Brand NEW CORAVIN SPARKLING (not yet released) – First Unboxing and Review

Hello my name is consulting bomb i’m a Master of wine and today we are going to Do something really really special i Think you and me will be the first to Unpack and independently review the not Even released korean sparkling here on Youtube so Let’s go [Music] First of all i have received this device From cover but i’m not being paid to Review it so you get my honest opinion On it just as usual subscribers who have Watched this channel for a longer time Know that i frequently use cover i first Discovered it in 2013 while traveling Through california and i bought this Model eight seven years ago since then Cover has changed the design and quality Of the product not always for the better But the basic concept stayed the same They built one extraction systems that Allow you to access wine from a bottle Without having to pull the cork these Systems protect the wine for months or Even years because they add argon gas to The bottle koavan is great if you want To taste different wines over the course Of an evening or if you have lots of Different ones to taste at the same time Just like i often do this was Groundbreaking years ago and they still Don’t really have a competitor today but For a long time corvant did not have an

Answer for wines closed under screw cap And sparkling wines a few years ago they Solved one of these problems when they Released their own screw caps in order To use them you just have to remove the Original screw cap and then screw the Koaman screw cap on top of the bottle And then you can use your normal Extraction device to pour the wine and The wine will be fine for up to three Months according to koava i know from Korvan’s founder greg lambrecht that They were searching for a solution for Sparkling wines for a long time but they Never really found something until now So let’s see What they came up with so this is almost Like a world premiere so pretty exciting Let’s make sure that i don’t mess it up The core advanced sparking system Includes two sparkling stoppers and it Will cost 400 us dollars so let’s see Whether it looks like Something this valuable Koalvan has a very good track record When it comes to packaging and this Looks pretty pristine Except for this Sparkling wine glass which just doesn’t Look like a sparkling wine glass i would Have liked to see something a bit bigger But Pretty nice so let’s see what’s in The box

So here On the top We have the sparkling co2 capsules it’s A four pack so This should be fine for at least 28 Bottles cover states that one capsule is Good for at least seven full bottles i Don’t quite know what that actually Means does it mean that you can pour Seven Bottles from it or do the bottles have To be full in order to be able to Preserve seven bottles i’m not really Sure but i will test that so The technology behind the sparkling Device is different in this case you Have co2 not argon gas and the capsules Do look different to the normal capsules The normal argon capsules but i’ll try That out in a minute So next up we have Like a box Which is empty Okay so so this is These are the instructions but i don’t Need the instructions so now let’s get Out the big box the corva sparkling Wine preservation system There’s another quick start guide which I don’t need And these are the newly invented and Patented corva stoppers So Here we have

The sparkling device Which Feels quite heavy And looks pretty cool So this is Like Metal Lee there’s also plastic A little bit of rubber it looks pretty Good These are the Protectors let’s take them off And you get this beautiful Surface which reminds me a little bit of The corva model 11 or of a high-end Piano so this is new as well when this Little field is red that means that There’s no capsule in the chamber you Have to Push the lever up and then I pull this little thing up and then you Put the core Sparkling co2 capsules Into the device So this is pretty easy Yeah Not very tricky so in all of koava’s Previous devices you were using argon Gas capsules again is an inert gas that Protects the wine from oxygen and is Frequently used in wine making in this Case the capsule is filled with carbon Dioxide co2 co2 is present in the Atmosphere and it’s a byproduct of the

Alcoholic fermentation so it’s not Foreign to wine especially not to Sparkling wine co2 is also an inert gas So it protects wine from oxygen and can Prevent oxidation in this case co2 is Added for two main reasons first of all Some of the co2 will go into solution in The sparkling wine in order to maintain The bubbliness of the sparkling wine the Second reason is that the co2 will Increase the pressure in the bottle and This means that less co2 from the Sparkling wine will go out of solution But now it’s time to take this baby out For a spin so i’ve taken this rosacea Creme more from the others region out of The fridge and now i’m going to try to Figure out how this thing works because No one really knows yet so you have to Remove the capsule ideally you remove The whole thing as far as i heard And then you just open the cork just as You would normally do with the sparkling Wine let’s see when i can get it done Without spilling any Creme yeah not too bad so the next step Is you take a glass and pour out However much sparkling wine you want i Just take one glass like this So once you put out the wine you just Put this cover sparkling wine stopper on Top of the bottle this should work with Pretty much every sparkling wine bottle In the world even with magnum bottles

And now you put the device on top of the Stopper And Press And now co2 is in the bottle I hope you can’t really see it But if you want to pour your next glass Of sparkling wine you just have to lift Up lever And now you can see that there’s quite a Lot of co2 here in the bottle Lift it up all the way Like this There’s even a little Mark here how high you should lift the Lever and then Your wine had been preserved and you can Pour your next glass so my first Impression of the device is it’s pretty Well designed like with most coralvan Devices this looks elegant luxurious It’s a little bit heavy but not the Wrong kind of heavy and yeah i like it It looks good the stopper looks a little Bit odd it’s a bit clunky they probably Had to do this in order to make sure That it fits on every sparkling wine Bottle but yeah it’s not the most Beautiful stopper i think if this works As promised this could be really Interesting for restaurants i run the Wine program of one of the best hotels In the world the branas park hotel and We pour some of the best sparkling wines

In the world by the glass And for that this could be really Interesting pouring high-end sparkling Wines can be a bit costly because in Slower periods you might not be able to Finish the whole bottle before all of The co2 disappears so this could make it Easier to pour more sparkling wines more High-end sparkling wines at the same Time by the glass that’s quite Interesting for your private use this Might be interesting too i will Definitely use it if you want to drink High-end sparkling wine over the course Of two weeks maybe you can use this Device in order to make sure that the Bubbles don’t disappear but at 400 us Dollars you really have a hefty price Tag so i don’t really think that a lot Of private individuals will buy this i Think this would be more targeted at Restaurants than private individuals i Will have to try the whole thing in Order to make sure that it actually Works the way it’s supposed to work and I will make a video about this and all Of the other cover devices where i Review their performance over a longer Period of time so stay tuned for that so Thank you for watching if you like this Video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already i’m really excited about The growth of this channel over the

Course of the last four weeks we’ve Doubled in size which is insane so thank You for that my question of the day is Would you use the korva sparkling just Comment down below let me know what you Think Hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music] Bye