CRAZY WINE Making Countries – Master of Wine BLIND tastes wines from UNKNOWN wine countries.

Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And today we’re playing did you know They make wine in this box are eight Wines that come from places that most People do not associate with wine at all They were picked by leon and i will Taste them blind to make sure that i Don’t judge a book by its cover i don’t Know about you but i’m looking forward To finding out whether there’s Interesting wine available beside the Well trodden path so Let’s go [Music] The wine world is constantly changing Even though it doesn’t always look like That the vine is originally from asia And was widely planted in the middle East there’s evidence of wine making in Iran from 5000 bc and there’s not too Much wine making going on in asia in General and in iran in particular today There was also a time in the not too Distant past when there was no wine Production in countries like australia New zealand the usa argentina and chile Even though these countries are still Collectively called the new world they Have really arrived in the mainstream Today wine experts in the first half of The 20th century would not have believed That there will ever be a market for new World wines and that people will be Prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for

A bottle of one of those wines and then Penford’s grange screaming eagle and Alma viva came along at the moment we See another slow change in the wine World partly triggered by climate change But also by a growing interest in wine Making in different places in the world We see vineyards and wineries popping up In areas that were previously believed To be unsuitable for grape growing So i’m going to blind taste these eight Wines and maybe i’m going to find the Next pan folds grange so let’s find out What’s in the box What’s in the box what’s in the box Remember Brad pitt in the movie seven what’s in The box What’s in a [ __ ] box No Okay sorry so let’s taste i will blind Taste and rate these wines and i will Also guess what the grape variety and The origin of the wine might be even Though this will be really tricky today Because all of these wines are not Necessarily considered classic as far as I know And i will also add the price of the Wine somewhere in the video even though I don’t really know what the price is at The moment my number one is a sparkling One i can see that by the fact that the Opening of the bottle looks like the

Opening of a bottle of sparkling wine But that’s kind of all i know so let’s Pour it Yes It sparkles so you can see that the Color is pretty golden the bubbles are Fairly fine this is not a sparkling wine Glass so it’s kind of difficult to tell What the bubbles look like but i can see Where there’s a fine mousse and i can Also feel that on my palette it smells Of lemon zest a little bit of brioche so There’s clearly some evidence of the Traditional method of second Fermentation In the bottle and then prolonged Maturation on the lease on the palette This is confirmed this is quite Rich and textural but the finish is very Fresh and very lively It’s a beautiful sparkling wine it’s not The most profound sparkling wine i’ve Ever tasted but it’s definitely not a Bad one i know that this wine is not From one of the classic sparkling wine Regions but if i didn’t know that i Might think this is a very high end lua Cremo or a really good creme de la Bugonia or maybe a good but not great Champagne So this is pretty good i’m going to call This a sparkling wine from england i Think this is chardonnay based and i Would guess it retails for around 30 us

Dollars So Sparkling wine from From england english sparkling wine so This is quite exciting it’s the bright Valley vineyard from dorset in england It belongs to the xperia family and Stevensbury was probably one of the most Influential people in the wine world he Recently passed but this wine is truly a Great legacy it’s 55 chardonnay so i’m Pretty close on that one too so i think I’d give myself full marks on this one So one two is definitely not a sparkling Wine it’s pretty golden in color so the Color is really dark when it comes to Fruit flavors i get orange and pineapple Notes but i don’t think this is an Aromatic grape variety i think it’s from A warm climate where the grapes were Left on the vine for too long and it’s Maybe a shenan blonde or chardonnay on The palette this is quite rich Round Lac acidity there’s a bit of facility But it kind of stands out so it might Have been acidified Maybe difficult to tell sometimes but in This case it feels like the acidity was Added afterwards And Yeah this is not a great wine i would Rate this wine 64 points and it’s Difficult for me to say what this wine

