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Hi my name is constant Limbaugh master Of wine and today we're diving deep into Another old yet new wine style they Started off as a mistake and now they Are the coolest thing ever we're talking About pet nuts [Music] Have you ever thought about how wine Studs have developed over the years Everyone must have been made for the First time at some point and with pet Nuts it likely happened when glass Bottles were first used at scale for Wine back in the days winemakers were Less knowledgeable did not have a Detailed analysis of their wines at hand So oftentimes they thought the Fermentation was over even though there Was some sugar left in the wine wine Starting to re-ferment after it left the Winery was not a huge problem when one Was transported in barrels and forests Or skins where the CO2 could find its Way out of the vessel however when Producers started to put wines into Essentially hermetically sealed bottles Things started to get a little bit crazy In the best cases these wines develop Bubbles or form when they were poured And in the worst cases the bottles Exploded but it is often the case in the World of wine that mistakes become Traditions as people started to like These explosive wines so winemakers

Started to make pet nuts on purpose Today this traditional back a long time As the first recorded production of pet Nut was in blanquet De limous in Southern France in 1531 by the way the Term Patna is a fairly recent invention It is an abbreviation of the term Patiale nature which basically means Natural sparkling or naturally bubbly Wine pet nut is not a legal term and There are few legal restrictions Associated with it which makes it very Popular in the natural wine scene where People tend to well dislike rules and Regulations but most producers make the Wine in the following way a fermenting Wine is filled into bottles allowing the Wine to finish fermentation in bottle Under a crown cap so there's only one Fermentation and the yeast cells that Develop during fermentation are usually Left in the wine the pressure is usually Lower than for champagne Cava cremor or Zact so there are fewer bubbles this Method is called mitort unsustrial or Ancestral method as it is the oldest way Of producing sparkling wine other Methods like the the traditional method Used in Champaign were developed later Today there's at least one AOC focused On pet Nutley petion originel which was Founded in 2007 the wines have to be Made from shenan Blanc following the Mitochondrial but they have to stay nine

Months on the lease and then they have To be discouraged so the yeast actually Needs to be removed from the wine before The wine is released to the market but Now let's dive into the ones I think I Don't need my Corkscrew here I just need This but hold on this is not going to Work I need another Corkscrew luckily I Always have a backup here and this will Do the job I think today let's let's see So let's start off with the first one The 2001 Tesla longer El bandito I am The ninja which clearly is a natural Wine you just need to look at the label And you you know you know so this Winery Is run by kala and Craig Hawkins who Work with a bunch of really important Important people in the wine world Before and then settled in swotland to Make their own wines this is bottle Fermented obviously apparently disgorged As far as I read the information right And it has a little bit of residual Sugar so Let's try it so the wine is made from a Hundred percent chinon Blanc which is Locally known as stain and well this Goes to show that pet nut is a thing all Around the world even in South Africa Which is pretty much on the other side Of the globe for me they make pet nuts Do they make good pet nuts we find out [Music] Look at that there's quite a bit of CO2

In there so there's quite a quite a bit Of foam there oftentimes I find that Patterns have very stable foam I think It probably has something to do with the Remaining yeast cells kind of forming Stronger foam uh but I'm not 100 sure About that so I don't know about the Discouragement part because the wine Doesn't look 100 clear to me but well it Might have been this Gorge but it's yeah Slightly turbot so the wine smells of Ripe Apple a little bit of peach quite Ripe white stone fruit so Peach apricot This kind of Direction on the palette It's actually quite Rich because there Is some residual sugar there in my Opinion good freshness it's very light I Mean this is 10.5 percent of alcohol Which is something I really enjoy about Pet nuts they tend to be fairly light in Alcohol and therefore or you can drink More of it so this is a good one but It's not super exciting in my opinion I Would say this is fairly well made I'm Going to rate it 84 points and let's Move on to the next one and the next one Is the casa bayfi Posse Which means naturally fizzy and this Style of wine is also known as coil Fondo in the region of Prosecco it's Kind of the funky crazy cousin to the More mainstream style of Prosecco so the Grapes that are used here are glera Grapes so the grape variety that is used

