Chateau Crusquet de Lagarcie 2019 Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux, France

So here we have a Chateau de la Garcia This is a 2019 and this is blay Cote de Bordeaux and uh blay is a ripe Bank wine Bordeaux is the uh kind of a newish Appellation the blade Cote de Bordeaux It's all these these right Bank wines That fall sort of uh in and around the Franc area mostly merlot-based wines or Some cap Bronx some Cabernet Sauvignon The owner winemaker Benoit de la Garcia's uh he's sort of like I'm the Mayor of blay he's a really great Ambassador Ambassador for the region it Does a lot for not only his Winery but For all of these wineries that are kind Of surrounding putting them on the map So this is a 80 Merlot 20 cab Sauvignon And uh this is a A wine that does see some Oak so you're Going to have some some complexity uh to This wine Um This is a wine that you know not only is A tremendous value but it's got some Some gold medals it's got some great Scores and you know at first at first Snip you can see why Um this has a really intense nose Popping out of the glass A lot of fresh and vibrant red fruit you Know the concentration is there But under that red fruit there's there's Some really nice spices almost like uh Like Asian uh

Big spices there's almost like a little Soy note Um There's black pepper There's some nice earthy undertones or Some tobacco a little bit of smoke from The yolk so there's layers here right We're getting some some primary fruit Flavors and Aromas I should say we're Getting some Some notes from the oak And it's really you can tell opening and Evolving just as it's in the glass here Too so let's give it a taste [Music] Wow that's a uh that's a really complex Wine for a of like Cote de Bordeaux These are usually kind of um you know Simple everyday sort of wines at this Price point it certainly is but there's A lot going on those red fruits come Through really nice A little bit of a Black fruit comes through as well with That cab Sauvignon you know notes are Coming around the spice is really Prevalent on the palate the acidity Mouth watering my mouth is still Watering here and the tannins are really Firm They're a little chalky you know Bordeaux kind of character and this is a Long finish this is a serious serious Wine which again makes sense when you See the the scores and sort of accolades

That it gets so uh again 2019 really Really solid vintage producing a wine That you can enjoy now or lay some down In the seller to age for a few years Cheers enjoy [Music] Oh