Chateau Musar 2014 plus mystery vintage

It’s remarkable how the Wine industry has adapted to the changes Brought about by covert and covert Restrictions And one of the new businesses that has Sprung up is called Blind faith online blind faith dot Online and what they do is they send out Blind tasting samples Little sachets basically the same thing That you get inside a box of wine the Bag that’s inside there but a Miniaturized version with just Five cl of wine in it and to send these Tasting samples Out then they hold an online event where You open the wine taste it Discuss it try and guess what it is and All those kind of things that some Wine geeks quite enjoy the blind tasting A routine So this endless little sample to try This now quite an interesting thing Uh this is a sample on my left of a wine And i know what it is It’s the chateau musa the new release of The kind of icon wine Of lebanon the 2014 vintage of shuttle Musar And on the right is the blind sample It’s another vintage of moosa but i Don’t know what it is the package isn’t Marked And the idea is simply that yet to taste

This new icon wine And have a little think about a mature Example which is quite a nice idea this Pack sells for 12 pounds 99 and it’s Delivered in a letterbox Friendly kind of format it just will Come through your door if you order it Further tasting next week blind Faith dot online so moussa 2014 always a really interesting wine Quite meaty a lot of red dark fruit in This moussar’s A wine that kind of changes its Personality from year to year Um and this one quite as a quite meaty Quite a lot of Plummy depth to this and on the palate More such abundantly sweet fruit it’s a Very Clean moussa sometimes people find a Little bit of volatility in them A little bit of uh some other marginal Kind of faults that people Some people like some people hate um Because it’s a very idiosyncratic wine This one feels very clean very plush Very full of a depth Of fruit i’ll do a full review properly On Published after this video but on the Right the blind Testing sample now the immediate thing That you can see i’ll hold up something White here

Hopefully you’ll be able to see is the Color there Is um very much faded at the rim Clearly an older wine now i’ll get my Excuses in early and say that moussa Is highly variable and the wines go on For Decades so it could be anything from the Last 50 years really Uh on the nose A little bit kind of attenuated not Quite as clean and fresh as you might Expect from a young wine for sure so It’s definitely got some age on it And about that sweetness there’s a Slightly kind of syrupy sweetness to This Um maybe from a very hot year i’m Guessing maybe that we are As old as in the 80s for this wine Possibly Kind of 88 that kind of age but Could be widely wrong wildly wrong Because mussar Is idiosyncratic it changes its Personality from year to year it changes As it ages and it’s actually one of the Toughest things i would say to guess The age of a moosa blind um Going on the color going on the aroma Definitely got some age in it At least 20 years i would say that’s my Guess Blind faith online thank you