Bordeaux 101 Course with Wine Folly

Ever wondered what makes Bordeaux wines so 
unique? So sought after? So irresistible? Or   Have you ever felt confused by a Bordeaux wine 
label? I'm Master of Wine, Christine Marsiglio,   And I'll be unveiling these secrets and more in 
Bordeaux 101, an online course by Wine Folly.   Through the wines, grapes, terroir, and 
châteaux of Bordeaux we'll immerse ourselves   In the rich tapestry of its history and 
terroir. You'll be able to more easily   Understand this iconic region as it's broken 
up into seven comprehensive sections: history,   Grapes, terroir, the regions of Bordeaux, 
understanding Bordeaux labels, buying advice,   And a tasting which will cover the four main 
styles of wine in Bordeaux, Cabernet blends,   Merlot blends, dry white wines, and of course 
sweet wines. Your journey will culminate in a   Certificate challenge consisting of 50 multiple 
choice questions that will test your newfound   Knowledge. We're going to cover it all. So are 
you ready to peel back the layers of Bordeaux,   And its mystique? Grab a glass, and let's 
begin, this extraordinary journey together.