CHRISTMAS Dinner & WINE MATCHING – Can I find the PERFECT Match?

Hi my name is Constantin nimbaum I'm a Master of wine and today we're going to Do something really special I've Prepared four different dishes and we Have eight different wines so we are Going to search for the best food and Wine match and I'm going to teach you Everything you need to know in order to Make sure that your next special dinner Is going to be even more special so Let's go [Music] So we're starting off with one of the Christmas classics poultry I prepared a Chicken here but in many homes people Will prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving Or for Christmas goose and duck is also Served in many homes for special Celebrations so I'm going to talk a Little bit about the Dynamics here what Works with poetry and what doesn't work So there's this old logic saying that White wines should be served with white Meats and red wine should be served with Red meats but that's not always true I Think you can get more creative if the Chicken or the turkey has been prepared In an oven or fried in a pan because That adds flavor to the meat and then You can actually go for a lighter red Wine or a more concentrated white wine Leon picked two wines that will compete In the first round I have a 2018 pets And horse Sonoma course chardonnay from

California here and I have the 2019 Barda from Bodega chakra in Argentina From Patagonia and I think both wines Could work but let's find out so while You could go for a really light wine I Think actually the crispy crust of this Chicken will work better with a more Concentrated slightly richer Chardonnay And this one here is from California a State that is known to produce more rich And brown wines and it is actually Fermented in barriques so I think Roughly a quarter of the barriques were New this will add flavor to the wine and Make it more versatile when it comes to More rich and Hearty dishes so I'm gonna Pull this clock and then that one and Then I really want to Taste this I'm hungry so the bada is a Pinot Noir from Patagonia in Argentina a Region that produces lighter fresher Wines and Pinot Noir is a great variety That is known for producing slightly Lighter and fresher wines as well on top Of that this is aged in 50 concrete Tanks so they don't impart any flavor And we'll keep the wines more fresh and Fruity only if the other half is aged in Barriques so this should be yeah this Should be a good match but Um I'll have to try it first so let's See whether I can do my patented double Pour Wow

Are you impressed so the pets on the Hall is really fruit driven and Concentrated there's orange flavor Coming through there's also some brioche Or bread character coming through not Bread as in Breton mices but bread as in Baked goods and you can feel the oak Flavor coming through but it's not just Oak I mean there's a good balance Between fruit and Oak on the pad it's Actually rich and concentrated but There's great freshness there so really And the Finish is really Lively so that Is a good thing when it comes to pairing It with food because acidity cuts Through fat and protein and yeah it just Makes the whole experience more Enjoyable and Better so the bada is actually quite Fruit driven it smells of strawberries And raspberries there's not much all Coming through but there are some spice Notes floating in that glass Well there's actually a little bit of Black tea character coming through which I like on the palette it's juicy fresh There's not a lot of tannins which is Good because they will not necessarily Be absorbed by this chicken and yeah Overall I can see both of them work but Now Let's dig in Nice the Chardonnay actually worked Really well it doesn't overpower the

Meat it's there it adds a little bit of Flavor but it's actually kind of similar In flavor so I sometimes preferred when The wine adds a little bit of an Additional Dimension basically another Fruit or flavor compound that isn't in The food this is my really streamlined Very harmonious it definitely works But it might be a little bit boring so I Actually think the bada is really Exciting with this dish it adds flavor It also cuts through the meat the Acidity is fresh enough it doesn't Overpower the chicken there's a good Balance here but there's just a little Bit more going on here so the fruit Flavor just gives the whole meal another Dimension and I really like that by the Way I only focus on the main ingredient The main product on the plate obviously You'll have sauces and other things on The table when you serve your food at The special dinner But I think just with the chicken This would actually be my pick the Pinot Noir if you're eating a goose or a duck You can actually go for something even More flavorful Pinot works fine but a More concentrated Rich Pinot that has Seen maybe a little bit more Oak aging And that has more concentrated tannins Works perfect with duck and goose and For those dishes the Chardonnay might Just be too light so if you have darker

