Discover Prosecco with Neil Phillips, The Wine Tipster

So we’re recording this now and so I’ll Just start with a bit of an introduction Before I pass over to Neil who really is To start the show and so hi everyone Thanks for joining us on this lovely Tuesday evening in London given the International audience different times That you’re joining us thanks for sayin And I’m Julia Lambeth I am the WCG School in London We’re not obviously posting tastings at The moment due to the current situation So we are now running a series of Webinars events quizzes that we are Using to do the job instead so while we Can’t do the actual taste in part we’ve Got a great series of different events Coming up that you’ll hopefully find Interesting and still gain something From even if we don’t have as much wine As we normally would so tonight’s theme As you will know is looking at second We’ve got Neil Phipps who is the UK Ambassador for Prosecco do see who’s Gonna take us through all the different Things you need to know about for second Essentially Neil’s done tastings with This before and some of you I think have Done tastings with him too and new is I Think uniquely placed in the wine world So I’m gonna ask you to say mute through The presentation if you do have any Questions put them in the chat and we’ll Keep an eye on them and then at the end

We’ll see how we’re going for time we Can always have some more questions There too so that is enough for me I’m gonna pass over to neo now and we’ll Get started thanks very much to you Good evening everybody thanks very much Don’t notice different time periods a Day for some of you but thanks so much For joining us were nearly up to 200 Here so for as I’m user studious that I’m your first one tips on the UK buses Per second or consortium we’re delighted To have so many bees so maybe with us From so many different countries as well And so many Prosecco fans great to see Everybody actually just Raising their glasses and a dragon glass Of Prosecco one is eggs and those Questions I want to keep it lots of info Let’s have some fun as well and also Just to get a bit of backgrounds as we Go through the presentation about where Prosecco is produced the grape varieties Involved what we’re actually doing for An ongoing point of view sustainable but Also in terms of how Prosecco is made How is that different – champagne for Example in terms of production for most Of the Prosecco and more so as well just To talk – importantly about the Differences because this question pops Up below the layers of times that’s what About boobs extra tried right what are The differences there and also some of

The new things that are happening as Well we will be in a substation Introducing the second row so I want to Talk to you about that because I think That’s going to be very important for us And also as well to talk about some of The extra dry stones that are going to Be introduced to in terms of a second But it’s been a wonderful wonderful Journey with Prosecco and Julia we can Just go on to the first slide as well Please yeah just people my three things So I know we’ve got some folks here from Verona which has somebody Sohail from Piermont so just take him right back a Bit bit of history face quite snappy Here but really in terms of the first You’re going right in terms of wine Production first century AD in the Prosecco area and also in first mention The name second that probably surprises You because you think about in terms of The rise of Prosecco sales mean went Back in the UK say for example to 2008 It’s you know it’s been a tremendous Growth since then we go way way back There in terms of the first mention and Also talking about the city of a second Interested a so right in the eastern Part of the whole second line there and The medicine lunch the Prosecco nice Then became a letter from freely so Instead of going from for really as well And we’re talking about freely without

State Julia and Venice though today Notice and general not just talking About one region and The method I’m going to come on a bit Later about the method but how do we get The bottles with Prosecco versus having At the bottles with champagne for Example another sparkling wines from Around the globe You know white sparkling wines in the States for example got lots of people in The States but also say for example Versus Carver’s worse or something funny Old from Barcelona for example but There’s a lot of work done in the 1850s In terms of this second fermentation Method back getting the bowls and There’s a fantastic illogical school in Communion Oh Which is in the most important province Of treviso and when you get a chance to Actually start travelling again to Uncover something about going back to Their place in Verona what I’d also say Is make sure you take the chance to go To the illogical school in colonies of Grace first they’ve had 6,000 students Graduating from there and then in 1970 We actually has a geographical 2-piston See introduced in terms of where in Terms of the Prosecco wine and the name They said things were developing there In terms of 1917 just move on to the Next slide please Julia then we’ll just

Give it a little bit more row pretty Speedy history here and we can just get When we get to that no thought the point Was actually getting to 2009 so I Represent the dog area which is what you Can see in terms of the nine provinces On the slide there but there’s also DOCG As well and that is solely within the Province of treviso and what happened Was that do you see she used to mean Dear see in fact until 2009 and then Because of all the history related to Prosecco for being produced in the Northeast additionally people wanted to Take some ownership on this and that’s When there was actually to create you Could recognise the Prosecco dock areas The two regions I just talked about in Terms of an insect and for anyone else Engineer and that meant that do sea Which was introduced so in Coney Island Oh Bernie was elevated to DOCG to become The 44th tier CG in ously so you have to Just see there stretching across from The west right across to these they’re Interested a where the city of Prosecco Is isn’t 270 K so brilliant brilliant Surely when we get the opportunity to do That but important as well Treviso as I said is the main province We do have the two regions there so Which covers five provinces and then Fruit of an institute we don’t talk Enough about for elimination to do

Nationals facts as an important Prosecco Region for a second oh and for example You’re looking at new today they’re Important only for example where I think There is some really fantastic Prosecco Produced snow comes them a bit later and Also eel then stretching writers from Gerousia and to Trieste be in reality Where the city of Prosecco is there Isn’t that much Prosecco production so The main 65 70 percent is in Venice I Said baloo no truly so venice palawan And Vincenzo those particular regions There so what they say is we used to Call every talkback percent of the grape Variety but as in 2009 we had a definite Area for protective reductions so we had To say go back and use the original Length of the per second grape variety Clara so when I’m only have a second Like a pony up now and see that fine This Bianca Vina which were going to Take I’m going to taste in a few minutes Before 2009 I would have been talking About Prosecco a star of sparkling on The past of that date in July 2009 I’m Now talking about per second the place And the main grape variety Prosecco is Clara spelt and she le are a very Important member that folks whatever You’re doing whether you’re doing it SS Eat even a standard WCT Is the key grape variety so we’re gonna Talk a lot about Clara’s tonight and

