Did You Know They Make WINE Pt 2? Tasting wines from Exotic Wine Countries

Hi i’m khudson baum master of wine and Today we’re playing did you know they Make wine again leon picked eight Different wines from countries that are Not commonly associated with wine making And i’m going to taste them blind raid Them and see whether i can identify the Grape variety or maybe even the country So let’s go [Music] For a long time wine production was Limited to europe with a few exceptions Which led people to believe that it Might not be possible to make wine Anywhere else in the world this is Clearly not true the vine itself is from Asia and some of the oldest winemaking Countries are china egypt and persia Places that are not really famous for Their wines today when europeans started To discover the new world they often Took the vine with them and today 6 out Of the 10 biggest wine producing Countries in the world are from the new World i don’t think that any of these Wines will be from the more well-known New world countries but i don’t really Know I’m not sure whether i should be excited Or scared but Let’s start tasting i think i’m going to Start with wine number one and finish With wine number eight but that’s just My way of approaching things i’m going

To rate these wines and i’ll show you Some information on my rating system Below this video i will also show you Some information on the price and Everything you need to know about the Wine below this video because I don’t really know right now so i won’t Be able to necessarily tell you in the Video but you’ll find everything down Below Now let’s pour White wine the wine is quite golden in Color which doesn’t tell me all that Much But it is gold this one actually smells Quite familiar to me it smells of lemon Zest peaches Bacon fat and there are also notes of Spice coming through so i think this one Was either aged and breaks or maybe in Stainless steel in contact with oak Ships on the pallet it’s quite rich and Intense there is quite a good amount of Alcohol so i would say it’s probably 13 And a half 14 percent of alcohol And it also has some freshness so there Is some vibrancy coming through It’s not flat it feels quite good i know My voice sounds a little bit strange and That’s because i have a bit of a cold But i think i can handle a blind tasting Even with a little bit of cold okay Well we’ll see i don’t really know Whether this is maybe something

Completely exotic grape variety that I’ve never heard of or not but for me it Actually feels quite a bit like Chardonnay it could also be a pinot like A pinot blanc or pinot gris that was Aged in contact with oak but it actually Feels quite chardonnay-esque to me i Would say it’s probably from a warmer Climate maybe from An exotic area something tropical or Subtropical because it’s a little bit More yeah a little bit more rich in Flavor there’s also a little bit of Banana flavor coming through Which probably isn’t because it was Grown next to banana trees but Because a warmer climate chardonnay Often has this touch of banana flavor So let’s have a look Let’s see What is this Yes Charlene from Peru Okay very good This is chardonnay from peru the one is Actually called inti palkar it’s from The valle de sol in peru a region that i Don’t really know so if you know Anything about that region let me know Down below and it’s 13 Of alcohol so i was a bit high on the Alcohol and it’s chardonnay so Really solid chardonnay and i think i

Was pretty solid pretty much spot on With my guess I just realized that i forgot to rate This wine while tasting it blind I’m sorry i will do better on the next Ones i would rate this 85 points i think It’s really good it’s a very interesting Chardonnay is it top notch is it one of The greatest chardonnays in the world no Way but it is really good Good stuff so let’s move on to the Second one Which is again a white wine And that’s all i know the wine is quite Light in color it’s not as golden as the Previous one but much lighter the color In white wine doesn’t always tell you Lots of things but it gives some Indication on wine making age and Sometimes also on the grape variety in This case i don’t really know from the Color alone what it is but as soon as i Put my nose into the glass i get this Grassy herbaceous flavor coming through There’s also some exotic fruit flavor But it’s not super opulent it’s more Like gooseberries and a little bit of Kiwi flavors coming through on the Palate it’s really fresh and vibrant There’s not a whole lot of body it’s More light it feels like it was quite Early harvested And it definitely feels like sauvignon Blanc sauvignon blanc is one of those

Grape varieties that can be fairly easy To identify in a blind tasting just Because it has this Mix of fruit aroma and green grassy Notes and this to me really ticks all Those boxes i don’t think it could be Much other wines so i’m not going to Hatch i’m just going to go straight for It i think it’s sauvignon blanc it’s Probably not from new zealand or from The loire i’m guessing that this is from A place That Well is not well known for wine making But That’s quite difficult because i think Sauvignon blanc has pretty much grown Everywhere all around the world feels Like it is a bit cooler in its Expression so i don’t think it’s from a Super hot region but maybe that is also Because it was harvested earlier if you Harvest early you tend to get less ripe Fruit flavors and less alcohol and this One certainly feels like it is yeah less Ripe and less alcoholic so i’m going to Say sauvignon blanc and I’m going to say i don’t know Sweden I have no clue where it’s from it could Be from pretty much anywhere in the World but I think it is A cooler climate probably let’s have a