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Of course Investments can go up and down And this is not Financial advice I'm Just talking about already sold Paintings so if you're interested check Out the link in the description for Special access and now let's get back to The wines next up we have beef this Could be your beef casserole that you Eat over Christmas or when you invite a Bigger party of people it's easy easy to Prepare and it usually tastes delicious This is actually Ox cheeks so they Should be nice now I stewed them for a Long time and they should be really Tender and soft with that Leon prepared Two wines one is the 2018 Glomanu from the midok in Bordeaux it's A mellow based wine with lots of Concentration and richness and tannins And the other one is the 2019 reinica Surah from Stellenbosch in South Africa Another grape variety that goes really Well with meaty dishes so yeah let's see So the Klo Manu is a blend of 58 Mill Load 30 Cabernet Sauvignon seven percent Cabernet and the rest is Piti Verdo and They use weird corks well this is one of The special plastic corks that I talked About before on this channel thank Goodness also used stem in Sicily Yeah I haven't really made up my mind About them But they look they can look cool this One looks pretty cool the reinica Surah

Is organic and they actually do some Whole bunch which is pretty common with Syrah it just adds a little bit more Spice and a little bit more Herbaceousness to the wine which can be Really nice this is aged for over a year In barrels and then in stainless steel And then it's also aged in Bottle before Being released Surah is one of those Bread varieties I think that are still Underestimated even though it's Responsible for so many great wines Surah can be just beautiful and I'm Looking forward to tasting this one so Porto Blends ensure are often paired With meat dishes they both have intense Tannins intense acidity in most cases a Lot of concentration a lot of fruit Flavor and that pairs really well with Concentrated Rich meat dishes from Medium fried fillets to braised beef Like this one they just cut through all Of the intensity of the food and make The food more digestible and that's what It's all about Wine and Food matching is Not just about flavor or Texture but It's also about just making the whole Experience a little easier on the Stomach so in this case I'm going to add A little bit of sauce just because I Like it so the reinika is actually Surprisingly restrained I mean there's Really fine fruit flavors there's a Little bit of cranberry coming through a

Little bit of blackberry flavors two There's not a lot of Oak there's not a Lot of spice that you often also get From Surah on the planet though there's Quite a lot going on there's intense Tannins intense acidity a little bit of Black olive tapenade coming through as Well so I think this one is either too Young or you have to pair it with Something else a meat dish in order to Make it a little bit more mellow and Round the klomanu is quite a bit more Concentrated and Rich it also has Intense tannins not as grippy as the Surah but they are there there's more Oak flavor coming through here more body More well more muscle but all that Doesn't really matter because I want to Find the perfect match and I can only Find it if I taste the wines with food So Let's do this look at this meat it's Just beautiful it falls apart as it has Been braced for I think it's like 15 Hours a long time Man okay the Surah from reinikum is Quite delicate and elegant and I think Flavor wise the meat is actually a bit Too concentrated a little bit too Present on the pad it is quite beautiful The tenants mellow out a little bit the Acidity cuts through the meat but I Think the whole dish is just a bit too Rich for this wine

Let's see whether the Bordeaux works Better so the second pairing the Bordeaux actually does a better job you Know it's like two instruments playing Together if one is way too loud and the Other one is just not loud enough it Just doesn't work and in this case both Are kind of yeah on the same level and The talents actually the intense tenants That are still present in this one get Mellowed out by the meat as well tenants React with protein if you have meat in Your mouth they won't react as much with Your tongue and your palate instead they Will react with the meat that is kind of Being chewed up in your mouth and that Just makes the meat taste a little bit Better and makes the wine taste round on Top of that because of the smokiness of The meat the wine actually seems less Oaky which is also very common your nose Gets used to Flavors quite quickly and If there's another product in front of You that also smells the same way in This case Smokey the wine just seems a Little bit less Smoky and more fruit Driven so the claw Manu from Bordeaux Takes the second round Really nice match not to say that this One wasn't good but it just Couldn't quite keep up with this rich And concentrated dish so next up we have A traditional German Christmas dish Which I never eat on Christmas day but

