Discover Malagousia and Xinomavro: Prototypal Greek Grapes with Maria Moutsou

Um So i think it’s really Really important to talk about them and Show some light obviously there are many Different takes And we are going to show one of them There are countless others and the idea Is to explore Um so um So we’re gonna start um and uh From the title uh so um the prototypical Uh why I i named the varieties prototypal and i Believe they are So uh the the the word the name means First form and original and denotes Native Uh first origin and bears um Uh defining characteristics for a group Of similar entities And and although uh prototypes can be Reproduced Um the copies often do not Exhibit a full character of the original Lack precision power and expression Or complexity so uh in that sense It’s going to be interesting to see how This Grape varieties hold uh this character Of being prototypable Uh so we have great varieties here To the grape varieties that are being Used um For for for a long time for grape

Production for for wine production in Their Regions in their areas original native Areas But now are traveling outside their Areas with great success They’re expressing the terroir Characteristics Um in a bold and precise way uh they are Complex enough Uh they are stylistically very diverse Uh they are fluent and have um A very special character which is Difficult to replicate So malawia has been named the cinderella Of Greek wine In an article of a Greek uh lifestyle magazine back in 2015 Which i thought is a really fitting Fitting term uh in the sense that it Started Um as an identifiable uh Greek grape variety and later on Commercially successful Variety wide variety since the mid 70s from a Small planting somewhere in western Greece It drew the attention of a university Professor Of of ambellography an enology And he shared this interest with one of His students

Which later on became uh one of the Major one Of the major greek wine producers uh the Variety Has been uh planted uh extensively In northern greece vineyards at the big At the beginning uh so initially the Vineyard where Uh the uh greek winemaker Uh was doing his um his Consultation and later on his own Vineyard has been the flagship grape Variety of his winery And marked his itinerary and his Contribution in greek Wine so i guess most of you know Names uh and we we are going to come Back to that So that’s um that’s malagusya the Cinderella of greek wine And then we have sonoma bro which i Thought a very fitting term would be Will be the excalibur of greek grapes And that’s i think a first Off of this term in the sense that It’s a multipotent and shiny a great Variety And it can give basically A every every style of wine possible It’s a red grape variety but It’s very uh it can give really Appetizing Blonde noirs sparkling wines roses Uh reds young barrellates

Sweet wines uh i think it can it can do Anything it can do anything pretty much Like the magical sword of king arthur So in that sense i think these two Grapes Are are a matter of fables uh so Uh distinct and powerful and i think They have found Their um their moment in time I think they have found the right Current in the history of greek wine to Become really Uh shiny and um and Um and attractive and almost magical So uh where do we find them in greece These two grape varieties so malaysia is As you know a wide variety which Uh originally started its itinerary From western greece from summer uh Somewhere around Here the the coast of the western greece Uh as i said the university professor Lovatis Um identified the variety studied the Variety and then with his student Mr gilbasiliu planted Uh down here the variety in the Halkidiki peninsula Which then went on to be planted Further north uh in the in the area of Thessaloniki Uh and as i said it’s been the flagship Of the uravasilu winery Um great variety from then on

Maria sorry just just to i think there’s Some people Are having problems with the view and Can’t quite See your yourself and the And the powerpoint the powerpoint might Be small i’m not sure how You’re viewing that i’ve got the Powerpoint large and Yourself sort of in the screen i i have To tell you that i cannot see you So i don’t know um Is it is it on purpose that i cannot Yeah that usually yeah that should be Oh it seems fine for okay I think maybe there’s there’s a view Button on the top right Corner and if some people Click on that who maybe you have can’t Quite see Both then um Yeah switch from desktop right corner Maybe try that and and then You can watch it in different formats Okay lots of people whose view is good That’s great Um great all right then oh Sorry oh no if there’s anything i can do Please let me know Yeah no i think we’re good now thank you Thank you everyone So um we’re in greece uh so we said Malagusya started from western greece From uh uh midway west and very m

