Debunking WINE MYTHS from The Drops of God Apple TV Show

Master of wine and I finished the Apple TV wine show the drops off God and what I like the first two episodes I also Noticed quite a bit of weird and wrong Information in the third episode so Today I want to sit back relax eat some Almonds drink some Sherry and watch Those parts with you in order to explain To you what they got wrong so that you Get to learn something Action [Music] If you did not watch the first part of This review the show is based on the Japanese manga the drops of God that was First released in 2004 and became really Popular so popular in fact that the Wines featured in each manga sold out Quickly after the release of a new book In the TV adaptation Camille has to Battle wine expert issetumine in Different wine tasting tasks for her Father's inheritance which is a wine Collection worth 148 million dollars Mamma Mia so let's Dive Right In I'm Watching episode number three in Episodes number one and two Camille Discovered that she has this inheritance But that she has to compete against Issei in order to get it she also Overcome her problems with wine and Realized that she's actually a pretty Good taster so now she's ready to go and Compete in the first task hi this is

Constantine after I watched the video And realized that I didn't really talk About the challenge that Camille has to Go through in episode number three so She blind tasted wine in episode number Two and got nosebleed and all that kind Of stuff and she'll have to taste the Same wine at the end of episode number Three again and identify it so this Episode will be about her discovering Her super powers and well let's get back To the video [Music] So this is actually the cool vid about The social it's really nice the way they Kind of highlight what it feels like to Taste different wines and kind of dive Into the flavors and we'll get you a Taste what butts involved so so that's Pretty cool Right for jail Oh yes so that's kind of silly in my Opinion they kind of act as if you would Just have to list different flavors and Then come up with a conclusion in a Blind tasting that's not how it works Flavor is important but the texture the Tannins the acidity at the alcohol level And all that are even more important in Many cases so you have to look at the One in its totality in order to really Know what it is they pretend like well It's a detective game where you have to Identify different flavors and then in

The end you see the wine on the wall and That's not how it works [Music] So now they're just repeating those Flavors over and over as if that would Help anyone [Music] [Music] So after repeating those flavors for What feels like an hour and the father Has this Eureka moment In the classes The rehabilities [Music] Okay I actually never heard of lineage And I think they just made it up for This show I don't really know why they Didn't integrate existing wines into the Shore as they did in the manga which Would have been a little bit more fun But I think lineage is just August so They're hunting down the winemaker who Made lineage and stopped doing so for Whatever reason because the wine appears To be a cult wine now worth thousands of Euros [Music] So that's a bit silly you can make a White and red wine out of most red grape Varieties by pressing the grapes softly And keeping the juice separate from the Skins so that's what they call a blonde Noir and that's not something special so There is no bottle of lineage left at

The winery for Camille to try so she Decides to go back to Japan to talk to One of her father's friends who owns Restaurants and he has lineage in his Cellar he doesn't want to open it though Because it's so expensive so they come Up with this plan where they make one of The guests of the restaurants order the Bottle of lineage so that Camille can Taste it after serving it to the Customer but before that they give her a Master class on how to open wine and Serve it in a restaurant the wine you're Going to serve is sensitive [Music] To try it straight away number one you Introduce the wine with the label facing The customers two you announce the wine Blah blah blah blah blah three you cut The foil just beneath the lower lip of The bottleneck that's also one of my pet Peeves you always cut the foil below the Bottom lip It's the knife that turns not the bottle So the client always gets to see the Label He wipes the edge of the cork to wipe Off any potential mildew then you plant The corkscrewing When the screw is properly embedded Anchor the first Notch onto the Bottleneck lever it to extract the cork Do the same at the second level and Finish with your hand for more

Discretion and avoid the pop which is Too aggressive Sorry I like the pop I like the pop as well so I can feel his pain just Let them pop so that was actually a Surprisingly accurate and pretty much Spot on the only thing is They made it feel like opening a bottle Is like mission impossible it isn't I Mean you you just open it and that's it Is a natural she knows how to do it Apparently her father taught her already [Music] Good job the thing is this is all a bit Overblown in a restaurant setting I Always open the bottle took a little sip Much smaller than this to smell and Taste the wine so she could have done That probably as well in a restaurant Without the customer getting angry but In this setting they make it appear like Only the customer is allowed to taste The wine that's not true the zombie Should taste the wine as well or at Least smell it in order to make sure That there are no floors and sometimes He or she might decide that they have to Decant it based on the nose alone and on Top of that it's always good to make Sure that the zombie gets to taste the Stuff in order for her or him to learn More and next time they'll be able to Give you better advice so they are