It's pretty common it's sausages and Potato salad and with that Leon picked Two interesting white wines we have the Pinot Bianco 2021 from Alois lagida in Northern Italy and we have the 2021 Unscard Riesling from the mosul and it's fine Herb so it's off dry I think I know what He did here I think the acidity and the Sweetness of this wine should actually Pair quite well with the potato salad That is also made with vinegar just to Buffer off the acidity of the salad and This is just a light wine that doesn't Overpower the dish we don't have a lot Of flavor here it's all quite tuned down So I think both of them could work but Let's find out the lagada winery has Been in the family only for five Generations and apparently every male Heir is called always so that might be a Little bit confusing on Christmas day Over dinner but anyways this is the Pinobianco it's fermented in stainless Steel aged on the leaves to give the Wine a little bit more creaminess and Concentration and then bottles so it Should be quite straightforward direct Delicate and interesting let's history Goes back even longer the winery was Founded in 1670 so a long long time ago And they are really focused on producing Great rieslings The Grapes here were Hand harvested the wine was fermented

Spontaneously and it was aged in fooders So in large Oak vessels that shouldn't Really give the wine any Oak flavor but Just give them a little bit of oxygen During maturation this one is labeled Finehab which means in most cases that The wine is off dry and usually between 15 and 25 grams of resolute sugar but The term is not legally defined and the Winery can basically decide what fine Help means to them so this will be a bit Of an uneven pairing One Wine Australia The other one off dry so I'm going to Start with a dry Pinot Bianco and then Work my way to the Riesling the Pinot Bianco is really delicate it smells of Lemon zest green apple and a little bit Of lease so this yeasty character on the Pad it's quite Light fresh vibrant and It has a bit of a bitter finish which is Actually quite animating quite nice a Little bit like tonic water the Riesling Has a very characteristic mosul Riesling Node it's a little bit wild it's Difficult put into words many people Refer to it as the shifa character the Character of the Slate Stones where Those Vines grow I beg to differ a Little bit I'm not a big fan of the Whole minerality topic but this is quite Precise a little bit funky a little bit Wild there are flavors of peaches coming Through and on the palette it's actually Really juicy fresh the acidity cuts

Through the sweetness this doesn't feel Sweet it just feels fruit driven so if You would pair this dish with one of the Red ones that I had earlier the dish Would basically disappear under a big Wave of red wine and you really want to Make sure if you pair food in wine they Both the food and the wine get to shine Okay I'm not really sure whether I have To try the Riesling with this meal Because the Pinot Bianco is just perfect With this dish the wine gives the dish a Little bit of freshness a little bit of Liveliness the dish gives the wine a Little bit of roundness both don't Outshine each other the combination is Just so much better than the sum of both Parts so this is really really good But I still got to try the Riesling so Let's give him a chance okay Um okay this is also good but it's just Not as good I think the wine YouTube It's residue sugar actually covers up The meal a little bit it works but it's Just not as good as the first match so The third round goes to Pinot Bianco From Aldo Arijit Great producer and this is just a Beautiful match and this is also a great Lesson when people think of food and Wine matching they often think of fancy Michelin starred restaurants but it's Not about that at all a simple dish and A fairly simple wine can be just as

Perfect together as this super expensive Bottle of wine and this amazing Micheliness that dish it's all about the Match the last course the last round has To be desserts matching great sweet ones With sweet dishes can be just beautiful The most important thing here to bear in Mind is that the wine always has to be Sweeter than the dessert because Otherwise wine tastes really bad so here We have have two great sweet wines we Have the 2017 neport lbv late bottle Vintage port from Portugal and the 2016 Australia from Austria I'm ready for the Sugar Rush lipod is One of the most famous producers in the Region they are producing great wines Some really outstanding colettas and the Lbv is actually aged for five years in Barrel before being bottled it tends to Be a little bit well more approachable Than a vintage port and a little bit More concentrated and exciting and dense Compared to Ruby Port this one has 90 Grams of residual sugar so not that much Sweetness for a sweet wine and it should Be really good with chocolate School so this is the second always in The tasting the winery is really famous For sweet wines they're based in bogland Region that is more associated with Rich Concentrated red wines from Austria but This is a specialist in sweet wines this Wine is a cuvia of 70 of Chardonnay and

