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Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and it is hot right now And this is the reason why i want to Look at a topic That is very important but often Overlooked in the world of wine I want to look at the impact of storage And transportation temperature On the wine itself in order to fully Understand that impact I prepared a little blind tasting i put One bottle into the freezer Another bottle into a very hot spot and Left one bottle in my cellar And i’m going to blind taste all of Those three bottles in order to see Whether i can identify Which is which so let’s go [Music] Temperature has a strong impact on grape Growing and wine making entire vineyards Can be wiped out by frost As we saw this spring in burgundy for Example or the grapes can burn on the Vine During a heat wave also during Fermentation temperature plays a crucial Role If temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius these Stop working and if they increase above 45 degrees Celsius the yeast die off this is why Most wineries today

Are equipped with temperature control Temperature also has a direct impact on The speed of chemical reactions if you Increase the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees fahrenheit Chemical reactions will occur at twice The speed This is why it is crucial to monitor Temperature in the winery But i don’t really want to talk about The winery i want to focus on the impact Of temperature on bottled wine Instead as this concerns us all when is Traded internationally and if it’s Shipped on a container on a boat or on a Truck it might be exposed to extreme Heat It’s also often not stored in the right Condition and all of those influences Can ruin the quality of the wine Generally there are two ways how wine Can be negatively impacted by Temperature change The first one is through physical damage Wine consists mainly of water and water Behaves funny if it gets heated up Or cooled down if it heats up it expands But if it’s frozen it also expands which Means that if the wine gets heated up Or frozen it might push the cork out of The bottle So if you see pushed out [ __ ] you know That something bad might have happened To your wine

But the change in volume also means that Gas might get pushed out of the bottle Or pulled into the bottle which can lead To Faster maturation or oxidation even Without the cork being pushed out The second way temperature can impact The quality of wine is chemically Remember chemical reactions occur at Twice the speed if the temperature is Increased by 10 degrees celsius So wine that is stored in a warm Location will mature faster Than wine that is stored in a cold Location it is difficult to say which is The ideal temperature for storing wine And there is very little scientific Research being done on this topic Most people seem to agree that it should Be somewhere between 10 And 15 degrees celsius or 50 and 59 Degrees fahrenheit But i think that is mainly because most Old sellers and this temperature range I personally don’t think that the exact Temperature is that important as long as The temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius roughly But it’s very important that the Temperature doesn’t fluctuate much There are other factors that impact the Ability of wine to age like the exposure To sunlight The humidity and vibration the effects

Of the exposure to sunlight are most Clearly documented and they are the Reason why most wines are today bottled In brown or green bottles In order to protect the wine from uv Rays A higher level of humidity in the cellar Is supposed to keep the cork moist and Therefore more flexible but this is not Entirely proven The humidity of the wine inside the Bottle might be sufficient to keep the Cork moist I do not really understand how vibration Really plays a big factor In the aging of wine the oxford Companion to wine states if a maturing Wine is agitated It may disturb the sediment and Therefore the aging process Although this is an unproven hypothesis I did not find any great research on This topic and i believe as long as the Wine is not stored on a constantly Running washing machine is going to be Fine Vibration from let’s say a fridge for Example Shouldn’t be an issue but if you guys Have a great explanation then please Let me know down in the comments hot Temperatures over an extended period of Time or Extreme heat spikes during transit for

Example Can also impact the aroma of the wine Itself the aroma tends to change from Fresh fruit flavors to cooked more jammy Fruit aromas But we’ll find out more about this in The tasting later on Shipping is also believed to have an Impact on the wine itself for his master Of wine research paper jonas toffdope mw Did a pretty interesting experiment with Four different parcels of the same wine Two parcels Were shipped around via afraid at Different points in time one parcel was Put on a delivery truck And drove around for eight hours and one Parcel never left the winery When wine experts tasted those wines Blind they couldn’t really find Any major differences between the Different bottles interestingly lab Analysis showed that the wines that were Shipped around on planes Had significantly lower levels of so2 And Might therefore not mature as well as The other bottles but this trial took Place in autumn and the wine was not Exposed to very warm Or very cold temperatures i wanted to Look at how extreme temperatures impact The wine in the bottle One bottle stayed in masala at 15

Degrees celsius or 59 degrees fahrenheit I put another bottle Out on the terrace for one and a half Weeks during a period when temperatures Increased Far above 30 degrees celsius and there Was clear Physical damage to the bottle as the Cork was pushed out of the bottle Another bottle was left in the freezer For one and a half weeks at -20 degrees Celsius which is as cold as it gets in Most places in nature There was again clear physical damage to The bottle and interestingly some of the Wine Came out of the bottle so it didn’t Freeze entirely i put both bottles out Of the misery and stored them in my Cellar together with the control bottle In order to get them all to the same Temperature they are all soaked up now And i don’t know which is which so let’s See whether i can identify The cooked the frozen and the normal Wine so all three wines look kind of the Same i don’t see any clear difference in Terms of color [Music] This is really interesting even though i Treated two bottles really really bad All three wines still hold it together Really well For me personally it’s very difficult to

Say which wine Is which i would say that maybe the Middle one Has the brightest and cleanest fruit Expression But i wouldn’t be able to say which one Was cooked and which one was frozen Actually if i got one of those glasses In a restaurant setting for example i Would be more than happy with the wine There’s nothing wrong with those wines Even though they were Extremely extremely badly treated by Myself So i would say that this one is the Normal one I would maybe say that this one is the One that was exposed to heat And this one was frozen but i couldn’t Really tell i don’t know So let’s find out Okay yeah so this one is the normal one As you can see Here it’s not much much better though i Said this one Was exposed to heat so let’s see when i Was right here No this was actually the one that was Frozen That was frozen to death and it still Still doesn’t taste that bad so this has To be the one That was cooked for a number of days And it’s still fine i mean there’s

Nothing wrong with this one I’m actually surprised i always thought That the impact of heat and extremely Cold temperatures as well Is much more pronounced but i don’t Really feel it in this wine I mean this obviously doesn’t mean that This is all A lie and temperature doesn’t play a Role but It seems to not have played such a big Role with those three wines at least So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it Down here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already It would really help me out so please do Subscribe to my channel My question of the day is what do you Think about storage temperature Do you really care about storage Temperature and transport temperature Or don’t you care just let me know down Below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay [Music] Thirsty [Music] You