Chateau L’Angevin 2016 Bordeaux Superieur

Hi I'm Marshall Tilden here with another Great Wine Express selection this is Chateau longevine 2016. this is a Bordeaux Superior And Bordeaux Superior Just a little bit higher than the grand Vin appellation or designation for Bordeaux meaning that Um The Grapes come from Superior or better Locations and it actually needs a little Bit of a higher minimum alcohol Requirement on these Superior ones so Um this wine is a Creation of Christoph Quebec Who is winemaker for uh for La Joven and It is a 10 acre plot that they form And it's just uh just south of the Jordania river Um right bank so right Bank Bordeaux so We're gonna have a merlot-based wine Very common so it's about 90 below 10 Cabernet Franc so the really exciting Part about this wine is uh who he's Working with is uh none other than famed Winemaker and consultant Stefan Duran Court so he's been working with him now For about 12 years or so on this wine in This area and if you don't know Stefan He got to start at uh Chateau pavi McCall and uh he's at had a hand in a Domain to Shelby Smith holder feet most recently Francis

Ford Coppola brought him in to consult On Rubicon so this is one of the most Iconic wine makers on the world who's uh Who's got his hands on this Bordeaux so Pretty exciting stuff You know what it's funny just talking About Coppola and Rubicon and the Combination of Bordeaux and Nava because This feels like a very New World style Bordeaux up front A lot of really bright and fresh Combination of red and black fruits There's nice red cherry Deeper into it it gets more into that Black cherry Black currant Definitely some Some spice maybe even a little bit of a Floral note on here but it's pretty this Is this is a pretty nose this isn't a Big brooding wine this is Something that feels like it has some Nice Elegance to it let's tasty You know it's interesting I forgot to Mention I think the Vintage was 2016 and Boy The the you know handful of years of Bottle age that's really really showing On the palette in the sense that the Tannins are just soft and supple and Sleek and really a nice round mouth feel To this wine Some of the tertiaries are starting to Come out a little bit of tobacco notes

Are coming out a little bit of that Earthiness to it it's got that really Traditional typical graphite that can You know come out on the uh on the Palette on these on these bordeaux's Finish is beautifully long they do all The fermentation in stainless steel Tanks here and you can feel how it's Keeping that fruit Super Fresh ripe Mouth filling This is like a wonderful pairing for Lamb veal it's not quite big enough to To hold up to you know a steak but you Know Burgers off the grill Even ribs something uh you know a dry Rub on a rib I could see going really Well with this wine and again just Another Amazing value Bordeaux that's going to Be coming in something that you can Enjoy on weeknight or something that you Can share with friends over a wonderful Meal Cheers enjoy