Chateau Tertre Samonac 2019 Cotes de Bourg, Bordeaux

So here we have the Chateau tirtra Somonac this is 2019. Bordeaux and this is uh kotiborg Kotiborg is a right Bank Bordeaux and Usually Merlot base this one happens to Be Omer low which Happens to love the Cote deborgs or you Know meant to be uh route forward a lot Of fresh fruit Um really good values you know just in General code Deborah some of my favorite Wines and there's a lot of balance in These wines the alcohol is usually in Check this one we found Kind of one of those sample under the Radar wines that came in weren't too Sure where it came from but there's a Lot of reasons we really like this first Of all it's a single Vineyard right so Single Vineyard code Deborah that's Usually really high quality and the Vines here are about 25 to 30 to 30 year Old Vines so we have some really good Age on these Vines producing some really Concentrated fruit Vineyard is certified organic right Gotta love these these wineries that are Going towards that certified certified Organic status you know when they're Producing really good quality wines and Like I said just the value this is an Excellent vintage 2019 so the value on This wine is Really tremendous when you'll see what

The price point that we're able to put It at it Really bright fresh fruit red fruits You know tons of strawberry Red Plum Cherry There's a little bit of a earthy Undertone there's a little bit of a Floral note it's all stainless so There's no Oak really no vanilla No clove no it's just really bright Pleasant pleasing fresh red fruit [Music] You know another Great quality of these Cote de Borg Wines Because of the the terroir and the Climate is the acidity I mean this is a Really bright vibrant for lack of a Better word Zippy kind of Bordeaux and It's drinking so well right now Um the tannins are there they're pretty Firm and they will soften over time even With a little bit of aeration or Decanting but this is a great you know Weeknight wine provides tremendous value The Finish is long it's a pizza wine Just meaning you could have it with kind Of you know lighter Fair Pizza Burgers Pasta you know all those kind of foods Not something I'm going to age too long But something for you know enjoyment now And to pop open uh you know on a week Night with those everyday kind of meals So don't miss it there wasn't a lot of

It it's a great deal cheers enjoy Foreign [Music]