Chateau Pontet-Canet 2016 Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac | Wine Expressed

So here it is The 2016 Chateau Ponte cane poyak this Is a this is the one we've been waiting For here uh so punta canae is a fifth Growth Bordeaux in the 1855 Classification but it has been far Exceeding its fifth growth status for Many many years now It's uh it's in the northern end of Poyak and it's actually right across the Street from Which explains the tremendous quality That you know comes about really each And every vintage of this wine it's So consistent in its quality It's age ability and a lot of it is just Because of How they're making the wine the region The terror War everything that comes About from Punta Cana so You know for starters uh you have a Really nice Gravelly soil in that area Uh it's over a clay and Limestone base It's all biodynamic biodynamic all Organic certified Ecosert you know Demeter certified and Then what they do in the vineyard is to Not compact the soil They use horses so there's no tractors They have a fleet of 12 horses that Handle all the work in The Vineyards Just to preserve all of that that Beautiful soil that goes on in these Vineyards out there

And then Uh what they do uh in terms of their Wine making and their aging is is just It's unprecedented so they use you know French Oak barrels that's not Unprecedented but they usually have About 50 percent of new Oak than they Use somewhere around 15 of one year And then they use like 35 percent of Concrete and foray so those big concrete Vats dolia they call them it's like 35 It's It's amazing And the reason they do It I spoke with the the winemakers is They want to preserve that freshness Right fruit first Vineyard first coming From the vineyard first that's super Important for them Um and then in ages like 16 18 months In that combination of vessels so what Do you get on the wine well the first Thing is just intensity uh the the Aromas in here right Robert just Filling up in this room uh it's pure Right lots of black currant cassis Really like our cream legacies uh Blueberry pie You know lots of really intense black Fruits that are coming through but then You have these beautiful graphite pencil Shaving these these mineral notes that Are coming out here There's dark cocoa there's definitely a Little bit of vanilla that's coming off From that new Oak little clove spice

Coming off there's floral notes there's Violets there's crushed mint uh you know There's just these layers upon layers of Just Aromas coming from Mostly the fruit First right and then some of that that Beautiful wine making technique All right let's taste it [Music] That's just about the best Tip of wine I've had in the last five Years Um Just the words are not enough right Powerful elegant Savory Um you know it's it's it's an amazing Combination that it has of being Elegant and full of finesse but but Concentrated and and you know the Tension and the fruit the length that Just goes on and on the the the depth of This wine Uh it's just fabulous Um it's perfect and that's why it's Perfect you know this is a 100 point Wine and and that's what 100 point wine Should taste like it should be you know This uh inspiring uh and really knocking You off your feet like like this wine Does this is a pup right this is such a Young wine you know it needs minimum Probably seven to ten years uh to really To really touch and you know these these Wines these ponza Kenny wines they can

Age for 40 50 years now so Um when you think about what a mutton Raw Shield or some of these other you Know first growths uh can cost you know Four figures for the value for lack of a Better word that Ponte cane brings Um it's really pretty hard to beat so uh Hope you enjoy it cheers [Music] Thank you [Music]