It’s important to know about that and I’m going to talk about the other Varieties in a minute but I actually Think it’s time to actually taste some Wine again so you’d start Tasting at 6 o’clock what I’ve got here And a key thing here as well is about The producers because the way it works With the Prosecco consortium we plan our Activities for the year we send our Notes all the participating producers to See which tastings like to get involved In and I usually end up presenting about 30 different producers over all the Pieces I’m doing every year now this Producer here is Bianca Vina I’m not Sure if anybody’s heard and be a Convener maybe you can say something in The chat on that very very good producer Started in 2004 their interest me enough Just on the border of do see and do CG There in for me so this is a brinstar And actually one of the things to say This is some thing that does creep at a Confusion is the drive started per Second is Brut then you go extra drive Then you go dry so this is a dry start State has up to 12 grams of sugar per Litre and I’m just gonna pick this up Because I’m just gonna give this as we Would do the ones but education trust Course of course it’s actually look at The appearance it’s bright looks nice And fresh one of these to say this is a

Hunt for st. Claire a lot of Perspectives are imposing Garrett but We’ll do sort of a feel a bit later Which are allowed to have your lands Have up to 15 percent of other grape Varieties in the blend and we’re talking About peeling air a bit later Peter the Well so when I smell this this would be 2019 fruits and what you want to get Here with Somerset because you get more White flowers this is very much about Green apples to me some of them are much More happily Interesting of with this per second this World and we’re going to what I come Onto the stroma method is in terms of The whole fermentation process this Actually has 60 days on the leaves the The minimum we have to do is 30 in Actual fact but this has 60 days and There’s quite a fashion er And Prosecco learns in terms of Producers wanting to do a bit more Release agent cuz that bit of extra Contact with at least gives a bit more Texture more complexity almost I’m going To say cheers to everybody around the World and all the different countries Raise your glass ISM some of you I like The pairing I should have had here some Grown up Edano cheese actually because I Love the donor who actually enjoys Product and love it and that sort of Crema supernova don’t okay with this per

Second we brought just a little taste Well as lovely is this is importantly You know learning it would be buying Something label preset codes there is Some very good label percent cursor we Had a couple other you know buying local So important right now of course all People ordering online as well and this Bianca Pina Prosecco dot Bruce actually Comes from ik is in the UK the agent is Armed it warrants a RMIT we’ve got a Slide coming out a bit later which will Give you a list of all the way you can Buy the prospectus from he completed up Afterwards as well and very good online Company all to say as well very good Company for other Italian whites for Sure but I think this is a class act I think it’s got all that kind of Freshness you want but what it does have And this is when you spend a bit more Time when we’re tasting per second is Great length of finish as well so for Those who’ve you’ve done your WS CT you Know we always talk about length for Finished so you know really really Elegant back sort of green apple Characters coming through as well and Important out sort of Bounce style here This is a princess but about 10 grams of Sugar another important thing we don’t Really talk enough about for me it was Prosecco is acidity which they get Besides their folks and this one has got

Really good acidity for me and I like That good for pairing with gravity I Talked about in terms of the cheese Wonderful one your cheese but also Anywhere happening with seafood for Example I think it makes a great pairing With that and that first lots of us Again takeaways right now as well let’s Not forget about that we’re supporting Locally where I live here in the Cotswolds we’ve got a fantastic piece of Company near us so I’ve been enjoying Prosecco as with pieces as well I’m very Happy to be taking any questions as we Go on off we gonna roll with I’ll just keep going what do you like to Do we there’s a couple of questions just For what you’re drinking but fortunately Other people in question about when First the first time second fermentation Was used in Prosecco don’t know if you Were going to cover that later so we’re Actually going to go you’re gonna go Right back in terms of it stepping back To the eighteen percent this is an Actual 1895 the national fact on that in Terms of Prosecco but really in terms of Prosecco you can really see quite a Change and go right back to 1930 for Example and the local recognition of Sparkling wine clearly the big league Full with respect Prosecco has been Really over the last 15 years in terms Of increasing production I’ll come on to

That as well so I’ll come back and Address that question that’s just got a List of the wines you have the first one I’ve just showed there is Prosecco Treviso Bianca Vina fame from otherwise No koto UK as I said really good online Company also very good as well because They do have some fantastic other wines Recently as well understand sir For being a real specialist there I’m Going to taste uncertainty I’m not gonna Say still a to these I never get very Envious by still tasting all eights new Be thinking hard about it there’s some Questions we go here we need some Answers so I’m gonna taste three wines So I’m going to taste the bitter sandy Or Frisco organic Bruce because I’m Tonight and I want to talk about Astoria Because I think they’re a very very good Example but very innovative Prosecco Producer the other fight Prosecco is Listed there I’m going to come back and Talk about them as well because one of The things I said we have a lot of red Label which is great in the UK here we Have some very good own label Prosecco To our retailers but also it’s trying to Get some recognition of specific Producers that you will be saying well That’s a start Prosecco really love and you’ll notice For example on the your silver list of Stock its but what you’ll notice is

Against Ricardo the Prosecco is second From bottom there the link don’t Actually have an important in the UK as Yet so one of the reasons they get Involved with the tasting is that they Rehab that they can actually find a Producer that their company will want to Start importing their wines into course And we had that a couple years ago with Another producer and they found a UK Gence that was brilliant news but we do Have a mixture of corporate us here Comes me going for a long period of time Mixed up with some very new companies as Well so it’s a real spread of family Businesses big corporates very very good Cooperatives and certainly some Businesses just started more recently as Well so let’s move on to the next slide Please do you know Justin couple of Questions that come up and firstly Tony Asks if there any there any UK own Labels that you’d recommend I certainly Think that Marks and Spencers have done A very good job they have used to using Rarities equipment as a teeny and Massive senior would be a producer often And featuring lots of sessions in actual Facts they wanted to be in this session As well that’s a very very good producer I would also say just as a note on Matatini You can’t get mazzantini through berry Brothers and rut another really

Impressive online company very Successful traditional violation but I’d Look the way they’ve embraced everything New that’s been happening in line as Well as at any wiser available straight There I do actually think the sameö Which is in wait throughs is very good As well and I’m going to come on and Talk about how she in a bit as well to Get some spread there but also I learned To just what ROM stockist I would love To see more of our independence who are Doing very well many of them at the Moment in terms of online sales which is Fantastic news it’s been brilliant to See how well they’re doing but also I’d Love to see independents listing more Prosecco so I think it being really Gonna be all certainly encourage Ourselves and come and say well wines as Well so any other questions at this Stage was on the prevalence of Non-vintage versus vintage yeah good Question I like that question you just Noticed right down there with Ricardo That’s the only one that does have a Vintage it’s usually we end up having What is called a Melissa Madison so a Vintage per second so all the fruits Will come from that here as you can see With Ricardo there with a 20-19 Melissa Tomatoes make up about 20% of production And is that’s the producer if they want To state and have effectively a vintage