On the coast basically uh moved north uh To the thessaloniki area And then moved across in different Radios uh in different radio But truly it covered all mainland it has Been such a successful Great variety and we will see later on Why that moved all across greece From east to west from the very east of The country All across the north and the west Iberos central greece we have an example Here Athens area peloponnese very successful There And across to the aegean sea Lots of lots of plantings on the islands And very very successful Within the cyclades complex of island Which is Uh southern of athens like southern of Athens 50 so um islands In the sort of center of the aegean sea Cyclades Means circle means An island complex Arranged in a circle So we’ve got the complex here The very center of the coplic complex Geographically it’s been identified to Be paris Island is where we are going to show a Wine from

Uh and that is geographically so it is Considered that The radius all across the different Islets of the Complex is more or less equal from paris And um also very important grape variety On the On the island of rhodes uh in some of These islands and um It’s it’s part of their white pdo Classification this variety So video classification is a is not Homogeneous in greece um in some areas In some Regions it’s the grape variety that is Important in place The the leading role in other areas is The style of wine And some other areas have been pulled Into the video System by importance historical Importance Or social importance so As i say malagusyan is part Of the pdo classification on some of the Islands So and then we have cinema bro who Uh which um uh is an important Uh great variety video variety with Home possibly the center of um Of of macedonia greek macedonia i know There’s been a bit of confusion As the northern neighbor of greece is Named

North macedonia and clearly the whole Region Has been given this name this is not Unusual uh And we have a very good example in the Wine world that i think will be easy for Us to not get confused and that’s the Role Uh tyrol is part of uh eastern uh Southern austria as well as part Of northern uh northern uh italy Uh originally in the bavarian kingdom so Um there is uh um North tyrol and south tyrol Um but obviously there we’re not talking About countries we are talking about Districts but anyhow The northern part of greece is named Macedonia macedonia um for for For very long time uh and then North of greece lies a country named North macedonia so that should be easy But i just for clarity i have put the Same the same goes for thrace Is a region on the east uh part Of which uh is greece uh bill and Belongs to the greek territory so Excellent Bro uh as i said is cultivated er er In thrace uh eastern northern eastern uh Greece Macedonia ibirus uh on the west of the Country And cecily it is a variety that um

Opts for uh cooler climates so I think somewhere around here if you can See my cursor The journey of sonoma grows south stops For the time being at least And we have the south the south and most Planting here in natalandi Uh but it’s a variety that uh It’s very much appreciated in the center And north of the country and you will See it’s a variety that shares four pdo Regions Uh which is uh i think uh shows how Uh how important um it is Uh in the greek wine world and i have to Say that there has been some plantings Now uh experimental plantings of cinema In china so hopefully uh that That uh territory of of Cinema will grow further So Now going back to to the grapes uh and Talking a little bit more about the Grapes i’ve got a spoiler Photo here i’ve got malagusya here On the right but i’ve got two more grape Varieties that’s from the winery where The grape variety Will be tasted today that’s the second Winery the paris winery So that’s malagusya has a compact bunch Of larges grains largest Fruits again it depends on the terroir Then we’ve got one embassy down here

It’s another Important white variety quite important In the cyclades and south and Peloponnese And then we’ve got aerodynitis type of Grape this one is an edible grape Here but i think uh although i don’t Have the focus only on On malagus yeah here i think it’s a good Slide To see to see comparable uh differences Uh And characteristics between the grapes So as we said earlier Malawia’s uh journey recent journey uh And identifiable journey starts in the 70s and mid 70s when there was a research On grape varieties and there was a quest To identify interesting varieties So professor lorothetis identified this Variety On the western part of greece and Alongside his Then student mr vasilio Studied further and planted the variety In the vineyards of northern greece Which then Was replanted further and became Associated with eurovaselio’s winery Output so as we said earlier also Malayusia is now Cultivated throughout the greek mainland And on most aegean