Is but i would guess it’s a chardonnay That was heavily over oaked and i think It’s from a hot climate so let’s have a Look [Music] What oh man Tahiti it’s interesting to have a wine From tahiti in this tasting i’ve never Had a wine from taiiti i think But this is actually quite an Interesting product if you read the back Label the vines were planted on their Own roots which is kind of special and It’s actually carigno which is yeah a Red grape variety so They made a white wine out of it Apparently do i see a great future for Wines from taiti I don’t think so But you never know moving on to wine Number three so let’s see It’s a white one This one is really interesting the nose Is actually quite beautiful it smells of Pineapple there’s a little bit of Vanilla there there’s also a little bit Of lemon zest whereas the previous one Was quite oaky or toasted in flavor There seems to be more of a balance here So You got some fruit flavors here a little Bit of spice on the other side on the Palette however it’s quite rich and the Alcohol stands out a little bit so it

Burns a little bit feels like the Alcohol is quite elevated i would rate This 84 points it’s actually really good it’s Very interesting it’s a one that i want To learn more about this is probably From Southern europe it feels old world to me And it feels a little bit warmer But yeah probably from the east of Europe rather than the west because all Of the west is More well known Okay this again is very interesting this Is a sauvignon blanc from moldova the Winery is called pukari and apparently They are a big deal in eastern europe I’ve never heard of them but Yeah this is a very different expression Of sauvignon blanc which also goes to Show that grape varieties don’t always Taste the same it’s also the influence Of the wine maker that changes the Perception of the grape variety for me This does not taste of sauvignon blanc i Don’t have the grassy notes i don’t Really have the high acidity moving on We’re on wine number four and Let’s see let’s see What this is maybe Something exotic so this is another Interesting one the color is really dark And golden That doesn’t always help you with white

Wines because it’s often very much Dependent on the way the must and wine Was handled and not necessarily on the Grape variety the flavor is really Interesting it smells of apricots Bruised apples so an apple that was hit A little bit and turns brown now and Oranges i don’t really smell any Influence of oak here so it’s quite Fruit drip on the pad it gets really Interesting this is a wine for acid hats It’s quite intense the acidity is Pretty elevated there’s quite a lot of Structure here this is not fresh anymore It’s a bit rough even though i’ve never Tasted this wine before it reminds me of A wine of my wine a riesling that i made A few years ago It smells of raising but it isn’t quite Right so it doesn’t really feel Like Well it’s a really well made riesling it Feels like riesling i would rate this 72 points just because i really like Acidity and this is quite strong on the Acidity it’s from a cool climate so i Would guess that it’s from northern Europe maybe it’s from one of those Places in northern germany In belgium maybe Or Maybe eastern europe so it could be Somewhere in poland or Hungary maybe

But i don’t really know but i think it’s Riesling feels like greasing so let’s Have a look The bottle shape doesn’t say riesling But the label says riesling Okay so this is a 2019 organic reasoning From vinica Villecha i probably am not pronouncing This correctly but It’s interesting i’m glad to see a Riesling in this tasting i think Especially in eastern europe and in Northern europe or north eastern europe There are plenty of opportunities for This grape variety i mean poland who Knows that poland is making wines but They are making more and more apparently And Maybe one day they’ll be really really Good so wine five is a red wine i think The color is a very light so it could Also be a dark rose it has a fairly Delicate aroma it smells of cherries but Also of mushrooms and forest floors so It smells a little bit of moldy Mushrooms it’s yeah not very intense Quite delicate on the palate it’s super Fresh and very light it feels like the Alcohol is pretty low below 12 I would guess the tannins are not really There so there’s not a lot of tannic Structure here considering this is a red Wine and Yeah it’s a really light slightly funky

Wine i rate this 63 points it’s not Really a pleasurable wine but it’s an Interesting one i want to know where This one is from who made this which Grape varieties did this person use It’s interesting i think this feels like A very light Pinot noir maybe Or it could also be a game it could be Another red grape variety it feels like It’s from a very cool climate so i would Definitely say northern europe or Another part of the world that is really Really cold Maybe this is from scandinavia There are some wines coming out of Scandinavia now for The northern bit of mainland europe it Could also be from england they have Some red wine making there as well so Let’s have a look What Okay Ireland fascinating i lived in ireland For a while never really tasted any Irish wines when i was there and this is For lack of better words interesting But it’s not something that i would ever Buy again The grape variety here is rondo which is A grape variety that is resistant to Fungal diseases which is a good thing Because you will need to spray less in The vineyard and that’s better for the