Year it’s a bit like you’re saying in Champagne where most campaigns you know A multi vintage but what you can do in a Good year is obviously make some vintage Champagne and it’s very much up to the Producers to do that but do you see on The back of the label mainly where it Will show you when natural fact when This Ricardo you know this is going to Share about one of the cameras of Illness but on the back here it actually Stays the vintage but interesting enough On the front lay but it actually doesn’t Have the vintage on there so it’s Something to look out for it’s usually When the producers very pleased with That particular year I’m coming to talk About years the short one what you are Allowed to do as well is blend across a Couple of years so each year like you Turn champagne To keep some reserved ones back to Blending we never quite know what the Next year’s gonna be like in terms of Variability conditions you know it’s a Very 2018 was a really amazing year in Particular and 2019 was more challenging But I think they’ve got to realize out Of that but you do get some years yes Them better than so to have that Advantage of keeping some wines back to Blend across years it’s very important What I would say is there are probably Some wines here that may have a bit of a

Blend of the previous vintage in as well So hence the fact they’re they’re non Vintage okay in Italy that’s a really Good question actually that’s a great Question I don’t know the answer to I Think we’re a pretty big DLC and we’ve Grown a lot I mean we are now about Twenty four and a half thousand hectares In terms of vineyards we are only Allowed to plant a certain amount each Year as decreed by the Ministry of Agriculture but clearly as a do see We’ve made rapid progress in terms of New plantings they’re really good Question Warren Chisum as well okay yeah There’s a question from cemetery about And Prosecco superiority cut he’d say But I think you’re going to talk about That later later another one about what Is special crew they mean what I think It terms of that’s when you’re looking At sort of what you feel is a sort of Special blend across your vineyards Really some people would have they you Know take one fruit from one particular Vineyard in actual fact so I will talk About that a bit later Because there actually is a rebate System in place now in terms of DOCG Which I’ll come on to a bit later on but It’s really just doing you know with Melissa master you really want you to Take your best fruits and also your best You know your best vineyards to blend

Across from Listen master basically okay let’s move On a thing okay thanks There’s a man governor for those of you Who haven’t means a particular lands Please go when we get a chance to come Back life comes back to normal I still Surprised actually amazingly how popular Disappointing in terms of this part of Italy is for couldn’t we’ve had a Massive success with Prosecco but there Are so many great places to go and visit And this part of Italy and embrace it All really by visiting producers who are Great and I will come up to wine tourism A bit but also the fact is just so many Obviously fairness but the I think Treviso is that most I think it’s a Great and brilliant place to go in use As a base William Burris taken it’s a Beautiful city to walk around Little Venice as they call it about 25 K from Venice so make sure you take a visit When we got to show up the scenery is Absolutely stunning so come to you know Kant said have a great stuff about it Join my sin and let’s have the next Slide because they will just get Everybody going Venice I love to hear a Big shout out rubriz been to Venice here Because it’s how fantastic is Venice but I think it’s just got so much to offer And you know I just love pillows for Everybody from Italy

Because I just love working with your Little working all the producers and You’ve just got a great country and this Is it’s been so so difficult for you but I think it’s just we look forward to Coming back basically okay let’s listen Roll on from Venice oh I say that’s You’ve got miss now Clara So under laws here in terms of Prosecco We have to have 85% Clara in the blends Now I don’t know how many of you would Have actually heard about Clara before Some of you would have heard that Obviously it with your WCT exams but Somebody was saying I don’t know much About this great variety and that’s fair Enough because it’s not a great variety In terms of i7y on Brahms Chardonnay Which is plant lots and lots of Different areas around the world it is Found obviously is north east of Italy But it’s also found in Australia for Example where they do actually produce The per second but something I will come On to a little bit later but you’ll see There in per seconds we have to be a Convenient set Clara As I said the majority percent codes are Under st. Claire but you can use some of The great brush instead the DISA Carrera For example them and Bianca being kisser The Trevi honor they’re all business Grape varieties Guerra longer as well Chardonnay that grape variety we know

Lots about a fantastic grape variety I hope nobody’s a member of the ABC Club The anything but certainly club because They’re encouraged stop messing around The world but interesting that Chardonnay is used very little in the Production of a second you’ve got the Old producer might put in about two or Three percent ban but you know the the Main thing is here for me is there’s a Choice of indigenous grape varieties you See there at the bottom of the maximum 15 percent Pinot Blanc Pinot Gris and Peanut oil Now Pinjarra this is something I want to Talk about specifically I’ve been lately What I’m going to talk about Prosecco Rosalee because of internal production Of Prosecco is a when that starts I hope With the 2020 vintage clearly we’re Gonna get a color or the skin color from Being in a while there’s a producer Called sonic I don’t have enemies try And sell it very good very something I’m Just saying I’m not they’re really good Family business in Italy I can actually Producing some fantastic lies around Italy they produced Prosecco which is 85 Percent Clara and 15 percent peanut era And it’s quite interesting is it just You do taste a bit weight of flavor and Fruit coming through them without fifty Percent pain and arrow with that’s all In one very interesting and I produce a

Good people look out for I think they do A really good per second of Bruce but You can also track down their talk Pina narrow blend as well which has 15 Percent thinner as I said so that’s I’m getting a bit later on as well Because I’m sure Sam’s going to ask me About this – about thunder as a style of Prosecco and I will talk to you about The D so when I come onto that as well So let’s move on to the next slide Please Julian I think it’s gonna be time to have an Extra second actually just a lot of Things here organic because a big thing For us is in terms of new vineyard Plantings as I said we are allowed by The Ministry of Agriculture to plant a Certain number of hectares each year but The whole drive now is about Sustainability It’s about biodiversity It’s about organic in terms of not using Pesticides fungicides and vineos and any New producer any new videos I should say In terms of Prosecco has to follow this Codes they have to do that in turn Sustainability that means if you’re when You’re planting in vineyards you need to Plant hedges as well you’ve got to Attract Floralive you’ve got to attract bird Life as well and there’s a massive piece Actually which is available from our

