BUSTING Wine MYTHS – What is true and untrue about WINE?

Master of wine and today I feel like Busting some myths wine has been around For a long time and over the Millennia People have come up with a lot of BS to Explain our connection to fermented Grape juice I’m therefore going to Dismantle my favorite wine mix who You’re going to call Miss Busters Roll the intro [Music] So let’s start with one of my favorites Good wines don’t give you hangovers I Sometimes just not along when somebody Tells me they believe this as it is not Really harmful or rather gets them to Drink better wines but it’s just not True so what is a hangover a hangover is A combination of different symptoms Caused by the consumption of alcohol Symptoms like headache fatigue nausea And sensitivity to light and sound we’ve All been there Echo consumption Dehydrates which causes thirst unsteady Sleep and headaches it also irritates The stomach and increases acid release Which causes nausea so the problem is Really alcohol ethanol this little Molecule that looks like a cute little Dog and it’s included in every wine good Or bad you might even want to argue that Better ones tend to have higher alcohol Levels than lower end wines my personal Explanation for why we have fewer Problem when drinking high-end wines is

That we appreciate it more we savor it We drink it in a more civilized setting Maybe over dinner rather than chugging It down from the bottle in a parking lot Some people also have the theory that Sulfites cause their headaches which is Generally possible but rather unlikely Research actually suggests that you’re More likely to get headaches from Biogenic amines the most well-known one Is histamine they are actually linked to Bad microbial management so if you have Low or no sulfides in one you’re more Likely to get higher levels of histamine Which can cause headaches as well Another Minimus bastard the next one Myth is that legs are an indicator of Quality look at those beautiful legs one Legs AKA tears AKA Church windows are Not related to Quality but they are real So what do they indicate in 2020 a paper Called theories for under compressive Shocks and tears of wine was published And it basically states that wine legs Occur due to the evaporation of call on The side of the glass and the more Alcohol you have the more wine legs you Get so that’s basically it it just shows How much alcohol is in a wine but what About the viscosity viscosity meaning The concentration of a wine generally Linked to sugar does not cause those Wine legs I can show you in a little Experiment we’re going to fill the same

Water into two glasses and I’m going to Add quite a lot of sugar in one glass And steer so you can see that the sugar Water runs a little bit slower but it Does not produce any lags on the side of The glass so alcohol is the only reason Why you get legs on the side of your Glass so it’s not an indicator for Quality it’s more likely an indicator For how much of a headache you will get If you drink the whole bottle that’s it I have a bonus myth for you great wine Does not increase in value and the same Is true for great art this is not true And leads me to my partner on this Channel Masterworks with inflation so High art investing is coming to the Forefront as people have used it as an Inflation resistant store of wealth for Generations the big hurdle was that you Had to spend millions in order to Participate but Masterworks has figured Out a way that you can start investing Into artwork by artists like Picasso and Banksy at a fraction of the cost of one Of their paintings the way their Platform works is that Masterworks buys High value art from artists like Andy Warhol and Banksy and breaks it into Shares so you can invest in a portion of The actual physical paintings for Example I recently invested into a Picasso painting that last sold for Millions and now I’ll receive my share

Of the proceeds of its next sale they’ve Already sold six paintings at an average Annual return to investors of 29 in fact According to Masterworks the last time Inflation was this High the Contemporary Art Market appreciated by an average of 33 annually beating stocks real estate And even traditional inflation and Recession hatches like gold but legally It’s important for me to say that Investments can go up and down and this Does not constitute Financial advice However their collection of over 140 Paintings has already appreciated in Value by 15.3 percent according to Internal valuations totaling over 550 Million US dollars in value if you click The link in the description you can skip The waitlist and start investing today Alongside me and over 500 000 others so Check that out and now I’m going to Check out more of those wine myths the Next one is an easy one only red wines Can age which is simply not true tannic Red ones tend to be perceived as more Age-worthy but that’s definitely not the Only factor that plays a role here Quality is much more important so if you Have a great one It generally tends to Be able to stand the test of time there Are other factors though winemaking is An important one if you age a wine in a Barrel before bottling for a long time It tends to be able to age longer in