Islands it’s a vigorous and productive Grape variety so and that’s why it’s a Successful one So it’s easy easily um Planted um managed um And can we take um a Drought but not botritis or Downy mildew so dry arid Climates are beneficial On the contrary Dumb environments do not favor the grape So it’s an early budding an early Ripening grape We have early harvests and they become More Early as um as we now have Uh warmer summers um and it has compact Bunches of large berries And thin skins so in in that sense there Are similarities between The two grapes the white and the red Grape we chose for today Um there is an uncertain number of Clones uh there hasn’t been A genetic uh study on the variety And we think that there may be more than One clones because we have Vines that give different types of Bunches and berries So we have vines that you produce Smaller berry Berries and higher acidity fruit but on The other hand this may have to do with A terroir or may have to do with a

Training Method as well it’s a variety with Medium body Medium alcohol but full on character It’s a great blender blends beautifully With other More bold varieties and a very very uh Successful blend Is that of malagusyana certico and a few Winemakers Have uh tapped on that uh blend and Gives a variety of styles Uh similar but not obviously as many as Cinema Being a wide variety but can give a Variety of styles Including barrel aids natural styles Sweet wines And potentially others and i’m Uh i’m speculating here on on sparkling Wines Uh we haven’t got uh that yet uh But for a wide grape variety it gives a Variety Of styles and the reason for that is A very interesting um phenolic Uh character So cinomathron is a is a noble variety As we said earlier It originates from the central macedonia Of greece of uh of greek land Um it’s it’s a region that is known for Winemaking And wine drinking since the american

Times There is a there is a A theory about um alexander the great’s Uh Death some people say that he fell ill On the expedition uh to india some People say that he was Killed um during a drinking session So uh macedonia is Is uh known uh since ancient times For uh wine wine making and wine Drinking So we believe that exynoma bro Originates from the Uplands of nausea town Where the largest video for the variety Lies in the most wineries as well So we’ve got altogether four pdo regions Um Three in macedonia greek macedonia and One in thessaly further south so the Variety the Video regions of the north of the north Is Nausea in a medium nausea is definitely The most Um the largest and the most Well-known pdo The vineyards lie at about 300 meters of Altitude Is a very interesting secluded Area different orientations Umenisa is more to the north A higher altitude and

Forest conifer and Oak forest nearby amido is north and West and we are near uh big Uh water uh water natural uh Reservoirs lakes there um and rapsani Is down south in thessaly and So we discussed the distribution of the Grape variety and the plantings earlier On So xenomorph is also vigorous and Productive But obviously ripens later Uh it’s a meat budding and late ripener So we have harvests in october well Depending on them On the uh vineyards uh preferences And styles preferred styles But normally it is it is harvested Late uh september onwards So it the the trees uh produce medium Bunches of largest Berries not as compact as malaysia and Definitely thin Skinned it’s a delicate delicate grape Variety susceptible to draw and rain Um and also to both write this and down Emit you Less to powdery mildew there are three Known clones Um based on the dna analysis that was Carried out in 2013 And it’s a great variety that was Produced naturally By a crossing of an unknown partner

There is a variety of styles as we said Already And at its most pronounced expression Which is suitable for long aging And this these are the barrellaged wines It has a pale red color which touches on The garnet Medium to high alcohol full body broad Range of flavors And full-on character and is also a good Blender although Um the winemakers in the pdo regions They prefer obviously not Uh so that they um they express And they deliver the full character of The grape uh but Uh for uh for areas and wineries outside Um these zones uh i think Uh it can deliver very interesting wines In blends as well So we have three wines today to taste And we will Be um spending a bit of time To to go through this and i would Appreciate your comments So we have uh malaysia A single uh variety um Uh wine organic and natural from the Center of greece from thessaly Um and then we have A uh rose wine from paris Uh which is mostly malaysia with a tiny Bit Of mavro dragano red variety of the dnc