Prosecco consortium to any producer Saying this is all the detail these are All the points that are actually going To help you in employing and saying I Would like to actually expand my videos I’m going to follow in terms of organic Sustainable Biturbo that’s here as well Now this / – see here is we can see this Okay am I just totally I’m not sure this Is called bin assembly no let me see Something we’re trying to just look at The label they have a sister brother Brand called alar join us at Gao iOS a Some of you will be going to majestic Here in the UK and actually I’m sure in The States as well for that matter Because the state is the second biggest Export market for Prosecco is you will See larger oh sorry majestic you’ll see Him waitress for example here in the U K Or similar places there’s sandy Interesting enough is one very much for Independence so this can be bought in The UK for a very good company called Non-south wines get them online for Example but the key thing about them is That they very much the bitter sandy Label is for independence online and When we can come back to this peace rest As well hospitality now this is mechanic Prosecco and so as I said no pesticides There and then a sandy very much driven The whole biodiversity project really Then really one of the leaders in terms

Of producers about biodiversity they’re Involving lots of projects here about Sustainability as well They don’t presenting on this they want A lot of water for this to also say you Know just going back to slow we won’t a Few minutes to go in terms the Dolomites And thinness when you’re out in Particular lands this is a producer I Highly recommend you go there’s a bit of Sandy because there’s a it’s actually The company companies owned by the Murray the Mersey Policastro family and They are wonderful charming family Lovely people’s to meet but they have This beautiful sort of the whole sort of Palatial feel there’s greatest streak of Fantastic buildings there and war zone As a recommendation for you is they have A wonderful B&B Kotler Candice and it Very informal I can do know these got Seven rooms or memory and you know Travel and training comes back for us I Highly recommend you go round better Sandy and it was all of that if you love Most advice by the way got a fantastic Collection of most bikes and so any Motorbike fans we’ve got here with us Tonight I’ve got two and six people Online of the minute emotionally mended By friends there are but if you are you Have to look around there but also Because of what they’re doing in terms Of biodiversity organic and the counter

Sandy is a very relaxed chill that place To stay no it’s very informal nice B&B I’d also say it’s got the most fantastic Views from there as well A cyclists out there in October normally They have the Prosecco bike ride last Gentlemen hundred K rise through the Hilly lap and Prosecco lands there’s a Few stops for a glass of Prosecco here And there and a couple years ago we had Two guys who did that right left-hander England and cycled back from Treviso to Islington carrying a magnum of villa Sandy on the back of the bike which won The chance to taste now this is 2019 Fruits It’s alfresco its brute this is the Organic so this is quite a new one in Terms a little sandy as opposed to the Previous one like to be on convenience On percent Guerra but be for me worse It’s interesting thing is it’s not so Much the sort of green apple said ooh Always funny with us and it’s much more Floor as much more floral notes to be Much more white flowers when I taste Here the organic stone is just this wine Taste assembly but the sandy wise over The years but this is a little bit Fuller but Richard this is the own Personal preference here I think again In terms of sugar levels you’re probably About ten nine grams here so Brut goes From zero to 12 and again what I like

Here is the elegance I also like the Acidity but for me as well I’d be definitely thinking about having Some food with us as well because Certainly some of these sounds were Doing just like sounds like a chicken Salad something like that I mean this is A great pairing for this and also ever Again coming back to seafood as well and Together informally folks pieces were Just sitting down to have an informal Family meal and it’s great to enjoy this Per second but they have a very good Reputation they won lots of awards Cooked bubbly Awards and I’m just Enjoying on that little sandy won the Overall wide a couple of years ago there So by the way when you’re judging for Those awards it’s blind tasting folks So typically we taste about 75 sparkling Wines in a day blind which is only Thinking great that is a fantastic job Wines hipster we’d like to do that I can See mister people figure out some Application forms in and You know the constant any just by the Way you need to give why number one the Same level of concentration as you do Some 175 let’s remember that so we’re Probably chased about 50 wines then have A break for a bit of light lunch and Come back and keep concentrating no I’d Share one of the groups on that so There’s always quite a lot of debate

About marking each of the wallets but It’s a great thing to do and they’ve Done so well with that but I think That’s a really impressive wine there’s No doubt as well organic vegan Sustainable scene biodiversity the world Of wine as he is embracing that yeah Particularly in the old world Particularly in Europe really in terms Of looking at organic and interestingly Enough you know I wanted to say since Imagist at the beginning is I did my First – spirit age education trust cause In 1986 I had hair then folks a lot of Hair but I did that’s when I got my high Certificate and out of that I’ve got my First job in the dream and since the Street thanks to the WIC team so I’m an Educator the diversity and I use a Britain organisation and it’s changed Too because it used to be sprint race or Trade focus and it’s really bad puns Let’s do this point give me the thumbs Up they won’t seem right to you I mean Its global but I think the thing is here Organic has been talked about for a long Time but if I thought it didn’t really Don’t see have that much engagement but It most definitely has no obviously food And veganism really were smokers were oh I know Let’s talk about vegan wines and how you Distinguish those in terms of the finds A little bit later on so big big

Messages they’re very very important for The Prosecco consortium very important For all of us so you’re going to see a Lot more of that and there’s a whole Group of producers now who are very very Engaged in all of this as well so let’s Move on to the next line please people Asking if you can tell them any Particular producers that use peanut oil In their band Well yeah I’m certainly saw him and I Think they’re probably one of the main Ones really because they’ve made a big Big noise and whatever I say look we’re Using fifteen what they’ve done is Actually used they have a series where They have one grape variety making up 50% of the blend and that’s quite a lot That’s quite different most people Because invariably you might be talking Five six percent and there’s another Grape variety in the blend but that Presents sort of for most for me in Terms of having really pushed out about Three or four years ago with their pen And Harrison look amazonian is a very Lots of countries I mean that’s the Thing to say as well terms of pinot Narrow welcome to Prosecco rose say Clearly peanut narrow it’s gonna have Has a big role to play in terms of Prosecco rose a and we have we’re going To be talking a lot more about either They’re a pinnacle one any more

