Cantina di Montalcino 2017 Brunello di Montalcino

So this is the Cantina di Montalcino Brunello di Montel Chino the ocg From the 2017 vintage so this is a Follow-up to previous vintages of this Wine which have been Really good and really really well Received Both of 15 and the 16. Showed Great great character And Tremendous value Which is what you’re getting from these You have this Cooperative in Montalcino [Applause] Where the Growers are are bringing in Fruit from all these their different Vineyards and they’re able to select What they feel Is going to put together the best why So really regardless of the Vintage If you have that wider an array Of grapes to choose from You make an outstanding wine Answer is you can Very traditional fermentation Traditional Aging in the large old casks And you know of course by law has to age Four years before release Um yeah so all of that 100 percent San Jose Nice Warm So get some roasted nuts

Some baked cherry Some nice like orange peel A little bit of cured tobacco a little Bit of toasted almond can I get Something uh Lovely floral on here like a violet note I guess Such a pretty nose Let’s try [Music] Yeah very nice It’s big It’s got some really nice flavors those Baked cherries Those little overtones of uh like orange Peel has tobacco notes Toasted almond coming through The tannins are still pretty big on this New release But it’s good balance nice acidity Yeah I mean You pull together a lot of different Fruit You can put together a really good wine I’d be drinking [Music]