Just for the color and a little bit of a Twist Of the flavor uh character and a bit of Tannin a tiny bit of tannin but this uh This wine is over 95 Malaysia so i thought it’s a good wine To show That other side of malagusya Because i believe due to its aromatics Malagusya definitely can produce Beautiful rosette wines And then we have an egg synonymous from Many side which is the northernmost Uh video of xenomorph Um so and the red wine Is of 2009 so we have Uh 10 years aging potential to show With regards to the other two wines Obviously not comparable this is a red Wine But it’s interesting to see the uh The effect of aging on xenomorph so Xenomorph is I think possibly the grape variety with The most aging potential in greece So the first white wine comes from a Winery Of the center of greece from the cecily Region Whereas all the work is done uh with Minimal intervention it’s a natural Winery And it’s one of the wineries that got Organic certification

Before others and before it became a Trendy thing In greece so we are going to taste that I will be tasting if that’s okay so i’ve Got my caravan here And uh i don’t know if you If any of you is doing that um but I will i will rely on richard to Transfer any comments So so we’ve got here A pale lemon wine And i think what we are looking in over Here Is is the aromas of malagusyan so Malagusyan Is a variety that is quite aromatic And with a distinct character so we have Very attractive summer fruit aromas And this can range depending on the On the region depending on the Cultivation Depending on the preferred style but Commonly we find nectarine Melon pear ripe pear And this can extend in either way so we Could have Some exotic fruit we can have apricot And peas But i’m sort of putting here the core Of the of the flavor uh profile of the Grape variety And where this wine lies as well And then to the side of that we have Some herbal aromatics

Notably basil and lemon thyme Sometimes a green bell pepper So there’s definitely a green side and That’s what gives Interest and gives also aging potential To this variety And again depending on the terroir we May be able to see Mineral nodes as well Maria there’s been been a question about Describing the terror For each for each um wine So that’s um very pleasant and So in cardiza we are Uh in in the uh sort of a center of Greece We are at a plateau of about two to Three hundred meters There uh it’s a basing of uh La uh quite old mountains that come Lime is is a prevalent uh sort of soil For greece uh so we have limestone Stone uh but also because of greece’s Very Interesting uh geological history we Also have Uh sand and we also have arid Uh porous stone there which is not pure Limestone limestone so it it the the Concentration in calcium can vary so it Can be more sand Rather than calcium Uh so that’s that’s for tesla uh On the on the island further on we will

See we have Uh we have more sand and Also in on paris island interesting we Have hard Rock in the deeper in the deeper Layers of the soil depending on the age Of them Of the vineyard and then up in kilkies We have again rock a limestone Limestone mostly and clay as well So so that’s that Again i will i will be taking questions Further on Then moving on to paris and the paris Island It’s part of island is Generally speaking um a flattish island But very very uh interesting Um it’s um it’s been the Um the mine for a very High quality marble white marble uh lots Of Um ancient greek temples Were constructed with marble from paris Especially On the aegean sea and on the islands Because we have We have a very good marble from the Mainland as well Um and uh it’s in the center of the Aegean So relatively protected the islands uh That lie On the periphery of that uh ring they

Are more exposed to strong winds So inner islands uh obviously they are Exposed to a lot of breeze but not The strong winds uh of the outer of the Outer islands here um and um It’s um because of the marble uh element Uh i think it’s a it’s a it’s an island That it’s been kept Cool in the sense that there is a Refraction And if uh refraction of of uh sun rays Um as well as sea breeze So i think overall it’s a cool island It’s also it’s a cool island to be on But i think geologically is a cool Island um And uh but not with high altitude Uh so it’s a low low altitude and you Can see the vineyard here Uh it’s a flood this vineyard great Circulation of air Uh it’s it’s an organic farm that Focuses on grapes I would call it more like that but Interestingly the winemaker Has uh comes from a winemaking family And has a long Um long engagement with um with Grapes and grape growing and and Winemaking So uh that’s that’s A rosette so i will be tasting With you and please feel free uh to add Comments i