Look All right Man Sauvignon blanc But it’s from india so Not necessarily a cool climate even Though india has cooler pockets and Areas that are not as hot certainly low And alcohol with 12.5 percent and it’s Pretty good so far i’ve done really well On the blind tasting part but i again Forgot to rate this wine while chasing It blind i’m sorry i’ll definitely do Better on the next one I rate this 83 points i think it is a Good sauvignon blanc It’s one of the best sauvignon blanc From india that i’ve ever tasted but That’s because i haven’t tasted all that Many but i think it’s really good stuff I don’t think it is very good or Anything above that But it’s pleasurable it’s a nice wine We’re moving on to wine number three and I’m probably going to clean my glass a Little bit because the previous wine was Quite aromatic Now let’s taste it I have the feeling my streak is going to End here because this Is quite a bit more difficult to get my Hands around The color again is a little bit more Golden it’s a bit more dark not as dark

As the first one but definitely darker Than the second On the nose it doesn’t have a lot of Varietal aroma coming through it smells Of apple pear there’s also a little bit Smokiness coming through It’s Kind of Yeah It’s not bland but it’s not super Expressive i also get some oxidative Notes that might come from old barrels It doesn’t really have the roasted notes That go with new bricks for example on The part it’s rich round full bodied There’s quite a bit of alcohol there i Think this is probably 14 14 and a half Percent and the acidity is fairly low Would further suggest oxidative handling Is the slight Volatile acidity notes it smells a Little bit of glue so It’s just a touch of it but It is definitely there but what is it i Have no idea i think it is A wine from a warm climate it could be a Grape variety like Grenache blonde or semior it doesn’t Really bring a lot of flavor In and of itself and Brings quite a lot of body and richness To a wine It doesn’t really feel new world because It’s slightly unclean so it doesn’t

Really feel like it’s from australia not That australia would be one of those Exotic wine making countries anymore but It feels like Yeah it’s handled like a wine that is From an old world country so considering The topic of this tasting it could be From eastern europe slash asia or from The middle east for example So It’s difficult to say exactly maybe it’s One of those grape varieties that grow There and that grow nowhere else but it Reminds me quite a bit of grenache Blonde so i’m just going to say grenache And let’s have a look So this is not siri the lady that works At apple it’s syria the country that is Located where i said it might be from The middle east or eastern asia And the grape varieties in this plant Are chardonnay and sauvignon blanc so a Mix of the two grape varieties that i Previously had but i didn’t really get Any of the sauvignon blanc flavor Chardonnay for me is more Well more Similar to grenache blonde what i had Down as a guest but this is a big wine It has almost 15 percent of alko and That’s kind of what i said so this is a Very ripe and concentrated style So i’m not beating myself up over this So if my french doesn’t fail me the back

Label explains that the wine is from a Region that was once famous for the Production of wine during the greek Roman times And the winery is now kind of trying to Continue that legacy i don’t think this Is a great wine i think it lacks a Little bit of balance there is acidity Missing But i think it’s good i would rate it 84 Points it’s solid i think it could be Even better if they maybe pick a little Earlier and keep the definition of the Grape varieties that they use a little Better and yeah i promise the next one Will be rated blind i forgot but to be Honest i don’t know any of these wines So it’s not really that the label Influences my judgment but i will do Better on the next one Promise so before i move on to the next One if you want to learn more about wine Then please subscribe to my channel it Really helps me out so please do So let’s move on to wine number four Which is still A white one Pretty dark white wine so this is again Quite golden in color suggesting that it Might be an orange wine or that it was Exposed quite a bit of oxygen if you Expose white wine to oxygen it will turn A little bit more brown or golden And this might have happened here

Okay so this is very good it’s a very Complex wine it smells of smoke there’s Also notes of green apple pear coming Through but there’s also Flavors of caramel And Lots of different elements that all come Together on the palette it’s actually Rich it has quite a bit of substance but It finishes very fresh it has quite a Bit of acidity in the end so that lifts It all up again so That’s pretty much everything there in This wine it feels Like a really well made wine but when it Comes to the grape variety and the Origin i struggle a little bit this is Quite difficult to identify because i Think this might be from grape variety That i don’t know that i’m not familiar With It has the Yeah flavor and the texture also Of Guna fetlina a little bit or albarino i Think it’s not a super aromatic grape Variety but one that brings quite a lot Of funky flavors quite a lot of Complexity without showing a lot of Fruit flavor and it maintains its Acidity quite well so there’s good Freshness there There’s body and there’s acidity which Is just something that i really like so

