Chateau Belvue 2020 Cuvee Prestige, Bordeaux

Hi I'm Marshall Tilden here with Chateau Bellevue this is uh 2020 and this is Their Cuvee Prestige Bordeaux wine and The appellation here is just Bordeaux so For Bordeaux Appalachian The Grapes can Really come from all over the region of Bordeaux for this particular wine It's a mostly right bank so this is a Merlot-based wine blend of 50 Below 20 caps of and then the mix of the Rest is your other three Bordeaux Bridles uh Cabernet Franc and petite for Dough Malbec so it really is it true Bordeaux blend Um This Chateau Bellevue Cuvee Prestige Proceed meaning it's there Really their best Coupe Um and there's a good reason why they Call this scuba Prestige so this is a Fourth generation family the Roars Family who Farms these these Vineyards Have been for for you know Generations Uh the son the wife are now the current Winemakers And Vineyards themselves Are organically farmed and they have a An ATV certification which is a high Environmental value HEB and it's a level Three which is the highest level of Certification so they're really taking You know care of The Vineyards trying to Be as sustainable as possible using uh

Organic farming methods Color here so Really deep color and This is a really intense wine as soon as You pour it into the glass I don't even Have to get my nose To right here It uh it smells like Bordeaux there is Beautiful black currant black cherry Um it's Jammy you know this is this Feels like fresh ripe fruit 2020 2020 Sort of just uh coming out in Bordeaux Newest newest vintage and it's getting Some You know some some good accolades the Early the Early word is that it's going To be a good one and Twine is a good indication of that it's A really nice uh some spice a little Vanilla also right so vanilla meaning There's probably a bit of a new oak on Here which which they do use in new Oak This Yeah this is a uh this is a young line In a very good way meaning this fruit is All very ripe fresh nice combination of Red fruits red cherry uh black cherry The black currants really coming through It's a nice cinnamon spice some nice Vanilla The tannins are notable but they're They're soft they're Supple so even Though it's a younger wine it feels like It's something that could be enjoyed and

Consumed now but but it's still going to Age a few years those tannins are going To soften out a little bit and things Are gonna kind of balance out this also Has a few a couple of one gold medal Silver medal but in some pretty big Competitions the Gilbert diar Competition uh the Leon competition so Um this one's getting some accolades and It's something that you're really only Gonna find out here at Wine Express this Is one of those wines that we you know Go out uh sample it tastes through a lot Of uh interesting Bordeaux wines to find Really the best values on something like This here because this is going to be a Tremendous tremendous value Bordeaux Um so 2020 shout out to Bellevue cheers Enjoy