I just needed to say in terms of style Uh these wines are Low alcohol so we had 13 alcohol on the Previous one Depending on the years uh we are now Into warmer years as well we have to Take this into account I mean as a preference and as a as a Style These wineries they they Choose low alcohol big flavor Low alcohol so here we have A 12 alcohol for this year It was 11.5 last year the previous year And we just just received the 2020 so we Wait to see How this year has been but we do see Generally speaking Higher alcohol now in the wines because Of them Of the hotter and sometimes shorter very Fast Uh quick summers and hot summers but Still here We we managed to keep it at twelve Percent so We said ninety five percent and over um Uh malawi on this one So it’s a certified organic winery The the wine making of the previous wine Is made with native yeasts so Nothing added in terms of fermentation Facilitation Here we have some organic commercial

Yeast as well On this one so there is a lot of clarity There is a lot of clarity of labors as Well You will probably notice uh some Uh stylistic uh sweetness on this wine So We are the ripe grapes are used It’s more of a sweet aromas rather than Sweetness in the wine itself And uh as we said it’s malagus yam And um and mavro dragano sometimes the Winery Uh uh could you can use also money Marcia which is a more Sweet uh and and fatter grape but not This year So this year we have the pure malagusya And a bit of mavro dragano I think on this one we have the aromatic Character of malaysia super expressed Very expressed and i think Malagusyan managed to find really A fitting home on the islands on the Aegean islands Um i think it’s a variety that will Surprise you Uh from everyone in greece so i would I would suggest to try as many examples As you can Because you will be able to actually one Identify the variety And but also Through different expressions but also

See the reigns of the flavors the Variety offers So i would say try try many and Definitely try malaysia’s from the Islands Uh i think the salinity of the sea the Breeze the cool The cool uh environment definitely suits The grape And adds to the character um So that’s our uh rose wines Rose wine i i would love your comments Uh but i will I will move on so we we can have Hopefully at the end So our last wine is From um from the north from the Northernmost Video region now interestingly and we’ve Got An interesting phenomenon here we We said that there are four pdo regions For xenomorph Uh and umensa is one of them And uh it’s a it’s a region where cinema Can be blended or even should be blended For a video classification With negoska which is a relative Uh not as expressive gray but a Relatively great Great scenario and within The video regulations It can be allowed by 20 Into the blend and the wine uh

Therefore acquires the the status of Video Interestingly single variant c excellent Bro is not a pdo in this region Uh it’s only the blend so i think You know that um that Doesn’t serve the bottle so well um But uh yes it’s it’s one of the things To perhaps look into In the future uh so here we have a Hundred percent cinema throw from one of The synonymous video On its own though and it’s a 2009 wine With a 13 13 and a half percent alcohol It’s been aged for uh 12 months in oak Barrels And they are not first used barrels it’s Actually More than third use parents This is a natural winery one of the First natural wineries of greece And um there is uh Obviously there are native yeasts uh Used And um and no other intervention and Minimal sulfides on bottling So all these wines that we tasted all of Them they are certified organics Organic wines they they Have a small amount of sulfites all of Them obviously there is a I believe a little bit more and So they are not zero sulfites they are Natural

With limited um limited amount of Sulfites and bottles On bottling but not fully natural so I’m interested to see every every such Bottle uh Is very interesting so i’m interested to See this one I believe many of you have tasted Xenomorphs Hopefully you will um and the first Thing to note here Is the is the color excinomacross have Pale color Um which obviously turn more brown Garnish and garnet and brown With time very pronounced nose And very extensive flavor profile I don’t know how many of you can taste The wine It tastes very young very fresh So we are now almost 12 years old and It’s a Still tight wine um Very interesting um as i said Flavor rains xenomorphs Have a combination of forest red fruit Tomato tomato fruit tomato stall Green or sorry black olive Spice chocolate cacao casks uh Lots of different flavors uh botanical Notes Um it’s a very very interesting Expressive variety And and i think from