Questions at this stage yeah what you Were saying about fats couple related to The kind of sustainability focus on Organic and sustainable production and Does it is there any contradiction there With bigger brands and trying to sort of Cash in on the popularity of Prosecco The example of Frisian a was given yeah That’s an interesting I think there have Been some bigger brands coming in and They certainly seem you know in terms of The popularity Prosecco and there are Some big big producers out there That’s true for lots of parts of the World of wine you know Australia for Example and I’ve worked on the night Wears on Jacobs cream for you I don’t Think that cash I think they’ve I think In terms of sustainability and organic As I said I think organic took a long Time to get a lot of people really but I Think now with this coupled with Sustainability the biodiversity and the Fact we have so many more people who are Vegan as well that’s been a massive rise Of people as we know and I think all Those elements together have really Brought about a lot of changes and focus In what am i I don’t I don’t see it as a As a way of people capitalizing on stuff In that way I think it’s just about Going forwards in the right way in the Interest of everybody grounding and I Think it’s been very interesting to see

The spread of producers who are engaged In all of this because it’s also much Smaller producers who are engaged here I Think I produced a lovely family cookies Tonight oh these are nice and why’s that UK all they’re wise will gain all their Wires are suitable for vegans there’s Going to be more and more of that – Great come on and the slightly less Broad question was about organic Certification bodies Yeah I think you’ve seen the Certification but is there and that is a Good question there is still a and it Also applies to vegan as well is there Are per second is out there which are Vegan but I have to say it is still and You couldn’t talk to some importers in There in more general terms not just About second of it is that they have Wise in their portfolio which are Suitable for vegans but there’s no Certification on the bottles tell you That and we have to encourage people to Get that certification or because I was Talking to a Prosecco producer Ashley Last week on Friday they were going They are vegan now and for their next Vintage they will include being Certification we know we need to you Know increase that all the time we need More certification that they are there People need to get this all those Bottles as much as they can

It is very difficult you don’t know why Them force is gonna happen something Like 15 wonderful to have 1,500 wines on The lists and it’s a big job unnatural Phone realizing a lot more vegan wise up And everyone this should be telling us Obviously about where is organic Colonists what is vegan everything like That really so I’m hopeful that we’ll Actually we are going to see a lot more Developments on that it’s a good Question and we need to keep informing Everybody in terms of what is suitable In terms of vegan as well okay shereen’s Question following on that is expensive Some smaller producers though to get the Certification yeah that is a point yeah It’s very much so they’re in charge of The whole portfolio for their list which Might be 1500 ones in some cases and Actually going to producers and finding Out that detail and then realizing well Actually we’ve got a lot more vegan wise Than we thought but the cost does play a Player con there that’s for sure we have To encourage producers to say well if You spend a bit of money that is going To benefit you in terms of increased Sales for sure I think That’s the information we know I think Not only for currently with obviously Having what you can buy online but what You can buy an independence but for will Have the time that we can actually visit

Going to restaurants that important Communication on the list no part of Actually bringing a bottle to in table As part of service we’ll also be showing You about the certification as well and I think that’s really important so I Hope to see gradual like see more change On that I appreciate this cause you know Small businesses overhead but I think It’s an important one to be involved With and and take that step forward Really any more talking about production That’s all on the one so far there’s More I might bring up late so if you Don’t cut them okay okay so first Important point here because one things We’re gonna talk about this this whole Second fermentation in tank now Importantly 28 pier is you know when We’re talking about champagne we’re Talking about second fermentation in Bottom we’re talking about second Fermentation in bottle for Carver for Example as with Prosecco for pretty much 99.8% of Prosecco production we’re Talking about second fermentation tank And we’re also talking poorly about a Much quicker process here in terms of Going for the point when you’re being in A venue of picking a grape to actually Drinking something like the next one I’m Going to try Astoria for example it’s Much quicker than Carver it’s much Quicker than champagne but the reason

For that is because Klara which is great Grape varietals Dominus as you know is a Great variety for most of us we want to Enjoy it for suckers when they’re young And we want to pick up those really good Fruity notes and poorly I talked a bit About citizen and this is where the Sharma methods the Martin Aussie methods Really helps here improve you know Retaining that sort of fruit courage to Return the citizen so you just look There I’m running a too technical here But I know that abroad you know so Laura this before I know with UW SCT Horses so you’re coming in going now Fancy doing the WCG horse out this would Be great great present to someone by the Way but you pick your grapes by the way If you haven’t done a harvest folks and You want to do one do it go and help her Pick the grapes and you’ll see for Example May it’s hard work but it’s a Very very stressful time another than Yours Some years we’ve got you know we’ve had Crazy weather here in the UK with pretty Much brilliant sunshine most of the time You really want to have that during a Heartless for example but sometimes you Don’t get that and you’ve started Picking you know the grapes have got That right miss that sugar content you Want you have an actual date which You’re allowed to start picking from and

That’s decreed by the consortium Investor agriculture some people will Start right the beginning some will Actually pick a slightly later date but Sometimes what what happens well as you Get ring as we actually had a couple Years ago during harvest do you go and Carry on pick or do you decide to wait And hope you get some good weather big Gamble stressful time so you pick then What you want to do isn’t your scene There’s a couple years ago I was Actually asking for succulent I was actually the story as it happens Otherwise I’m going to come on to taste A few minutes time and I was watching as The last grapes arrived from 2018 Harvest going into the de-stemming And then you have your see on the screen They’re pressing and that’s a very Gentle pressing there remember What you have with Clara you’re gonna Have that white juice inside the great So when you’re just pressing it in a Very gentle pressing because you don’t Have too much skin contact there to Press off that juice and just remember As well with peanut arrow Pinot Noir That’s a dumb skin grape variety but Inside is white juice so we’ll talk a Bit later about some skin contact there With that pen and arrow when we’re Allowed to actually produce Prosecco Rose de you’ve had that pressing it goes

Into a into the tank there in the way it Would do with other sparkling wines and Starts its first fermentation does it Still still wine everybody bubbles yes So you’ve got your yeast and sugar Working together it will have depending On the producer a certain period for That primary fermentation there one of The things I did in 2018 I went to Produce a current owner of a keen and I Tasted there was a lunch all a big Harvest for a couple of local charities And I tasted Jews from 2018 which was a Brilliant brilliant Prosecco yeah Everything worked the Sun was at was Great we were fantastic but the Merlion High-quality was some 2018 was tasting Juice from that first tank you can Actually see that I’ll never forget what That used tasted like it was absolutely Amazing and sometimes you talk about Your great wine moments folks it’s not About having a wonderful celebration It’s about being somewhere with lots of Great people on one they were having a Big family day and tasting from them it Was brilliant Now here’s the important piece you’ve Done your first fermentation the second Fermentation if I was making some Champagne what I would be doing would be I’m going to pick up a different bottle To give another producer Shout out on camera so this is Ponte by

