Clos De Gamot 2020 Le Gamotin, Cahors | Wine Expressed

So today we have a really great uh value Wine a kahor a malbach that Mr Francis Castillo here is going to tell us about His Southwest of France uh the Birthplace of Malbec Malbec is a French Variety of course and you would actually See why I was so excited about this wine Because when I first received the sample For this wine I was very skeptical It's a place that gives various to your Grapes Um very tonic uh structure for these Grapes and the most part so I was Expecting something as hard as Nails Right to begin with which is why in Bordeaux Malbec is uses the blending Grape so you'll have you know some of The tannins and some color and some Structure that it's there for but very Rare where you see all Malbec in Bordeaux and kahor that's sort of the Standard and you will need to wait Sometimes 10 12 years to enjoy these Wines because of their tannic structure Yeah and you would see actually the Effects of global warming in these wines How ready these ones are to be consumed In their youth and this is a 2020. so This this is still a baby baby look at That look at that color on that huh Beautiful concentration a lot of fruit Here we're still in that realm of Primary and secondary Aromas and flavors That come from uh what happened in the

Vineyard and some techniques that the Winemakers may use at the winery And red fruit primarily a lot of sugar a Lot of cherries Strawberry really beautiful beautiful Wine Some of that spice kicking up on the Other top there too what about that Brown spice a little bit of cinnamon on On those and hopefully Impala too let's Let's try it out let's find out [Music] So like you said in your preface that You thought you were worried it was Going to be hard as nails too young Right but this is a really nice soft Silky wine Tannins here are so round and stuff to So polished yeah so well integrated It goes to tell you that there's Probably a little bit of that maceration After fermentation that polymerizes Those tannins and uh make them so ripe And ready to drink yeah Um beautiful beautiful wine and drinking Now like you said right this distal age For several years if you wanted to but There's no reason you can still keep This one for at least the the next five Years to come and it'll improve a little Bit in the bottle for sure so what would You pair with this one Francis oh Anything you throw on the grill Basically you can simply chill this this

Baby out and when you're having whatever Cuts whatever things that you want to Put in the great living some grilled Veggies this wine will pair lovely with Those with those things the barbecue Season is upon it so good timing Only available here at Wine Express Great Value under 20 bucks tough to beat This one Cheers Cheers [Music]