Hoping that the guests leave some wine In their glasses or in the bottle and They get really drunk and it appears Like there is still some wine left in One of the glasses so they are hoping They will get to taste the famous Lineage so no luck they're drinking the Last bit of it and Camille doesn't get To taste the famous lineage they only Have like a tiny tiny drop in the bottle And well that's maybe not enough to Really identify whether that wine is the Wine for the first challenge the wine That Camille tasted in the second Episode this makes me remember this one Story when I worked at this very Expensive restaurant one of our Customers ordered lots of expensive Wines for his friends and at the end of The evening there was quite a bit of Wine left in some of the glasses so for Whatever reason he got really upset and Decided that he's going to drink all of The leftover wine so this super rich guy Sat in the corner at his table drinking Like leftover wines just to make sure That no wine is going to waste so after Tasting this tiny drop Community decides That the wine isn't the right wine so They have to start from scratch and After another Eureka moment they come up With this really weird Theory Truffle gosh That's it well that changes everything

So they decide that the celery root Flavor is actually a truffle flavor and Apparently that kind of helps them out a Lot the Truffle gives us two key Elements one there must be Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc in the plant It has to be a great vintage Bordeaux or A great world wine made with Cabernet And two truffle is a sign of the Wine's Aging process so it has to be older than 2006. so truffle isn't really a pointer For Cabernet in my opinion it's more of A pointer for Merlot or maybe nebulo and Some other ones even though I never Really get a super intense truffle Flavor from anyone and on top of that it Is true that truffle flavors come out More with aging but you can't really say The cutoff point is 2006 and everything Older will smell of Truffles and Everything younger won't that's just Complete BS so now things get really Weird it seems like the person who was Advising them about wine just took a day Off and they decided that they are going To wing it not even attempting to Google Any of the information so most of the Stuff that is coming up now is just Completely wrong the problem is that Both Vegas is Made with exactly the same grape Varieties it will be very difficult to Tear them apart they shouldn't look for What I have in common

We should look for what makes them Different The Cheval blonde has a classic Maturation process in new barrels the Vega Cecilia Unico stays for at least Six years in words one of the longest Aging processes In the world for red wines in Oak Barrels I have no idea how they come up with This idea that the only two wines that Could smell of truffles are Viga Sicilia Unico and Cheval blonde two wines from Two totally different regions they also Don't use the same grape varieties and The wine making processes are very Different but both of them are actually Aged in new wood the Vega Cecilia Unico Is aged for a long time in new and old World but they also use American Wood Something that they are not mentioning Here and that's clearly something that You could pick up in a blind tasting the Smell of vanilla but yeah I mean if I Had a silver blow in my glass in my Master of wine exam and would have Argued that this is actually a Vega Cecilia Unico I think I would have failed I mean those Two ones are just very different I don't Really understand that you're making This expensive TV production and then You don't even Google this I mean this Is all publicly available information

It's not difficult to find and I could Have asked someone who knows a little Bit about wine and they might have Helped them on their way but they Decided just to do it like that so this Is actually again pretty cool the way They explain how she tastes and kind of Processes things in her head she sees The old Barrel from Vega Cecilia and Then this new Barrel from from Cheval Blow and then decides for Cheval blonde But still I mean those wines are just Completely different and I don't really Understand how she could identify Chevron without ever having tasted Cheval bro but anyways so now she has to Make up her mind on which vintage the Wine might be and for some reason she Decides between 99 and 2000 even though I mean those vintages follow each other But they are very different in character And first she goes for 99 and then Changes her mind and goes for two Thousand so you say also thinks it's a Shiva blonde but he says it's the 99 Vintage and now on the big reveal on Which mine was it Can you guess I'm still now 2000 The wine you tasted is a Chateau Chavez 1999. Depending on who you're rooting for so

Camille lost this task but the other Tests coming up and I don't want to Spoil all the fun of you watching it Yourself I think overall the show was Quite enjoyable I like the fact that There is a show like this on wine and Some aspects were really silly but Others were also kind of nice I mean I Enjoyed watching it to the end but I Don't think I'm going to do another Reaction video to this show if you like This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already my question of the day Is which one is your favorite wine TV Show or movie let me know down below I Hope I see you guys again soon until Then stay thirsty Foreign [Music]