The way very good conference if I’m Coming to talk about them a bit later But let’s imagine I was going through The champagne process I would have gone Through that first fermentation I would Have said I’ve got my Chardonnay Pinot Laughing of money a separate being Fermented separately by village for Example I will then blend and add some Older wines remember it’s a multi Vintage wine in terms of Champagnes you were then and some sugar And yeast and what you would do is put a Cap on the top of the bottle it will go In the cellar it will be like that it Would start ascending fermentation Because the sugar and the yeast in a Guard together then crate that co2 That’s how you get your bottles and that Simple point is that once it’s finished That fermentation it’s going to rest on The dead easterly’s and you know Actually it helps by having that contact As well and what will happen is it gets A bit more complexity depending on the Champagne asks they will leave it for a Certain very time afternoon your first 15 months for not vintage three years Vintage but many houses are due for Longer and what they do over time is get The yeast down to the net at the bottle Here and they used to have what they Call Riddler’s will just gently turn the Bottle and get the east down to the neck

And they can do forty thousand bottles a Day you’ll see that still a bit in Champagne now but once it comes out the Cellar they will freeze this top part of The champagne bottle flick off the crown Cap then what will happens a block of Ice there frozen that top bits will come Out that should dead yeast which you’ve Got dance the neck of the bottle and Then you write what you’ve done there as Well as you just lost a little drop of Wine that you troubled up with some Sugar it took up that 1% of wine and Then you label now your notice The spring that’s all done in tank That’s all done the second fermentation You control the pressure the minimum Time by it all for second fermentation I Don’t get too much detail this is Important to know because I is 30 days So I’ve storia where I was in 2018 they Always want to have super youthful fresh Prosecco and what they will do is Ferment for about 25 days leave on the Dead bees for about five days and then What they will do then is actually Separate least they actually then draw The wire away either take out the east They’ll also find the blind as well so There’s any little tiny particles Because when you see a glass of Prosecco For example you’re looking at something That’s fresh and bright and you haven’t Got any particles there what you will do

Is actually find the wine now Traditionally we’ve used egg whites to Find ones obviously from the vegan Perspective that’s not going to work So you can actually have some cream Powder you use now which the Lord Protector produces to turn comes back to That certification point as well and They will use that to find the one Bentonite so that means that one Suitable vegans it clears the wine then What you’re going to do is you’ve got The wine either off into another tank or Staying in that tank Having been the he’s been taken away and Also being fined and then you simply add Your sugar now the point here is in Terms of sugar the Bruce and I come on To another Jeremy but it’s gonna be Zeros twelve grass brewery something you Guys to try a try importantly what is Happening in Prosecco I talked about Bianca pina you know they like to leave Their wine on the lease for longer sixty Days some producers are now doing 90 Days because they quite like to have That bit at least contact different Slightly different Per second and we’re seeing quite a Trend for that now as well then Obviously what you’re going to do is After that period of time for 2019 some Producers were actually bottling in December 2019 we can’t do that for

Champagne we can’t do that for Carla It’s a longer period of aging but the Key thing is here folks we want to get The freshness we want to get the acidity And that youthfulness is very important And the soma methods and alternative Methods this method here with actually Creating the bubbles with the sugar and Yeast in tank is really works for Clara It really does and that’s why we want to Use this so that certainly does save on Cost but it’s more about the style of Wine so you could have been press that’s Used for the gentle pressing that you Mentioned I also is the only thing to do With exposure to oxygen to limit that in Any way I mean I think in terms of Presses I think there’s no particular Mozilla press bone having been there and Being at harvest time seeing press on Glass storia you know we obviously have To do a really gentle pressing here Because we want to get all that fruit oh We don’t have had too much skin contact There and it’s really I mean it’s a very Impressive quick process really in terms Of watching that in terms of getting Into tank as quickly as possible Couple of people asking about yeast Strains are there any particularly Strains is it mostly commercial Commercial or indigenous it’s mostly I’d Be a combination of some commercial some Indigenous again there are producers

Doing a lot of experiment there’s a Little experimentation going on you know Because we talked about what’s happening In the vineyards We’ve talked about aging as well but Also in terms of yeast strains as well So there is a there’s a combination that There as well again depending on Producer and is that you know some of The small producers are doing some very Interesting things there but again you Can go to something bigger produce I Mean better sandy is a pretty big Producer but they’re doing a lot of Innovation and a lot of aging and Looking at yeast strains through so Speaking of experimentation and that Brings us nicely into another question Excuse me about whether anyone’s doing Any fermentation in cask tanked I’ve actually been somewhere where this They’re using cement and in terms of Fermentation which is a bit of a step Back to the older days there I haven’t Seen anybody using any cast what I would Say as well is that you obviously have a Very small amount of Prosecco being Produced with second fermentation and Bottle so they call it a star cooker Fondo co l Fon do and if you look at Total production of Prosecco doc it’s About 0.2% but you won’t go to some Restaurants folks and you’ll go to some Independence and seek a funder on the

Shelves now the thing to say about that Is one of the things is it has a lot of Skin contact so the color of that Prosecco can let me out with that but Skin contact can look quite a little Orange and also some of the great brush As I mentioned earlier like the desert Is a great variety that people like to Use in California for example the other Thing is what I mentioned champagne I Just talked about getting the yeast the Deadlies down to the neck of the bottle With calendars with Prosecco you will End up still having the yeast in the Bottle so whenever you get a chance if You’re going one you buy from Independence what you want to see in That clear bottle this is a producer Called Kaiser belfie for example they Have a very good co-founder you might You see the Floating around to the boss on the Bottom so obviously when you first get It don’t you’re about to drink it don’t Actually just start shaking the bottle Like crazy folks because you can have a Lot of yeast floating about that Jerry Speaking you’re getting it about five Glasses there in terms of the Califano Prosecco very very dry very very dry Indeed great with food I think it’s Always been interesting to see if some Restaurants doing condos now but they Need to do made per second in a way like