Environment so wine number six is again A red wine and this looks a little bit Darker so it’s probably Hopefully not a rondo the wine smells of Prunes cherries blackberries there’s Quite a lot of fruit flavor here not a Lot of oak It’s quite intense But at the same time quite elegant and Refined on the palette the wine is Really intense and concentrated and the Turns are quite mellow the acidity is Fairly low and the alcohol is high so I’d say it’s 14 and a half 15 percent of Our goal i think i actually know what This might be but first of all i gotta Rate it i would rate this 88 points i Think this is a very good wine but it’s Not the greatest of its type and i Actually believe this is the original Primitivo the original zinfandel i think This is 3b drug from croatia for me this Smells very much of zinfandel but I know that it’s not from california so This could be croatian freebie drug the Grape variety originates in that area And then spread first to apogee in italy And then to california later on Oh Man So close and then i messed it up maybe i Was just playing mind games here but This is zinfandel but not from croatia And it’s not trivia drug but technically

That’s the same grape variety it’s from Mexico from Baja mexico so it’s further down south From california And I got the grape variety right at least I’ve heard quite a few good things about Mexican wine but i haven’t really tasted Many and this is really solid i think This is a very good expression of the Grape variety so let’s see what’s inside Bottle number seven when number seven Smells intense there’s quite a lot of Blackberry jam cassis flavors quite a Bit of oak or spicy notes at least on The palette it’s rich and concentrated And there are tense there but they are Quite Round and velvety and the finish is Fresh but the wine has quite a lot of Body so i’d definitely say It has around 14 percent of alcohol i Rate this one quite high i think it’s Pretty good i would rate this 90 points For me this seems like a wine from a Continental climate so i would guess Bulgaria Romania it could be croatia and the Treaty drug but I actually have the feeling that it Might be bulgaria And it’s mavroot which is a great Variety that is grown quite widely there Produces quite rich and concentrated

Wines but this is a bit of a shot in the Dark i don’t really know so let’s find Out It’s screw cap which is weird Oh wow Okay It’s a shiraz from [Music] From where It’s a shiraz from thailand That’s crazy okay i was completely wrong Here but Well i’ve never had a shiraz from Thailand in my defense but This is From thailand which is not a continental Climate it’s very much maritime And it’s tropical And jurassics the grape variety but this Works in my opinion at least it’s the 2016 vintage and it’s still keeping Things Together quite nicely And It’s a good wine a wine from thailand so What’s next My number eight smells of strawberry jam A little bit of blackberries as well There’s quite a lot of spice notes Coming through on the palette the wine Is quite rich and intense the tannins Are round and there’s some freshness There in the finish so it’s a pretty Balanced wine i rate this wine 83 points

I think it’s pretty good but it’s not Amazing it reminds me quite a bit of Southern france of the southern rhone of Grenache These types of grape varieties but it’s Obviously not from there so where else Could it be from I don’t think that those grape varieties Are planted a whole lot in eastern Europe so It might be from another really exotic Location that i’ve never heard of or Don’t really associate with wine it Could be from The mediterranean area so northern Africa maybe But This is from morocco morocco apparently Has a long history with wine making Since roman times this is from a high Altitude vineyard And It’s a pretty interesting wine i Didn’t really know that morocco was Producing wines of that type all right This was a wild ride this tasting Clearly showed that there are many Different places in the world where you Can make wine not necessarily that all Of those places yield great wine but it Was still very interesting tasting all Of these different wines next to each Other blind and really trying to Understand them my two favorites in the

Tasting were the bright valley sparkling Wine from dorset and the monsoon valley Shires from thailand that’s definitely Something that i never thought i would Say The rest i mean there were some really Good ones some really bad ones but It’s definitely interesting to taste These ones and i want to taste more Wines from some of these places like Mexico And morocco and some of the eastern European countries so this was Definitely interesting so thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you did then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already My question of the day is did you know That all of these countries make wine Comment down below i hope i see you guys Again soon until then stay thirsty [Music] You