Hi I’m Constantin Bao master of wine and I like a bargain as much as the next man It is however not always easy to find Great wines at great prices and I Therefore spend a significant amount of My time finding those Bargains for my Customers and today I want to share some Of the tips and tricks that I use with You so that you can find awesome wines That don’t break the bank so let’s Go [Music] In order to give you a little bit more Context let’s first talk about wine Prices wine is one of the few products With an enormous price range you can buy A bottle of fermented grape juice for One dollar and you can buy it basically Exactly the same product for hundreds of Thousands of dollars granted these wines Tend to be old or they have a special Story attached to them but they are also Just fermented grape juice however if You spend a little bit more money on Your wine the winemaker generally has More money at her or his disposal to Make better wine improved practices in The vineyard or maybe even expand their Business there is nevertheless a point When the correlation between price and Quality gets very loose let me show you What I mean don’t worry I worked on the Sound of my permanent marker Better so my point is basically that if

The price increases also the quality Increases but at some point this stops And only the price increases and you Don’t necessarily get better quality one For much much more money and this is Mainly due to demand if there is limited Supply of a product and the demand is Very very high prices can Skyrocket like That I’m going to give you Alternatives Today wines that are not as high in Demand and therefore offer a great bang For the buck my first tip is to go for The less famous neighbor but before I Get into the Alternatives if you want to Learn more about one please do subscribe It really helps out the channel so Thanks if you like the style of an Iconic wine it might make sense to get Something from the neighborhood Especially if the neighbor is from a Better vintage for example chatri chem Is one of the most iconic Estates in the World the 2018 vintage currently retails For 200 US dollars for half a bottle of Wine and it was rated 93 points by Venus Granted other Publications have scored It higher however the 2017 cam de Rio SEC was rated the exact same score by Winners and it’s only 25 US dollars for The half bottle and it’s basically just Five minutes away from Chateau ecam so It’s a direct neighbor Just doesn’t have the reputation but Great quality so this is a premier query

Winery it’s just the second one so it Doesn’t have the big name but it’s great Quality it’s run by the people who run Shuttle Lafitte so they know what they Are doing and it’s just a tenth of the Price of a bottle of vcam so No-brainer the next rule is location Location Or same grapes but different origin Let’s say you love the white ones from Burgundy but you don’t really want to Pay Mantra share prices they are the Places that really deliver with the same Grape variety and one of them is New Zealand I believe that New Zealand Chardonnays can be great and they Usually come at prices far lower than Even the entry-level wines from burgundy Cumio river is one of the absolute Classics and the estate one is really Affordable and offers great quality for The price this is actually their Flagship their top Chardonnay the Matisse Vineyard that usually gets Scores above 95 points and even had a Hundred Point scores so it’s one of the Best chardonnays in the world and it Rarely retails above 100 US dollars so To be honest that’s kind of where And the others start so this is a great Wine and if you don’t want to spend as Much money on the single vignyan Matisse Vignette you can just start with the Entry level wine which is already pretty

Brilliant the breykovic family who Started this Winery came to New Zealand In the early 20th century they really Focus on Burgundian style wines that Still have a New Zealand expression so They are made in a similar way to the Top wines from burgundy but the fruit Obviously shows some characteristics That you would only get in New Zealand Another example for this is the good old Bottle blend using grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet my Back and pity Verdo the Border blend has Become the blueprint for successful red Wine cuvees and the best wines from Bordeaux therefore are really expensive And even the best copies the best bottle Style cuvets from outside of the region Can be quite pricey like the super Tuscans or the best ones from Napa there Are still Bargains around like this but City Pietra from tupungato in Argentina It is made in a similar style to a Bordeaux cuvi it uses many of the Bordeaux varieties but it retails for 20 US Dollars and it’s just cheaper to Produce wine in Argentina and the Wineries don’t have the same reputation As Chateau La feature to La Tour or Whoever else and therefore the prices Are lower and you still get a lot of Enjoyment out of a bottle like this There are more options for people who Have progressed in the wine tasting

Career so if you’ve identified what Style of wine you like you can actually Find laterals wines that are made in a Similar way but don’t use the same web Varieties and are not from the same Region if you like for instance Champagne and to be honest who doesn’t Then you can also try some high-end Carvers for example or wines made in a Similar way in Spain they tend to be Really really cheap and the best ones Can be outstanding so this one for Example is the raventos E Blanc a 2000 2017 sparkling wine that was made using The grape varieties sorello palada and Macabillo and it’s not even classified As a cover they are working completely Outside of all restrictions but they’re Making really a high-end sparkling wines That is aged for a long time in contact With the least to get this toasty Briochi character that you like in Champagne and this retails for 25 US Dollars and it was rated 93 points on Venus so this might not be champagne and People might not respect it as much Because it doesn’t say champagne on the Label but quality wise it has nothing to Hide for those who love Pinot Noir but Are on a budget there’s another option Too Is stylistically fairly similar to Great Pinot Noir but it’s made from a Different grape variety gummy it’s from

A different region for sure and it also Retails at a far lower price it usually Sells fraction of the cost of a great Bottle of burgundy but also for less Than the best Pinos from Germany or Great pinots from California or from Australia so this for example the Mulla Avon that I have in my hand here from The domain chair met retails for around 23 US Dollars and it’s a beautiful wine It was rated 93 points by Robert Parker And it’s Lively fresh vibrant and very Interesting Cooper’s lip might taste Similar to Pinot Noir but it’s often Made in a different way the vines are Gobles so they look like little trees The grape varieties Camille like I said They often use semi-carbonic Fermentation so they use whole bunches Or whole berries in order to get more Aromatics more fruit flavor into the Wine and they often don’t use new Oak They use used Oak in order to not Overwhelm the fruit flavor of the wine The best nibirus from Piedmont also cost A pretty penny these days is there’s a Great variety that is as intense and Grippy as barolo and barbaresco can be And on top of that it’s from one of the Oldest winemaking countries in Europe Greece I am of course talking about Xeno Mafro this great variety from Greece is Light colored has high levels of tannins And acidity and can age really were and

It is actually pretty much a lateral to Nebiolo it also has these spicy Aromas And it goes really well with braised Meat or Rich meat dishes and this found The estate of fundi estate xenom afro Was rated 95 points by Robert Parker so I don’t really know why these wines are Still under the radar but it only cost 14 US dollars so it’s a real steel a Great deal and a great variety that will Certainly broaden your horizons you can Find many great Wines in Greece and they Tend to be fairly low in price I don’t really know why because they’ve Been added for a very long time and Everyone knows that Greece has great Wines but for some reason they just fell Off the radar I think cinemafro is Definitely something worth seeking out And especially if you like tannic nebul Or structured wines and this is a very Good cheap alternative so next time You’re shopping for wine be a little bit More adventurous and try something off The world trodden path this little risk Will probably pay off and you’ll find Something with great quality ratio and Maybe it will just expand your horizon So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already my question of the day Is what is your favorite bang for the Bug wine please comment down below let

Me know I hope I see you guys again soon Until then stay Thirsty [Music]