This story an extra dry as well but There’s a small amount of that and all This current time and I think the Calendar production might increase a bit But primarily it’s about being in tangra I think someone asked about and stars a Prosecco a way to have more of an Obvious yeasty notes I think often don’t Really be the ones go for there I think You’re fonder but I’d also says what I Think because you’re seeing more Producers now as well I mean I think It’s really important we still have we Have producers like a story and I’m Gonna taste my story in a minute but I Think it’s really cool we have producers Who are really going for the minimum Aging the 30 days because a lot of us The way we started with Prosecco was Having extra dry minimum aging Beautifully made really good Prosecco But we’re a broader audience as well and I think for some people i talked about Bianca Vina you know 60 days on Lee’s There’s a producer come Pierre and Muscle awesome they do 90 days in freely Interesting enough they’re you know they Are producing award-winning Prosecco and That’s 90 days on Belize and that tastes Quite different they’re recovered As well where you actually taste Something that is not just a year or I’ve actually kept some researchers back That are three or four years old now and

They’re quite interesting to taste in Turn especially in terms of food pairing Because they just I think it older they Just sort of get fuller in flavor really But they lose some of that really those Really nice attractive sort of real Citrus notes so I think you can look out Start to look out for some producers With longer aging condos yes but there Are other producers to go for as well They don’t have any labeling terms to Indicate sort of extended police or use Contact though no they don’t and I think That’s one thing in terms of Communication I think I’d let you know We’re working on that to see to actually State that because that’s a question That’s probably not more I think it’s Interesting as well that we’ve talked About extra dry extra dry has been about 75 80 percent of production which is 13 To 18 grams of sugar releases so for a Lot of us and for me my first per second Actually just going to taste this a Story we’re saying hello to produce like A story or it might have been saying Elective Ponty which by the way if it’s When you see this wine around I think This is a really good extra-dry Prosecco And certainly for me he if I had people Coming around You know the future said I’m just gonna Be doing something with the family I Think this is really well made soup and

It’s a great sign for extra dry per Second amazing like this story as well But this story this is 2019 fruits you Know there was been historic by the way I just I just come back on that point About the lately the Astoria’s always Been a company that wants to do minimum Periods it’s 20 years old as a business That the product gone so families not Related to little sandy Marissa Paula Garcia family great list ago there’s a Beautiful place to go and visit but I Loved being there at harvest time which Is a stressful time in 2018 for any British and the fact that get retired to Walk around taste from tag just actually See what was going on it was really Great and I think this captures to me What a lot of people are looking for With Prosecco and wires popular but also Captions coming back to one the other Question about you know well made once And this is very well made for me it has Got the the citrus floral character but It’s got real elegance and it’s got a Real good left for finished and it’s Ultra ultra consisting our story I’m Very impressed with them so look out for Them it’s a very distinctive bottle Which I’m sure you something to see There you can easily get this at Gerald CL online they interest the enough I Like the scent it doing a lot of Producers are doing a lot of

Biodiversity won’t matter as well so They have a bio you know they have an Organic Prosecco this is you know as we Talking overall this is a big thing That’s happening but I think it’s taste Great and so just that’s coming back to The leaves aging it would certainly be Good to start seeing producers putting That on the back leg bit more Information about labels are generally Got better over the years I wrote labels Didn’t used to tell you very much folks But they tell you a lot more now and They know about food pairing as well and Obviously see more certification coming Through which will happen let’s let’s Move on to lead the next slide as well Because this is important in terms of Something that’s really I think you put In terms of again about that we’re gonna Belize Asian but also the differences in Terms of what’s the Mansi presents he’s Still and also I’ve talked about brood But I want to just talk about will just Taste an extra trying you know in terms Of stars now Spumante all the Prosecco Is I’ve gone on the bar here you know I’m just going to change a couple of Rounds so we can actually see it got More on camera here line is manoj Prosecco for example [Music] Here which is a available online folks This is a Prosecco which is produced by

The market which is a big big core Actually very very important car lots of Videos there lots of members I’m a big Fan of coops player you know cops are Very important in reaches in terms of Why production the cup in the UK is Doing a great job right now and but this Is an example of Spumante so you’ll see There on the screen 82% of Prosecco That’s produced is for Monty now the Pressure when you look at the bar then It goes through 3d baths now champagne Primarily is six bars six amperes of Pressure football in general terms and Some about for our perceptions don’t get Up to six bars generally so one of the Other things just in terms of bottoms And I’ll just pause for a second here is The mousse is quite you do get that Mousse but it’s really the bubbles are Very small is quite soft but the one of The things here is you’re generally Speaking and you can control that Pressure by the way with the second Fermentation remember that because You’ve got this pressurized tanks and And that whole these in terms of the Sugar in yeast but the thing is cement Is often about four to five hours of Pressure maybe four and a half so There’s a two-cent production now I’m Interested to know if any of you out There buying presenting for seconds Because your seder you’ve got between

One to two and a half baths and by the Way with the closure with frozen sea What you will see is sometimes in screw Cap because it might just be one bubble Or you will actually see in traditional Style where you’ve got a cork here and a Little sort of metal bar oh I’m just Gonna sort of show you this let’s give Another producer a bit of a shouter Ringing so let’s say this was their Frozen see across the top here would be A little you’ve got a cool then you’ve Got a little metal bar here it’s all Done manually folks and I think presents Is really interesting still underrated Turns the Prosecco experience you know If you want something very gently Sparkling lovely aperitivo style but Actually just that time you think hey I Just wanna have a really nice glass of Wine it’s really really good and as you See 70 percent is presenting I think It’s time you may see a bit of a change On that but a lot of us just like to Have something gently sparkling as well So but it does give you the contrast Here in terms of the general is now at The top there you see still and I don’t Have anybody here has actually tasted at Rank we are still Prosecco of interest To know women cover the Italians are With us and some nodding heads here Going no I know it tasted as frankly no Prosecco