From a place that sort of preserves its Character Like this one this winery you can see One of the owners there Creating soil for the winery and by Keeping uh keeping uh The the stalks the Seeds and the stalks of the grapes Uh and recycling it into the winery So with regards to greek wine and i Would like to Extend the discussion with you uh I think the the differences that we see Uh Coming now to aids is and i think that Shows Maturity is that we see an increased Number of small scale projects Which i think they they Pump in a hop for quality and diversity In the future we definitely see A turn to sustainable projects uh In terms of sustainable cultivation less Intervention winemaking But also sustainable projects in the Sense that There is a connection with a land and There is A a responsibility Over the foreign fruit also in Production wise And we expect to see more synergies That will enlarge the picture increase Productivity and enhance qualities

Quantity quality so The photos on the presentation they are Mostly mine And um i will welcome any comments Uh anything you would like to Ask i will stop sharing the screen Um but before i do that i just want to Thank One of our partners uh olivology for Um for providing uh the the pack the Tasting pack Um it’s available on through the website It’s uh it’s a london daily london-based Daily They import fantastic food from greece And moreover and most importantly thank The School for hosting the webinar the greek Winemakers the ones that obviously Provided these wines and Everyone else that is elevating cost Constantly The the standard of greek wine and All drinking drinkers and lovers of wine Who we believe will we will continue to Show support the greek wine And continue learning as there is lots To learn On greek wine so i will stop sharing the Screen and i will invite A discussion and comments Hi maria thank you so much for that Taking us through such a Diverse and historic um wine region

And yeah talking us through those those Wines have certainly wetted the appetite So Yeah it was really interesting there’s Been um yeah a number of questions i’m Not sure if you can See the the chat um the sort of the q a Section as well absolutely So uh yes uh dionysus was stringing Cinema bro i did not know that far back I think that Dionysus would drink everything i think He was a big traveler and Uh a bit mischievous so i don’t think he Restricted restricted him himself to Justice I’m sure i’m sure that could be a debate All evening Um that was the the first one produced I believe uh yes i mean that’s quite an Interesting um Topic uh i think what grape varieties And what In what form they existed in the ancient Times We do have uh we do have records uh About Um sweet wine production in greece We have records about aromatic wines Um in that on the in that in those times It was the grape the sorry the region The the Growing region that was important not so Much varieties

We had um we have reports about uh Deeply colored Uh wines red wines from the north of Greece We believe that perhaps mavroudi uh Thracian mavroudi en limio uh In a similar comparable form back in the Ancient times But also aromatic varieties as i said um And anything suitable for sweet wine Making So i think you know we have to approach Different areas with the standards Of the era but uh yes i think i think Uh you know the whole you know every Approach is is um Is beneficial because we do learn Through that Um then there’s as i said there’s Another question here about where Zimmerman came from With travel from italy and it also links Into what’s been put on the chat about Comparisons with nebiolo And if it’s if possible to to talk about Where you think the orange is coming Whether it came from italy And the similarities and um Absolutely i think uh with a with a Genetic analysis that i mentioned Earlier Of 2013 it was shown that it was Uh it is um A um a grape variety that was naturally

Formed Uh with um with a gray Blunt grape and this uh takes us away From that theory that it is related to The viola or Pinot blanc so there has been this Theory that it relates Genetically to either nebulo or pinot Blanc and i think with That um identification with that Analysis I think we are moving away from that now How Uh how this happened what kind of Journeys of people Um led to that at what stage Of history i think possibly science will Will give us the opportunity to Uh to identify uh time zones Uh within which uh certain events Happened We are not there yet um that would be Interesting but I think with through that analysis we Are going away from that Um from that um Theory of um nebiolo um Genetic uh uh relation Um yeah so yeah genetically sort of Moving away but i think I think certain characteristics there Sort of still might be some Some crossover in comparison between the Two um seems to be picked up upon

