Chateau Haut Beausejour 2018 Saint Estephe

Here we have the 2018 Chateau hojor Saint Estep man am I excited to bring This one in so we sampled this Some time ago and we're just ecstatic About the quality of this Santa's death Santa you know known for these these Great Bordeaux and and you know a lot of Times they can be Cabernet based but With the Gravelly soils a little bit More clay and Santa stuff some of these Wands are getting warm or low dominant Like this this whole bush bush Azure Which to me I find so appealing because Not only are they ageable you know some Of the best Bordeaux wines in the world That are Merlot based or these ageable Wines but They can come out just ready to enjoy Uh and they're they're so just fragrant Pretty intense like this wine I mean The intensity of of the nose is just Extremely pronounced A lot of beautiful red fruits going on Here strawberries red cherries A little bit of red plum and it just Screams Bordeaux right you're getting Graphite you're getting those kind of Terror driven notes a little bit of the Smoke from from the oak that's going on But this is something that really is Quintessentially notable as being a Saint of Steph Kind of knows Wow Let me give it a taste [Music]

So this is just a really Classy for lack of a better word this is Just a classy Bordeaux it feels refined It feels serious but it feels very Approachable and you know Very firm on the palette the tannins are There they're chewy again those graphite Those mineral notes That sort of limestone feel comes out Really nice combination of of red fruits Some black cherries coming out a little Bit of smoke starting to come out here Um this isn't wine that's going to age This is a 2018 wine fantastic vintage in Bordeaux these wines can go for years And the complexities will will evolve But this is something that I would even Open now serve with a roast lamb even Some sort of a a roasted chicken dish There's a real finesse Elegance uh Characteristic to this this whole Bosa Jour so make sure you get it while you Can there wasn't a lot of it left when We were able to get our hands on it so Cheers hope you enjoy [Music]