pad it’s really Juicy grippy there’s a little bit of Crunch there there’s a little bit of Phenolic Crunch as well good acidity but quite a Lot of body as well yeah just like us Yeah exactly What do you think I think From the color and from this relatively Bland characteristic i think it may be Called For me the color is really the main Pointer The flavor profile also fits garbage Which is not a super aromatic grape Variety it’s probably one that was uh In contact with the skins for a longer Time and then uh was was matured in Larger oak vessels to give it a bit of Complexity um yeah but i agree this Should be goblin okay

I hope Let’s see yeah that’s good yeah Okay Let’s see Yes So So this is actually one of the best Producers in baden in this region It’s very down far down south and i Think we haven’t had any wines from the Market land yet no and this is this is Probably one of the One of the best producers in that region They do quite a lot of different really Exciting Styles and wines and they work a little Bit more Of the well-trodden patch so so they They use less sulfites and they they do Some funky things And i taste quite a lot of seaweed from It too seaweed yeah okay yeah salty yeah That’s a that’s an interesting Descriptor it’s probably because in South korea you eat quite a lot of Seaweed right every day In germany not so often I take every single meal i taste Potatoes [Laughter] While jane i continue to learn more About wine i want to introduce the Sponsor of this episode skillshare Skillshare has an online learning

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Kind of really struggle wrapping my head Around it so the stylistic expression is More More Prevalent here i think it’s not it Doesn’t taste of a grape variety it Tastes more of a style for me uh-huh Doesn’t show any Grape varieties characteristics well i Chose Grape variety characteristics but but it Also shows the work in the vineyard and The cellar i think yeah and this golden Color Probably use of oak or oxidative Treatment like we said earlier tricky This is very very tricky sometimes blind Tastings are really tricky that’s That’s the fun part Struggling is the fun thing yeah right What is the biggest difference between Silvano I would say has more acidity usually and Has even less aroma oftentimes depending On the ripeness level but And has the vana has less body it’s Lighter whereas vice president can be Quite rich i think this has quite a lot Of uh extract to it but it still could Be is irvana i think it’s it’s a bit Tricky Thanks for the tip Vice pugonda All right

Oh damn it what sauvignon blanc we’re Completely wrong here and it’s actually A pretty famous or Really well-known producer for this Style it’s i think they’re premium Sauvignon blanc but it’s quite oaky There’s quite a lot of oak flavor coming Through um so there’s not a lot of fruit Flavor not a lot of gooseberry and Grassy notes at all no no at all the Stylistic expression is just very Different they use quite a lot of oak Which is not something that is Common in germany Using small barrels barriques Doesn’t happen all that often in germany And they Rely still quite heavily on on Smaller Oak vessels that add quite a lot of Oakiness to the wines also to riesling For example so they play with that so Now we are at wine number five we’re Doing six in total so it’s red it’s red Yeah Yeah it’s quite light colored definitely It’s not i mean you can see through it Yeah The nose it’s saying This is me So you you already know what it is Are you willing to bet your life on it Yeah I can bet my life on it

This one is so easy thanks leon [Laughter] Let’s see i mean in germany there are Quite a few lighter colored red ones Yeah but this one is so sure I think we both think this is Uh I didn’t say I’m just guessing i’m not just a blind Taste of wine also people Right There are some darker more extracted and Richer pinot noirs coming out of germany As well but this is actually quite light And The raspberry strawberry flavors are Coming through yeah there’s a little bit Of oak as well but not not super Pronounced No i mean it’s not the most profound Pinot noir ever But it’s but it’s quite Complete Fresh vibrant It’s not fat it’s not like no sitting on Your tongue It’s a good good one i think yeah let’s Hope it’s not sauvignon no no That They cannot happen no that don’t happen Everything can happen no no no no Constantine now let’s see maybe Oh wow okay So it’s it’s actually a speed burgunder

And it’s from the r Ah yeah it’s from the r region and this Is actually one of the top producers From the r um they’re producing really Really great wine ah Ah That’s that’s that’s a german word that Is easy to pronounce yeah This is from ah The color is very light again It can be a trap it could be yeah yeah He can be a trap by leon yeah yeah he Can he’s known to try to trap me yeah Very strong berry characters i think It’s like blackberries blueberries very Intense Goosebumps goosebumps again German wines are giving you goosebumps Yeah they’re very good they’re very good Wines here probably your celery is too Cold That’s another option yeah so as you’ve Lived like In lots of different places what is your Experience with Red wines from germany are they Available in different markets do you Get them do you Think people like them It’s really hard to get good german Wines actually except for whistling yeah Yeah and some sylvana yeah yeah Otherwise it’s really hard to get this Kind of quality

Red wine from germany yeah it’s it’s Like we keep most of it to ourselves Yeah i feel greedy right yeah we’re Greedy we keep the bad people you only Get the bad stuff [Laughter] This wine has exactly the same profile That We had Last Evening The lemberger yeah It doesn’t feel like pinot noir it could Be a Lemberger It could also be something more exotic Maybe maybe like a korean a korean wine No but i mean like for germany exotic Like a cabernet sauvignon Or surah i want to say Lemberger but it could also be for me it Could also be like surah maybe Yeah like a german surah But come on as you as you are my my Visitor i’m going to stick with your Choice and uh thank you i’ll go lemberg As well thank you let’s see leon Don’t do this don’t let us down All right Okay Okay that’s Lemberger Well done good job Thank you

Good job Yeah so this is a grand cru site so One of the Best vineyards in in germany Well you can drink it all tonight you Can have it all Or you can also drink it during the day Oh This was fun tasting wine not on my own Down here is a bit of a change of pace For me so that was nice And i love your seller I could live here Yeah you can move in no problem I told you you can stay here [Laughter] Okay jay so what was your favorite wine Out of the lineup which one did you like Best The best The best wine for me Surprisingly this chardonnay this oaky Chardonnay was my favorite one So we have to fight over that bottle Over dinner because that’s also my Favorite i’m invited I’m your guest but i really like this Too just because it surprised me so much Yeah and i think there’s quite a lot of Potential for the grape variety Chardonnay in germany and this really Shows that there’s like a lot of Potential for this variety okay let’s Cheer it

And thank you for watching i hope you Enjoyed this video if you liked it then Please like it down here subscribe to Weinking’s channel and my channel And i hope i see you guys again soon Until then stay thirsty and we are so Going to stay thirsty tonight right Right yes thanks [Music]