Clos de Napa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Napa Valley | Wine Expressed

So here we have the latest vintage the 2020 cloda Napa Reserve uh this coded Napa reserves one of our most popular Best-selling Napa cabs we've had a few Vintages of it and comes to us from one Of our favorite wine makers These wines are sourced he gets screwed From some of the best Vineyards Throughout throughout California he sort Of swears us to secrecy on these so uh I Can't really tell you but let's just say The the fruit here is from one of the Most famous women wine makers in all of Napa and uh man His wines are so intense this one's no Different this one sees about two years In French Oak and Out of the glass with It's got this beautiful combination of Of red and black fruits a nice Blackberry nice black cherry but a Little bit of that red cherry as well Really nice coffee no it's really nice Espresso coffee you know it's kind of Notably A little bit of that licorice a little Bit of that graphite coming out Definitely you know good dose of vanilla On the oak Really intense really um Really for lack of a better word it kind Of punches in the face so let's give it A taste [Music]

I gotta tell you That is a mouth-filling wine this has Got beautiful acidity you know it's it's Really it's mouth-watering which is Keeping it sort of lively on its feet But Structure is there concentration is Certainly there lots of fruit coming Through on the palate The tannins are really fine grained Um they're notable they're firm but They're not overpowering this wine They're really well integrated 2020s you know these these wines are Good these are really good wines coming Out out of Napa and I know there's a lot Of talk oh the 20s are a little afraid I Have been impressed with well-made wines From this vintage and this one is no Different the value on this wine is Tremendous always is over delivers on Every level and something Unfortunately They just don't make a ton of so it's Got some great scores for good reasons Tremendous value so grab it while you Can cheers enjoy [Music] Thank you