For common Prosecco as well but this one Well you can basically see it it's it's Not clear there's quite a lot of yeast Floating in it and I'm looking forward To tasting it so let's go hope this one Doesn't explode as much as the other one But we'll find out Yeah definitely less Fizz here this is Kind of a nice touch you can keep the Crown cap attached to the bottle just Like that in Italy like in most Countries in Europe there's a difference Between fitzsante and spumunta fizzy Wine and sparkling wine sparkling wines In Germany actually are taxed with one Euro or two cents per bottle while fizzy Wines aren't so this is actually quite Important when it comes to pricing fizzy Wines tend to be a lot cheaper in Germany at least than in any other Market in most other markets sparkling Wines are also more expensive just Because they are more difficult to make In general and they are more desired in The market I would say so the wine is Definitely not 100 clear there are some Yeast cells floating in there some Producers actually recommend shaking the Bottle or moving it a little bit so that The yeast cells really go everywhere and Uh well evenly the distributed in the Bottle But yeah sometimes it's also interesting To taste the wines with less yeast and

Then taste it with more yeast just to Find out the difference I actually Smelled quite a bit of reduction Slightly funky stinky notes coming out Of the glass without putting my nose Into the glass but now let's smell a bit Closer This is kind of interesting this is the First time I've ever smelled on a pet Nut and thought of like very high-end Chardonnay from burgundy this has a Little bit of Crazy funky reduction that you get in Costume for example So so really well made in my opinion the The difference between well the the Slightly reductive notes and the fruit Flavor on the palette there's lots of Freshness and vibrancy this one's Actually well definitely not a big one But it's very precise and really well Made so there are multiple layers here This is definitely quite interesting I'm Going to rate this 90 points I think It's it's pretty good by the way while Collecting the wines I found this bottle In my office and this is actually a Present from Leon this is a pet nut he Made himself I haven't tried it yet and I'm going to try it on this show but Later on let's first get all of the Other pet nuts out of the way so the Next one is the 2021 accessories series And this was made by German accent

Proofer who moved to France in 2003 set Up his own Winery in longer and is now Making really good wines apparently and He also made this one which is a blend Of Claret and Chardonnay and look at That label this kind of screams at your Almond natural wine which is cool and it Only has 9.5 percent of alcohol so this Is really low I'm not sure whether this Means that the wine has some residual Sugar but let's find out Okay I saved some and I think I need to Clean This tablecloth ah Okay I have to clean up this mess and It's still quite messy here now but this Is like now we're talking this is proper Pet nut with all the bits and pieces That you want or don't want to have in Your wine it's Enticing interesting exciting let's see So first of all this looks more like an Orange wine Um I mean this was made using 10 days of Massachusetts For the white grape varieties that I Were used in this one so you get some Color extraction here you clearly have Like yeah quite a bit of CO2 there it's Kind of it doesn't stop bubbling I don't Know whether that's a good or bad sign But now let's taste it's interesting it Smells of strawberries rhubarb A little bit vinegary as well so I'm not

Yeah it's not 100 clean I think but not In a bad way it's kind of nice and Complex and on the palette it's quite Juicy and Rich I'm guessing there's some uh some sugar There maybe the wine had has continued Fermenting in Bottle as well and that's Why there's such a mess on my table now But it is really good it's juicy fresh Vibrant it's definitely funky I mean if You look into the bottle there like Proper pieces swimming there so it's not Like a little bit of yeast cells it's Like like chunks of something something That that looks like it's alive so Interesting interesting stuff Um I'm going to rate this one 89 points I think it's really really Like exciting really good stuff so the Next one is the 2021 ounces From roundland in Germany and this is Interesting because this is actually Classified as German sect it's closed Under a cork another crown cap so I'm Guessing this will be kind of in between Uh normal pet nut and exact I'm guessing I haven't tasted this one before Homeland is really well known in Germany For producing really good sparkling Wines so Let's hope this one doesn't explode as Much as the other one We find out Oh

Team Very tame so the one is a cuvet of one Third one that was the mic one third Muscatella and two-thirds of Riesling so Aromatic grape varieties it starts the Fermentation in Enochs in stainless Steel gets then transferred into bottle At 24 grams of residual sugar and in the End the final wine has roughly seven to Eight grams of residual sugar so the Rest just kind of Goes into the these cells and they turn That into CO2 you know you know the deal So this one would classify as a bridge With this level of residual sugar but Now let's taste it well this one Actually feels a little bit less bubbly Which is interesting because this is the Sparkling wine whereas most of the Previous ones are clearly classified as Fizzy Bubbly wines so with less CO2 in Them And I don't quite understand why you Don't get more of this CO2 on the pallet That said it's actually really good it Is quite fruity fresh and vibrant so you Have definitely less of the yeastiness That you had in some of the previous Wines The the muscatella really comes through In my opinion the reasoning is there as Well on the pad it's Super Fresh the Acidity is very intense but it doesn't Feel sharp so it's well balanced quite