30 of Welch Riesling the vegetling is Aged in larger Oak vessels and the Chardonnay is actually aged in bariq and Well this is a trotting bear honestly so It's harvested at very high sugar levels And the wine has more than 200 grams of Residual sugar interestingly the Sweetness alone doesn't matter that much In a sweet wine it's always a function Of sweetness and acidity so the way your Mouth perceives the sweetness level of a Wine really also depends on the acidity Level and this one has seven grams of Residual sugar so so it should be fairly Balanced and fruity even though it's Really really sweet So when you look at these two wines you Can see a big difference in color this Is obviously a red wine and this is a White wine that is really golden in Color well this looks like a really Concentrated red wine the Kaka smells of Passion fruit dried apricots a little Bit nutty as well and quite intense and Rich and super concentrated on the Palette it's very rich and round lots of Sweetness good freshness but it's Actually quite a heavy sweetness there So I'm not worried at all that this one Is not sweet enough for the dessert and The knee pod is corked Man that sucks I was really looking Forward to tasting this one and I didn't Expect it to be cooked but it's really

Really badly cooked I'll still try you know I'll give it a Chance I don't have a second bottle so Well I hold my North and try it on the pad It's actually quite nice it's grippy the Towns are very present this is a very Young port wine it even tastes a little Bit of chocolate but there's also this Cork flavor coming through which Obviously isn't very appealing Oh that's sad so many good wines Have been ruled by Quark but well I still like popping them so regardless Let's try matching this dessert with one Of those wines the flavor well it Obviously makes it less enjoyable for me But it doesn't necessarily mean that I Can experiment with this wine even Though it's cooked Um man I love chocolate Well I mean I have to open my nose Because the flavor is just awful but if I just focus on the texture it's Actually a really good match I mean There's lots of chocolaty knits here the Darkness of the fruit flavor also Matches quite well with this very Intense chocolate dessert so Not bad Not bad at all but now let's try the Kaha the truck Banos laser actually Doesn't work as well as the port just Doesn't have the concentration and

Richness to cope with this much Chocolate so it it just It gets overpowered by the toilet but I Prepared something else so this is a Pineapple tartlet and I don't think this Will work with the pot but I could see This working really well with the truck Vanoss laser Let's find out Did I ever tell you that I love my job I'm actually really happy that I bought This tablet as well the fruit flavor of The truck man OS laser works really well With the pineapple character on top of That this Is just less sweet than the wine for Sure and the wine really explodes in the Mouth because of this creaminess of the Toilet it's just a really good match the Pot on the other hand apart from being Nasty and corked doesn't work at all With this dish it's just way too intense The flavor just covers the pineapple Flavor completely and yeah this is just No fun so the last round goes to kraka And nipod I guess this should be Beautiful if it's not cooked with Chocolate desserts just because of the Flavor profile and the intensity of the Wine while this is better with creamy Desserts and fruit flavors so two really Good wines well apart from the cork okay This was a lot of fun and I hope you now Know which ones to pick for your next

Big dinner party or Christmas my Favorite food and wine matches of the Day were this wine together with the Sausages and potato salad I'm not a big Fan of of sausages and potato salad even Though I'm German And I'm I don't think this is like a Crazy outstanding one but this pairing Was just beautiful and the same is true For this one together with the pineapple Tartlet they were just a perfect match Really really good pairings so thank you For watching if you like this video then Please like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already I Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and most importantly stay Thirsty No not this one Cheers [Music] Sorry