Hello there my name is constantin baum I’m a master of wine A retailer and a consultant and this is My channel where we are thirsty For knowledge and wine so this is one in 10 where i tell you Everything you need to know about a Grape variety or a region In less than 10 minutes today we are Going to talk about a grape variety that Rules the world has produced excellent Wines And has defined what people expect when They order a glass of red wine in a Restaurant the variety is so famous that You only have to say the first part of Its name And everyone knows what you’re talking About cabernet [Music] Sauvignon So what is cabernet sauvignon cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted Grape variety In the entire world this has not always Been the case But the interest in the wines from Bordeaux and the interest in bordeaux Plants in general Has caused a planting boom all around The world but let’s start in the Beginning cabernet sauvignon has first Been described under the name of pity Cabane

In the 18th century in the city of Libourne in the region Bordeaux this was also around the time When cabernet sauvignon was planted more And more in the region of bordeaux As winemakers realized that they are Able to produce great wines From this grape variety only in the 1990s researchers from the uc davis In california realized that cabernet Sauvignon is actually a child of the Grape varieties cabernet franc And sauvignon blanc cabernet sauvignon Was actually the first Old grape variety where scientists were Able to prove the parentage Through dna analysis and the results Caused some confusion and some surprise Because people didn’t really understand Before That white rape variety like sauvignon Blanc is able To be the mother of a red grape variety Over the years cabernet sauvignon was Also used for breeding new grape Varieties Such as ruby cabernet masala and Cabernet mitos But none of those grape varieties are Actually as good in quality as cabernet Sauvignon let’s have a look now At what cabernet sauvignon’s grapes and Leaves actually Look like so cabernet sauvignon has

Small bunches with very small berries That contain Lots of color tannins and flavour And you can see that it has those deep Lobes in the leaves and that’s one way Of identifying the grape variety In the vineyard so overall the vine is Very vigorous It buds late and ripens late and it is Pretty resistant to rot Because the berries have very thick Skins but it is susceptible To powdery mildew and other diseases That affect the leaves And the wood the berries ripen slowly And picking dates are not as important As for example with syrua but cabernet Sauvignon needs a warm climate And even in its home the bordeaux it Doesn’t always ripen fully and this is One of the reasons why producers in Bordeaux generally Blend cabernet sauvignon with earlier Ripening grape varieties such as Mellow in order to make sure that even In a cool year They are able to produce a wine that Smells of ripe fruit When it comes to wine making cabernet Sauvignon actually offers a lot of Opportunities To the wine makers because it’s one of Those grape varieties That can be made in very different ways

Without really losing The expression of the grape variety one Of the most important factors when it Comes to cabernet sauvignon and wine Making Is tannin management it influences Directly Whether you produce an early Approachable wine Or a wine that is really age worthy Maceration time aging in barrels Micro oxygenation and different finding Agents are all factors That influence the tannin expression so Where does cabernet sauvignon grow Similar to chardonnay It grows in pretty much all of the wine Making countries even though It needs a warmer climate than Chardonnay overall 340 000 hectares worldwide Are planted to cabernet sauvignon which Means that it’s the most Widely planted grape variety in the World so let’s talk about the five most Important wine growing countries when it Comes to cabernet sauvignon And i’m pretty sure that you won’t be Able to tell me all five in order Because i certainly wasn’t so in first Place we have the first surprise It’s china with 60 000 hectares Of cabernet sauvignon plantings cabernet Has really boomed in china

Over the last years in 2009 there were Only 20 000 hectares planted to cabernet Sauvignon And the chinese really love cabernet but Most of those wines don’t really go into The export market So i haven’t really tasted a lot of Different cabernets from china In second place we have france with 48 000 Hectares planted to cabernet sauvignon In the 80s and 90s cabernet was really Booming in france But over the last two decades the trend Has stopped slightly Bordeaux is obviously the home to Cabernet sauvignon But mellow is actually the most widely Planted grape variety in bordeaux If you want cabernet heavy wines you Need to go for the best wines from the Madok And pesach leonyo bordeaux has also Created the model On how to make cabernet sauvignon the Use of small Bariques in order to make sure that you Have oak flavor To go along with the grippy and Concentrated structure In order to make really age-worthy wines Cabernet sauvignon is also planted in The southwest of france and in the

Longer doc ruseon But there are only a few really great Wines Being made with the majority of cabernet Sauvignon Coming from those two regions in third Place we have chile with 43 000 hectares planted to cabernet Sauvignon cabernet sauvignon arrived in The 19th century in chile And it now accounts for 20 of all Plantings In the country the growing conditions in Chile are pretty ideal for cabernet Sauvignon because it’s pretty dry During the growing season and the Climate is reliably Warm especially in the regions of maipo Iconcagua and colchaga in fourth place We have the us with 41 000 hectares of cabernet sauvignon Plantings California is by far the most important Region when it comes to this grape Variety and some of the most expensive Wines made from cabernet sauvignon in The world are the cold wines from Napa valley but there’s some other parts Of california that also produce Beautiful cabernet sauvignon check out My video on california i’ll link it up Somewhere Up there but cabernet sauvignon is also Grown in other parts of the u.s

For example in washington state but also In some lesser known Wine growing regions like texas and Arizona In fifth place we have australia with 25 000 hectares of cabernet sauvignon The australians have perfected the Kabbalison yoshi rasp land But cabernet sauvignon plantings have Declined over the last few years And it will continue to play second Fiddle to shiraz So which glass should you use for Cabernet sauvignon cabernet sauvignon is Not just the prototype For red wine in general its glass is Also the prototype For red wine glass this is the cabernet Sauvignon glass That i use most of the time it has a big Tulip but not as big as the one i use For pinot noirs i also have this one Which is like a Very high-end cabernet sauvignon glass For the best cabinets That you can get but out of the two i Definitely use This glass the most and i also use this Glass for other grape varieties than Cabernet sauvignon so when it comes to Taste pinot noir might be the Intellectual surah might be The peasant and cabernet sauvignon is More like the businessman

It’s a crowd pleaser that appeals to a Lot of people And that can produce outstanding wines But also Some really uninteresting ones the wines Generally smell of blackcurrant Cassis blackberry but also of barik Flavors So you also get spicy notes cinnamon Notes And notes of cedar wood companies from Cooler climates smell more herbaceous And maybe A little bit of green bell pepper Whereas cabernets from warm climates Smell a little bit more jammy very fruit Forward and very concentrated Cabernet always has a lot of tannins a Lot of concentration on the palate And those grippy tannins they also help This wine with aging And i’ve tasted some beautiful cabernet Sauvignons that were 20 40 60 80 years old thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already There are so many really cool videos Coming up so you should definitely stay Tuned my question of the day is really Simple Do you like cabela’s sauvignon i’m Looking forward to hearing what you

Think of cabernet sauvignon please leave Your comments Down here i hope i see you guys again Soon until Then stay thirsty [Music] You