Chateau Pontet-Canet 2005 Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac | Wine Expressed

So here we have something special today This is the 2005 Chateau Ponte cane 2005 Arguably the best vintage in Bordeaux Maybe ever this shelter Punta canae is a Fifth growth wine that just far exceeds Its fifth growth status and so we want To see how this is aging right now and We're going to be careful with the cork Here because it's a little bit older Northern end of of poyak and it is A wine where the winery is located Literally right across the street from Chateau Mouton or Shield so it kind of Makes sense Uh Why the quality is what it is for this One vintage after vintage they just Produce these beautifully structured Balanced powerful ageable wands The Vineyard is is mostly gravel sits Over clay and Limestone it's biodynamic It's organic certified it's it's Eco Search certified it's Demeter certified And One of the coolest things that they do Is they do not use tractors for any of The work in The Vineyards they use Horses so they had a fleet of 12 horses Handles all the work Um and the uh the blend and The Vineyards that they they plant are it's Really consistent every year they're Usually about 60 65 Cabernet Sauvignon About 30 Merlot and then you know a

Blend of the other varietals for the Rest Uh they're aging Uh plan is different than really anybody Around so they use French Oak barrels About 50 new they use about 15 One-year-old Barrels and Uh and then they use like anywhere from 35 or so uh in those uh concrete and Flooring and dolia it's a really high Percentage of concrete Vats and and Talking with the owners and the wine Makers they just say they want to keep That freshness of that wine they want The the grapes and the vineyard to be What comes first And that's why they use such a such a Large percentage of concrete in men Thank goodness they do because you could Tell in the wine here I mean call her so This is 2005. so we got a good amount of Bottle edge here right 18 years So it's still Ruby we get a little that Garnet on the edge right a little bit of A a little brown on the rim but still Nice Ruby color And it is a fruit first fruit forward Wine still at this age right sometimes Wines when they have this kind of bottle Age it can be all the tobacco and earthy And mushroom and leather come first this Is still fruit first Blackberry

Creme de cassis uh Uh black currant Blueberry uh you know it's getting a Little on the dried side but it's still You know fresh fresh fruit first Graphite really you know classic of These pontic and a wines that lead Pencil shaving and you're starting to Get a little bit of that kind of cedery Tobacco earthy underbrush but it's but It's adding just this beautiful hint to It and it is certainly on the uh layer After that fruit and that Spice from the Oak nice really nice clove Notes too it Is just a beautifully intense wine let's Give it a taste [Music] Yeah Oh my God I I just love the way these Wines age so it's still You know mouth filling tannins are still Firm uh not as chewy as they were you Know 12 years ago Um That Tobacco in that cedar and those spice And those potpourri notes coming through On the palate here it's it's medium body Right this is not a big opulent powerful Wine but the structure is there the the Density is there Um the masculinity of the wine is there But the fresh fruit component

Um the beautiful acidity that's holding This all together balancing out lovely With those Sort of tannins that are just lingering On the mouth this is something that Would go beautiful right now you know With like a roast a roast dish some kind Of meat uh certainly certainly still a Big wine certainly tannins are still uh Powerful enough for that if you have an Opportunity to grab some of this 2005 we Only have a little bit of it left so I Can't recommend it enough because as we Talked about it's a fifth growth Drinking like a first growth wine and These first growth wines can run into Four figures so at the price we have These Ponte canades it's uh it's really A true value so hope you enjoy cheers [Music]