Clos de Napa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, Stags Leap District, Napa Valley

Here’s Khloe to Napa this is the 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon from the snags leap District in Napa Valley The snack sleep is a very very elite Sub-ava in Napa it’s a very distinctive Microclimbing distinctive red Panic soil And It turns out some Uh smoke Napa’s greatest wines So From our friends that Precision Wine Company Trevor Sheen He’s done his uh His super magic Once again And he sourced Amazing grapes Putting this wine From one of these Really Elite Stag sleep Vineyards that we can’t tell You the name of because then we’d have To charge much more for the wine And We want to do that So suffice it to say Um Top quality 80 Cabernet Sauvignon 10 Merlot 10 petite for dough They age this for just 10 months But uh a good portion of new Oak in that Aging And that Nuance to this

Rich Stag sleep grapes okay really nice Black cherry Note coming off of this Making a little bit of a nice mineral Note Some of that uh it’s that pencil lead Some plum A little bit of a like an almond paste Very pretty Let’s try it [Music] So really rich on the palette It’s nice acid in here gives it a real Zing Um get a little more Um A little more oak on this a little the Toastiness of the oak around the edges But Such a core of black cherry black plums Those nice little sort of almond pasty Notes Yeah those mineral notes all Rich ripe mouth filling Um Tannins are supple Definitely giving it good grip but very Very soft Easy So you can drink it right now And really enjoy it and you can Definitely age this for a few years and See some beautiful development That’s nice

Happy drinking [Music]