Chateau du Tasta 2020 Bordeaux Superieur

So here we have the Chateau deutasta This Is 2020 vintage and it is Bordeaux Superior so this uh the Chateau de Toasta It's kind of again one of these unknown Sort of Hidden Gem wines samples that we Uh you know got Sent to us we got a taste through a lot Of kind of meh everyday wines to to find These these just Diamonds in the Rough And this is certainly one of them uh Borto Superior so it's got a little bit Higher quality than your regular uh just Bordeaux and this is uh mostly Merlot A Little dab a cab stove going on there 20 20. really really solid vintage these Ones coming out are Very fruit forward as is this one a lot Of really nice fresh ripe red fruits Some strawberries some red cherry some Spice that's coming out it's a little Bit of a little black pepper spice maybe A little note to licorice there's a Floral note down there rose petal and a Little bit of lavender a little bit of Uh kind of smokiness coming out but this Is a this is a really pretty elegant uh Intense notes so let's tasty That's really interesting because Not only does it open up on the pallet But there's still red fruit but there's More black fruits that are starting to Come through a little bit of current uh Comes on there a little cocoa notes that

Didn't come across on the nose either uh Or very mildly and there's this nice Kind of leaky tobacco note fruits are Are certainly front and center expansive Really good acidity tannins are are There they're firm they're chewy but They're they're smoothing out they're Silky you know it makes me realize That's why probably it'll benefit from a Good 20-30 minutes of decanting because There's some some things that are coming Out of the palette that weren't on the Nose and the tannins could use just a Little smoothing out but this is a Really tremendous value it's a Best Buy Wine Enthusiast Really something you're only going to Find here at Wine Express so uh Make sure you grab it while we have it Because there's unfortunately not a lot Of it made so cheers enjoy