Chateau Belgrave 2016 Haut-Medoc, Grand Cru Classe

[Music] So this is chateau belgrave oh my doc 2016. uh chateau belgrave is a has a Classified growth from the 1855 Classification He was given fifth growth Status at the time And uh Still excels to this day It’s now owned by the durham Family It’s got All new modern wine making equipment a New cellar It’s a about 150 acre property In the omidak it borders saint julian And so Grows Mainly cavity sauvignon But also merlot And a little petite for dough This wine from the great 2016 vintage Has a 69 cabernet sauvignon 28 merlot and three percent petite fair Dough They aged it in oak for 12 months They used about One-third New oak for this And uh Yeah it’s had a little time to Soften mellow in the bottle Still has beautiful

Glass staining color And the aromas are Wafting around me i get a wonderful Black currant Black currants a little bit of licorice A little bit of violet a little into That toastiness from the oak Some cherry now it’s even like some Toasted almond coming out of here Wow this is a great nose Let’s try this [Music] Yeah this is really nice Um You know the tannins have Sort of softened up in this very nicely It’s kind of elegant Velvety on the palette The cab backbone is still there though And you get those nice cab flavors that That Black currant really comes through i Also get a little bit of a minerality in This And i get that Just a hint of that Toastiness from the oak I get some more of that toasted almond Coming through Some of that cherry There’s a nice little dose of acidity It makes it initially Sort of mouth-watering when it hits your Palate it spreads out

Yeah so Drinking Quite beautifully now but really Obviously still youthful in in many ways Um a wine that can definitely continue To deliver over another Five eight ten years Uh Yeah something very special Happy drinking [Music] You