I’m going to say abarino from a place That is warm but also has Well sea influence a little bit like Portugal but this can’t be from portugal Otherwise It doesn’t have anything to do in this Tasting Um And where else could it be from i have No idea i i just don’t know i’m just Going to say albarino from Coastal vineyard somewhere and i’m going To rate it 90 points really good stuff But now let’s look what’s inside the bag Okay Okay i wasn’t all wrong but well this is From the at source a source At source i don’t know how you say it in English It’s Arzorian so It is from the atlantic ocean From an island and it doesn’t really Tell me which grape variety has been Used here it wasn’t oaked that’s what it Says and it has low sulfides But No grape variety mentioned so i had a Look online and this seems to be arinto Dos azores and de dejo Mainly ariento And It cost 20 us dollars roughly and it was rated

91 points by robert parker if you want To know i wonder are they at source Really a place that isn’t well known for Wine making i would actually say they Are probably quite well known for wine Making and they probably have a long History making wine but Yeah so we’re moving on to wine number Five and this might be the first red one No it’s a white one okay So this is very light in color and it Looks like it has quite a lot of co2 i Don’t know whether this is a sparkling One I guess it isn’t but There’s quite a lot of bubbles in that Wine well i don’t know whether it has Anything to do with my cold This feels A little bit bland i mean Not in a bad way It’s quite delicate there’s not a lot of Flavor on the nose on the palette There’s not a lot going on But it still feels nice it’s kind of Really well made very clean very neat There is A little bit of flavor of white peach Green apple On the palette there’s a fresh acidity The alcohol seems Fairly low The acidity is not too high it’s quite Balanced and just very yeah very

Delicate and elegant so what could this Be it feels to me a little bit like Mulaturgal Pinot blanc Or Maybe even fementino or something like That It is not super expressive on the nose But there is good flavor there There’s not a lot of acidity there but There is good freshness there so it’s a Wine that is very balanced And in it in its way A little bit Yeah a little bit difficult to pin down So i’m just going to say muller togo From a cool climate was certainly Harvested early or is from a cooler Climate because it There’s not a lot of ripeness there so I’m going to say England muller tourgo and If this is from england and it’s Milotogo then it’s actually pretty good Wine i would rate this 84 points so it’s good it’s not great But it’s it’s really good so let’s have A look What it is Oh man [Music] It’s From Japan

I think It’s koshu so sol luchet koshu 2019 From japan Well so this is japanese koshu and it’s Actually quite distinct because it is so Elegant and balanced i’ve tasted kosher Before And This tastes very similar to the wines That i’ve tasted in the past i think It’s really well made wine i think it’s Just not very exciting but i guess that With japanese cuisine especially with The lighter more yeah more delicate Dishes this actually goes really well so Let’s see whether we’re actually moving On to red wine territory with this wine Wine number six It’s a red So this is quite dark in color it’s not Completely opaque but it is fairly dark It smells of blackberries cherries There’s also a little bit of tobacco Leaf coming through a little bit of Black tea notes so It is actually quite complex and I kind of like it on the palette it’s Actually quite rough so the channels are A little bit grainy a little bit harsh And it feels a little bit cooked there’s Also some chocolate notes coming through So this feels like a wine that was quite Manipulated Not necessarily

In a very good way Um But it might just be an entry level Product Doesn’t have The quality of a really outstanding wine So where would something like this come From I would say maybe it’s from eastern Europe there are some countries that Produce good red wines in a similar way Bulgaria romania for example It could also be from the middle east it Could be from a place Like um like turkey for example Could also be lebanon I don’t think it is from anywhere Outside of the old old world I don’t think it’s like a very pristine Very Delicately handled new world wine Feels to me more old world in the past I’ve tasted quite a few turkish wines so I’m just going to say this is from Turkey turkey is actually one of the Oldest wine making countries in the World The mount ararat is the mountain where Noah’s ark stranded according to legend And He back then planted some vineyards so This refers back to the long long long History of turkey with wine making Obviously today

It’s not As much associated with producing great Wines but there are some really good Wines coming out of the country i don’t Think this is a great example if it’s From turkey But I would say turkey and Those Wine Names are quite difficult to pronounce So i would say maybe it’s Ukus guzu That’s a great variety and Maybe that’s that so i’m going to rate This one 80 points i think it’s good but Just barely It’s not a great example so I think there are definitely better ones Coming out of turkey if it’s from turkey And Yeah it’s it just lacks a bit of Complexity concentration and length but Now let’s have a look at what it is Okay so this is melo cabernet sauvignon Cd brahim And it’s From tunis Tunisia So yeah Geographically i’m not completely wrong When it comes to great varieties i am It doesn’t look like a very high-end Product to be honest but

