Boedecker 2016 Pinot Noir, Steward, Willamette Valley | Wine Expressed

Hello wine friends today we have barakar Sellers 2016 Stuart Pinot Noir so botica Sellers for the old wine Express loyal Uh customers will remember the 13 I Think we had was the Athena and by the Way it is screw cap which I love on These uh these Oregon Pinos and so this Is uh Willamette Valley this is the Stuart Pinot so we have the Athena this Is the Stewart and the two names make Sense those are uh the owners here of Batik or sellers Stuart Athena botiker Passion project they started in the Early 2000s love of wine love of Pinot Love of the region and uh lo and behold They're producing some fabulous fabulous Wine uh I didn't grab a decanter for This I've had this a couple times and I Kind of know that this one comes out of The bottle you know rearing and ready to Go and whew Beautifully intense on the nose 2016. Wonderful vintage uh I think okay you Know 97 point vintage one of the best Uh maybe ever in Oregon so really nice Warm season a lot of ripening of the Fruit and man that's what kind of Grabs you right from the from the get-go Here dark fruit you know it's dark Cherry it's it's black cherry some red Cherry too but You know black raspberry Um the color right so it's getting a Little a little guard here on the end

This is 16 we got some bottle age going Which You know this is why these well-made Wines can Gain so much complexity with even just The right amount of of bottle AIDS right So you're getting all the fruit nice you Know Blackberry spice uh blackberry Fruit but the spices like that Um Blueberry pie like a graham cracker Going on on the spice here really A prominent sort of uh mocha there's Like a really nice dark cocoa And a coffee nut going on here Beautiful nose some of the tertiaries Are starting to coming out so let's have A taste [Music] One of the great things about great Vintages is the balance of acidity and Fruit right so this wine has vibrant Refreshing acidity but the fruit Concentration is there first and Foremost so that fruit carries over Tannins have softened so they're fine Grain they're silky they're in wonderful Balance with the with the acidity here As well and the finish here is just on On and on and layered you know the Fruits there the spice then comes that Nice earthy undertone those mocha notes Are still there This is really complex layered wine

That's a screaming value for the price Compared to what a lot of the you know Now high-end Oregon and Willamette Valley uh Pinos can cost so botiker 2016. Not a lot of it made there's only a Thousand cases out there and you know an Older vintage is only a handful of them Left here so get it while you can cheers Foreign [Music]