Absolutely um another a question from From claire talking about the Comparisons made with other International varieties Um that’s always a very tricky question But Uh and it has to be taken um With a lot with with let’s say a pinch Of salt but you know with a lot of Flexibility there So and it’s a it’s a matter of personal Taste what we see in the variety so I mean the interesting thing about taste Is it can It can be very much an individual Experience and i think The the great work that wcd school Uh is doing and any any similar sort of Body Is that we we try to uh To to systematize something that is very Subjective Uh which is great because in that way we Uh we learn to use a common Language common common common terms To describe essentially a personal Experience so I think for malagusyan i would I would approximate it with a lot again Of Of room for for other interpretations With some um italian southern italian Grape varieties some of them by name They originate from greece

As uh catarato fiano And so that would be my My my tendency um xenoma bro I think um flavor wise It’s close to ne nebiolo but again Depending on the style you can go off uh To Um to pinot noir and there are different Pinot noirs obviously there is There are the cool pinot noirs of of Central europe And there are the new world pinot noirs Which are warmer Um and then i think even Other varieties um Cabernet franc perhaps you can see some Similarities there But obviously not as much as nebbiolo And pinot noir so i think pinot noir And nembiolo are definitely Flavor-wise uh grapes that can stand Next to synonymous but again you know You have Uh you have a core of characteristics And then you have A lot around it as well uh lots of Differentiating Uh flavors yeah great thank you So moving up from brits fantastic and Enticing tasting note um there was a Question about food and wine pairing for These wines Well that’s that’s actually easy that’s An easy question to answer

Because um greek wines Are made for food and greeks have been Drinking wine with food Um i think this has to do Very much with the terroir and here we Are having also wines that they are not Manipulated Um in the sense that um natural yeasts Are being used Uh there is no manipulation to uh to To achieve a specific style which is Let’s say A style of sipping wine that has to be Light and so on So definitely these wines go with food So for malarusia We would go for anything with greens Um salads vegetable Casseroles seafood especially this Malagusya which is a tight elegant Malagusyan Would definitely go with white grilled White fish And it has the concentration and seafood As we said Beautiful with scallops um calamari Um you can elaborate you can elaborate a Lot I mean for this one i would even there Uh Some cold cuts of pork The rose wine is beautiful again with Risottos Salads salads with a little bit of fruit

Inside maybe pomegranate Uh or apricot um nectarine slices Um so it’s i think once you taste these Wines you understand Why they are food wines they are they’re Truly appetizing And have um have a full a full Mouth so they they’re coating well They are able to to to get into a Dialogue with the food So they’re not refreshments they are not Just drinking Drinking matter so for the rousseau uh I said salads i think the ideal pairing For me for the rosette will be A green salad with some cheese with some Goat cheese And a non-aged cheese and some Elements of fruit uh and molasses maybe Pomegranate Uh fruits and slices of of nectarine And the red wine the red wine is Obviously Called for meat and mature cheese and And the the ideal pairing to cinoma bro Is lamb also wild boar But also game this particular one has a Very round kind of character I mean obviously tasting through Different uh wines You see you know how the rains the rains Of a grape I think that’s that’s important as well For educational purposes and for

Pleasure as well So this one is around it’s a round Uh and warm cinema drone with tight Timing still So i would definitely try with game Uh wild boar um and even even beef Uh yes and mature cheese um Uh some nuts on the side um Tomato and black olive based chutneys Um not too much vinegar in it I think that would yeah that would be Very It’s approaching dinner time here in the Uk so you’ve made us all very hungry Um you mentioned that the tight tannins And then said the question about the Aging potential and how that would sort Of change the wine Yes absolutely i mean uh cinema bron is Is Renowned for uh um very sensitive Phenols So light color uh high amount high Tannins and And uh sort of penetrating sharp tunings Angle angle tannins and Relatively low alcohol so all really The full body potential and aging Potential lies On the very particular phenols and the Tannins So it’s it’s it’s characteristic of the Synonymous and Young well-extracted extracted