Yeah it’s definitely not turkish Couscous so after this terrible defeat Let’s move on to wine number seven And maybe i’ll be lucky this time So this is again quite dark in color It’s not completely opaque but it is Fairly dark On the nose it smells of blackberries Cherries but there’s also Like flavors of plums coming through a Little bit of spice on the palette it’s Rich and grippy there’s good freshness There There’s quite a lot of balance i gotta Say this is really well made It’s difficult i would say maybe it’s From bulgaria it could also Be from Another country in that area like Georgia for example But I’m just going to take the risk here i’m Going to say this again feels quite Turkish to me But opposed to the one that we had Earlier this actually feels like it is Higher in quality It Is a really well made wine lots of Expression intensity Good structure Everything is there So i quite like this i might look like a Fool now but i’m going to say this is

From turkey and it is okus guzu And i’m going to rate this 90 points i Think it is a really good wine Let’s have a look I did it Victory at last so So This is yakutsu Another great variety that i didn’t Mention but i said okus guzu which is Good enough in this case for me at least And It’s from cava cliter And it’s from turkey I gotta say i’m really impressed by this Wine even though the label in my opinion Looks kind of cheap but the quality of The wine i think is pretty good it’s Really there There’s quite a lot going on there and If you wouldn’t know that it’s from Turkey you might think this is a really Good wine from the south of france for Example It is complex complete and very good and I’m so proud of myself now so let’s move On to the last one of the lineup I don’t really care whether i get this Right because I got the turkish one Okay this is pretty light in color i can Actually see my hands through the wine Which might actually help because Well they’re not so many really light

Colored red wines around So let’s let’s see when i can identify It so this is not super easy but the Color really helps when i have a light Colored red one in my glass i’m Immediately pointed at pinot noir Grenache it could also be nebiolo or There could be something a bit more out There like trollinger or some other Grape varieties like trosou for example But i think This for me Feels more like pinot noir or grenache As it has the flavor of strawberries a Little bit of raspberries it’s quite Fruity quite quite a lot of berry fruit Flavor coming through there’s no tar or Licorice notes like you would get from Nebiolo it’s also not a lot of oak here Which is something that is quite Frequently used for pinot noir And grenache So it’s a bit tricky i don’t think this Is a high-end wine by any means But What grape variety is it i don’t know Tasting it again i don’t really get the Freshness and vibrancy that you would Get from pinot noir it feels a little Bit more rich and browned which is Something that i would associate more With grenache so I’m just going to say it’s a grenache Even though

It could be something else and Grenache is planted in lots of places in The world And i have no idea where this one is From it feels a little bit cooler so it Doesn’t feel like one that was Exposed to a lot of heat or it feels Like one that was harvested a little bit Earlier it doesn’t feel very serious i Don’t think this was aged in oak barrels So it doesn’t really Well it wasn’t really treated like a High-end wine would be treated this Feels more like an entry level wine I would rate this 80 points it is pretty good but it’s a Little bit bland too And let’s have a look what it is So Oh damn it I was so close And then i took the wrong turn So this is pinot noir from Campania in brazil The winery is called miolo And Yeah I was close but then i took a completely Wrong turn Well smelling it again It Smells quite a bit like pinot But Yeah

I made my decision And i was wrong this Doesn’t feel like a high-end pinot noir But i don’t really get a lot of Information on it on the back label it Doesn’t really say whether it was aged In oak but i don’t think it was Feels more entry level it’s well made But it’s not something i would get Excited about i think it’s Pretty entry level when it comes to Pinot But it’s not bad and i’ve heard quite a Lot of good things about wines from Brazil so i definitely want to taste More wines from there And this is just the start so this was An exciting tasting again it brought my Horizon and I tasted some wines that i’ve never Tasted before which is always nice My favorites in the tasting were This one the bronco vulcanico And when it comes to rats i actually Like the yakut and the ukus guzu bokas Which Was a really solid red one there was Some other really nice whites and reds Here I thought the kosher was really Interesting the peruvian chardonnay was Also quite nice And yeah the rats i mean yeah it was not As much of a big selection but

The turkish one definitely won the prize For the red wines but yeah overall i Gotta say the wine world is getting Bigger and more colorful and that is a Great thing so i’m going to try to taste More wines from all of these places in The future so thank you for watching if You like this video then please like it Down here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already my question of The day is what is the weirdest wine Place that you’ve ever had a wine from Comment down below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music]