Bottle as well for example the bua that I tasted The Madeira which was 177 years Old when I opened the bottle That’s a white wine and it was just Treated in a way that basically makes it Indestructible a high amount of tannins And high acid levels are also really Useful for making the wine age worthy Another one really important one is Sugar levels if you have a high sugar Level that really helps conserve the Wine this is why trotting bound Alsolescent from Germany can age for More than a hundred years because of That high level of sugar and high level Of acidity red one with cheese is Another myth or a general rule that Should be broken more often if you’re in France in some places for example in Bordeaux you oftentimes get the best Wine of the meal with the cheese course And I don’t really understand that Oftentimes white wines tend to be better With cheese they have higher levels of Acidity that breaks up the protein and The fattiness of the cheese on top of That some finer and more elegant cheese Are just overpowered by red wine so Drink your vintage pot with blue cheese But also try some champagne with goat Cheese or I have some light and Lively White wines with your hot cheeses you Won’t be disappointed another myth is Wine gets better with age wine is a

Fascinating always evolving product but Most wines are actually not made to be Aged parolas from Italy Grand Reserves From Rioja and all season from Germany Tend to age really well and they get More complex and develop tertiary Aromas Over the years however bad ones don’t Get better with age so don’t keep your Entry-level wines for too long hoping That they will get better eventually and On top of that there’s some wines that Are just not supposed to be aged most Sauvignon blondes for example are much Better when they’re young crisp and Fresh so don’t wait another myth that Helps wine but is not really true is That red wines are healthy this is also Called the French paradox and it goes Back to a paper written in 1992 by Serge Renault and Michelle de logarile and it Was entitled wine alcohol platelets and The French paradox for coronary heart Disease the paper explored that why even With similar saturated fat intake the French have a lower coronary heart Disease rate and they basically Concluded that it might also be due to The high level of wine consumption the Statement was based on the positive Impact of Resveratrol a substance Present in wine however in order to get That substance to a level that it would Have a positive impact would mean that You would have to drink bottles and

Bottles of wine a day nowadays the French paradox is explained by a Generally healthier diet and a different Way of recording heart diseases in the Past in France so it was always too good To be true to finish this off now a few Smaller myth one is heavy bottles mean Higher quality that’s generally untrue Heavy bottles only mean a higher carbon Footprint and I think the wine industry In general should look at using lighter Bottles because they are just better and They conserve the wine in the same way You and they’re better for the Environment another one is only white Ones should be chilled that is not true I think there are quite a few red ones That benefit from a little bit of Chilling I mean they shouldn’t be in the Fridge for a few hours but they should Be in the fridge maybe for 30 minutes For example high alcohol wines tend to Be a little bit less aggressive when They are cooled down to 60 and 17 Degrees Celsius also light bodied red Wines tend to be juicier fruitier if They are a little bit cooler so also Cool down your rats and finally Something you need an expensive decanter Expensive glasses and inexpensive Corkscrew in order to really enjoy wine And while I really like having those Toys I also know that you don’t need That I started off tasting wines out of

Ikea glasses and decanting it in water Jugs so there’s no reason why you Shouldn’t start enjoying great wines you Definitely don’t need those toys to Really have fun with wine so you only Need to make sure that your glasses and Your carafe is clean and that’s Basically it and yeah just get one of Those corkscrews that they give out Everywhere at every wine fair and be Happy with it and if you can afford Stuff like this then Do it but don’t think that this will Make you a better wine taster so thank You for watching if you like this video Then please like it down here subscribe To my channel if you haven’t done so Already my question of the day is what Is your favorite wine myth or your worst Wine myth you know of so please comment Down below I hope I see you guys again Soon until then stay Woof Thirsty [Music]