Enjoyable refreshing light sparkling Wine so I'm going to rate this 88 points I think it's it's really good it's Interesting it's not as wild as some of The other ones so it's not super Exciting but it is a good pet nut method Ancestral sparkling wine it's probably The better term so the next one is the 2021 Klaus Presley From Austria so I think I've tasted a Few wines from Klaus prizinger by now on This channel but he makes really good Wines and I'm guessing this would be Quite interesting as well especially Because this is actually made using a Red grape Variety in sanctu laud so the Grapes for this wine were farmed Biodynamically and there were no social Added to this wine so this could clearly Be classified as a natural wine and the Model of the wine is apparently bubbles Against troubles which is well I have Proof of that and again you can kind of Keep the cork attached in case you want To reseal the bottle so again there's Quite a lot of foam there the wine is Not quite clear the bubbles Um yeah look fairly big and I don't think they are there's as many Bubbles in there as in some of the other Pet nuts in this case and well let's Dive in so I actually thought this might Be a red one but it clearly is a white

Wine so they used sunflower and grapes And squeeze them very softly without Leaving them in contact with the skins In contact with the juice and therefore Had like a light colored one which is Not special in sparkling wine making Champagne does that all the time with Pinot Noir and pinomuni this wine has Quite a bit of foam the bubbles are Fairly big and there's not too many of Them so I'm not guessing that this will Be like mouth filling sparkling or Really foamy Um but but yeah let's let's taste it Well this is good it's really well made It smells of lemon juice there's a Little bit of this bruised Apple Character that I often get in natural Wines so it's not 100 pristine clean but It doesn't have to be that and on the Palette it's quite yeah fresh lean But there's not too much going on here To be honest I mean it's it's really Good it's it's a light fresh fizzy wine I'm going to rate this 86 points I think It's it's very good but not Top Notch Not one of the best ones in the tasting So yeah good stuff but now let's move on To the wine we've all been waiting for Leon has kind of taunted me quite a few Times here in blind tastings where he Selected the wines and no I might be Torturing him tasting this one in public I hope not I'm pretty sure this is a

Pretty cool product he actually gave me A bottle when he left his internship He's still working for me but well at The end of his internship he kind of Said he's going to give me a bottle of Wine that he made himself I think it's Called Sun gaze three It looks pretty cool it looks like a Natural mine and I'm sure Leon kind of Made this into a natural wine so let's Let's taste it and see how it Compares Maybe this is the best wine in the Tasting we don't know Could be all right there's Suspiciously little CO2 let's see Oh there's some some bubbles so yeah There are some bubbles but not a lot but To be fair the brown Lund also didn't Show all that much bubbliness so that's Not necessarily a quality factor in my Opinion Um let's smell and taste it that's much More important I think this is based on Riesling I'm not 100 sure but I think he Made it when while doing an internship At a famous Winery in the mosul region And it smells a little bit of peaches Ripe Apple so this could be suggestive Of Riesling as a grape variety there's Actually Quite well there's not a lot of CO2 here It's not really like a pet nut with lots Of bubbles it's it's fairly flat on the Pad it's it's quite intense there's

Quite a lot going on there's also a Little bit of structure a little bit of Bitterness Quite a bit of fresh acidity So it's it's a really interesting one so Yeah well done Leon I think if this one Was in like in a lineup and I wouldn't Know that it is like an amateur who made The wine I wouldn't have guessed it I think it's Really really interesting it's it's Obviously not quite as as bubbly as most Of the other pet nuts so you would Probably expect a little bit more Bubbliness but I think the general what The general fruit character of the wine The intensity on the palette That's all there so well done I'm not Going to rate this But this is this is good this is good Knowing that no one of you can ever Taste it because I think all of the Bottles are already gone but It's a good one okay this was an Interesting Illuminating tasting I think There is just so much diversity when it Comes to pet nuts it's kind of difficult To grasp in one tasting but my two Favorites were these two ones the Um the casa belfi Prosecco calfano which Was really beautifully made quite Sublime and I I did really like the Little the series which is kind of super Funky and crazy but I think this is

Really a wine for us wine Geeks to well Stick our nose into and talk a lot about And that's really important with mine as Well you don't want boring wines that Don't have anything to say and that Don't make you want to say something This is definitely one of those ones That gets you really End up and gets you to talk so thank you For watching I hope you enjoyed this Video if you did then please like it Down here subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already my question of The day is what do you think about pet Nuts do you like them do you not like Them have you ever tasted them let me Know down below I hope I see you guys Again very soon until then stay Thirsty and Leon thanks for your private Homemade wine cheers [Music]