Synonymous are tonic So people may find this a little bit Uncomfortable at the beginning So i mean this wine in my experience Really tastes Young i mean the the aromas are becoming Rounder But the wine is still quite fierce with Uh with very Sort of uh uh very pronounced prominent Tannins so i think with a food these Wines become meaningful definitely It is one of the important um Elements of of its aging potential the Tannins But it integrates beautifully with a Wine Later on with with the other elements so Yes xenomorph is known for Sort of angled uh angle tannins Penetrating tannins Great thank you and the sort of Nearly up but we’ve got you know a few More few more minutes for any further Questions if they’re If there are any or if there’s anything That i’ve missed Going back through the chat yes Malagusya Has been used for desired wines Absolutely absolutely Yes absolutely because of Its um because of its aromatic Interesting

Uh and and reid’s aromatic character is Is Really a suitable wine a grape variety For uh for sweet uh wines Uh dessert wines um so The uh the the wine maker that produce Produces the cinnamon roll we taste it That’s his winery They produce in some years um a an Aged uh sweet malabusia as well and and The aromas are unbelievable Obviously you have the coating of of the Oak Uh aromas as well but it is it is a Great variety So if we think that misca blanc Is the most well-known uh variety for Producing dessert wines in greece Uh it could be that malaysia not not Alone but Is is another quite um quite an Interesting variety For for sweet wines and what’s the Acidity levels like The acidity levels um again it depends On the wine On the water on the cultivation on the On the vine growing Acidity levels in malagusia are A medium to medium high so they are not Piercing they are not very high Um so for example uh uh xenomorph is Known Is renowned for high acidity high

Acidity high tunnels malagusya Is more moderated in acidity And has some tannins be still Being a white grape um But it it’s yes i think depending on how You cultivate so obviously if you take Care you cultivate At high altitude uh you um You are careful uh on harvest Maintaining the grapes Uh slow ripening managing slow slow Wrapping Rubbing managing the training of the Vines and so on I see i think you can you can improve That Improve the acidity levels but normally Normally we are Somewhere medium or medium-high acidity Depending On the cultivation great thank you a Very good d1 answer there As well exclamation acidity um Great well i think that is there any More in the queue I think there’s one more yeah so about Many producers working organically and Um Yeah another question from claire on the Q and a yeah Oh no we’ve done them sorry the organic The organic Um i’m not uh uh i cannot i don’t have Latest figures and i think it is

Changing in the sense that some wineries They They aim to achieve organic Certification so i think definitely we Have more Uh wineries cultivating organically But cannot certify uh the wines from Bottling onwards Or they there can be wineries that can Bottle and vinify in an organic manner But the cultivation may not be organic So basically i think it is a changing Scenery there But definitely more and more wineries Become interested in in Organic cultivation and i they take the Effort to certify it because they Are two different things and i think it Adds commercial value so i think I think it’s worth doing that great Yeah sorry claire i’m not used to um Looking between the q a section and the Chat i’ve been going back Backwards and forwards great i think There was just I think if we have the last sort of Question you might have touched on this A bit it’s just to back onto the sweet Wines And whether they sort of dried grapes or Botrytis Is is used exactly exactly We haven’t seen that yet uh we haven’t Seen it

Uh it’s it’s a greek wine makers they do Not like both rites They are not used to it they They prefer to harvest the dry and make The wines in the way they They know also sweet wines are not very Much consumed in greece They they are liked but they’re not Really consumed in large quantities So i think commercially sweet wine Other than the one that is used for Traditional Uh religious ceremonies and so on Doesn’t have really a big market In greece and as i said the winemakers They they Yet they do not know how to fully Uh um um take advantage of the both Rightists So we haven’t seen that i mean we have Seen a one-off Vintage of a sweet wine by taxis of Synonymous On some um on a plot and he made a sweet Wine on one particular year Of red sweet wine but we we and also It’s quite hot in greece i think in the Summer when there is a harvest time for The white grapes So you perhaps you can see it later on In the season When the rains start but not early on so I think it’s It’s unusual i mean and also i think the

Winemakers they’re not comfortable with That so I think we are not there for the white Sweet wines No fair enough okay great well Thank you thank you everyone um for Joining us this evening particularly Thanks to maria for taking us through i Think we’ve Gone through all the questions so