There are a couple people UK who have Them but in actual facts yep what mostly Happen is when you’re in Italy for Example and you walk into a bar in Treviso or Venice and you look at the Back bar there will be some drink Wheeler try is still this company here Ricardo they actually produce and shrink Wheel at which you can buy online this Is the producer by the way that doesn’t Have a occasion just yet but I’m hoping With all the sessions will be doing this Year really good fun business by the way They are big by the way I’m hope Biodiversity peace as well but Interesting enough they produce a tranq Wheeler which is quite unusual as you Can obviously in terms of the stats There are tasting quite a few drink what Is my time anybody when for anybody London bass when we get the opportunity To get back out there I think borough wines have a tranquil For example somebody borrowed us there So but certainly check out Ricardo as Well save us from antifreeze ends he’s Still I’m told to back off on doe as Well Just in the bottom part of the slide Really important piece folks Bruce so Vacation in terms of Brut is zero grams To 12 grams I talked about the finger at Bianchini Nia we also have as well Villa

Sandy both about 10 grams extra dry Which we had with the Astoria was about 14 15 grams as I said extra dry has been Pretty much 75% 80% of production Interesting after you look at the 2019 Vintage and I just received that Information the thronging you can Actually see there were about 30% Brut Now so Brut production is increasing a Bit in Italy in Prosecco lands we are Looking to introduce the new extra Brut Category which will be 0 to 6 grams of Sugar so that is gonna be very dry some Of you are really going to embrace that And go that’s going to be fantastic with Food really great fish dishes also with Some white meat dishes like she’s Checking for example those are dishes And something gonna really like that Star but an extra try I think it’s very Important by the way to say with extra Dry it’s the most popular star it’s a Star which I think I talked about Ponte For example I’ve talked about the lodge We’ve got the ring here all extra dries And I think you know one of the things To me is I think it’s a great way to Kick off but some days I’m gonna have an Extra drive some day is that one have a Bruce and you know one of the questions There was about producers and that’s the Thing the way you look for other wine Regions different producers slightly Different stars you have different

Favorites across certain producers but I Think next to try but one of the key Things to me is one is don’t get too Hung up so you can see on the back label By the way it will tell you if it’s Bruce it will tell you if it’s extra dry Now if I did a survey in 100 people I Probably say about 25% of us are looking To see if a Prosecco is Bruce or extra Dry so it’s something you can easily see On the label there and the other thing To say is a swirl that some intern comes Of thanks to dry you don’t know how long About saying only drink Brut are Entering extra dry because my experience Is with producers I can leave very Little producers here like Millar’s for Example They’re extra extra drunk there’s really Good acidity with that and I think you Became people this one a blind tasting I’m not sure people recognize the extra Drive be honest it’s more about actually Looking at our producer for me and Looking at the star that wine that you Really enjoy I think that is the most Important piece here and you’ll notice Also dry between 17 grams and 32 grams Of sugar now a question I see somebody Going wow that’s that’s interesting Esmond but we had a question earlier Back on Tuesday so you saw the map in Terms of Prosecco talk what we’re Covering in terms of phenytoin for NFC

To you within I promises just bring Ourselves back to chorizo we’re going to Travel up into the hills And what I was talking about Venice and The other interesting enough and I Talked about like and ascender this Wonderful B&B stand when you’re there Then you owe me a glass of little sandy Alfresco organic groups you’re looking At the hills there and you can actually See Cartier and whatever you like for me As I say there right I end up standing Like the tourist board for the northeast Of Italy but I’m proud of it because It’s such a beautiful place to go to but It’s if you get to the top of Conte’s Say you have a beautiful view of Prosecco land this is a Nevada BR Denarius there’s boundary ethnic : you Know which make up the DOCG superiority Area and also you have another area Called as low as well but here with Conte say is where you really find some Exceptional dry persico’s what exists is A very difficult place in which to Produce Prosecco it’s a hundred and Seven hectares we have about twenty four And a half thousand hectares across the Prosecco talk about another six thousand In per second d scg and i’m talking to You about one hundred and seven actors Now in the UK in the stained socially After the four hundred bottles of Prosecco we purchased in the UK

Everything Bottles one of those bottles only will Be from car teasing so Islam production Is very fragmented as people and you Know your brother ends one hectare or Harder hectare sister is the other half It requires seven times as much labor Because there is so steep there as well But they do produce some absolutely Fantastic drivers echoes that could have Say 25 26 grams of residual sugar in Them but there are beautiful beautiful White what it’s not quite right it can Be a bit Sakharine but the sandy for Example I know they do I’ve been up There and into a fantastic cart each day Chris second it’s a real true race is Fantastic with some lighter deserts as Well this is one of the things to say Excuse about the Bruce extra dry dry it Is actually don’t you just took a sort Of lemon Tom something like that is Pretty and the main thing to do really Is just simply have some terrible cities Have to say and just enjoy in whole Range of precipitation for that matter Why not come on I mean timorously that’s Where it comes from folks so let’s let’s Embrace tiramisu and which I’m here I Failed you know should I shove a brother Dies you had some nice seafood and some Tiramisu as well then demi-sec Very very tiny production of deficit and So the main focus production is around

Extra drive route but to take the chance At some point to try and try Prosecco There are actually some producers a per Second doc that produced some dry press Echoes as well so until account for that Remember they’re very is very easy to Say what has the state emits Brut extra Dry dry and also it will stage at listen Melissa Martin I was talking about that Single you know Wyeth has definitely Come from a single year okay I think There’s quite a few seconds to be honest There that story unconvinced ISM 2019 Fruit but it doesn’t actually say listen Our solar label but I think it’s a Really it just shows you the variety Here we have I think it was important in Terms of frizzante as well st. the Chance to embrace some of those Presenters as well because I think There’s some Yeah I mean there’s nothing thanks for Tuning in really because it’s great to Have the opportunity well really Appreciate it and as I said to you Earlier don’t really tease me very Important to me get involved the WCT is Great lovely people but it just it’s Just a great way and I’m noticed over The years just quickly presenting all The food festivals are represented so Many more people can’t miss a night Where can I find out a bit more about Why they don’t you know and you just say

Look you’re gonna have a WS CT once the Education Trust educators somewhere near You in the UK folks now for Circuit Rosen confusion here because if we had All of us standing in a great big tent And I don’t you don’t put your hands up And say do things if they’ve had a Prosecco Roseate some of you were to put Your hands up and that’s not because of Day I catch anybody out but because some People trying to catch you out because You sometimes had late Stating Prosecco rosa and certainly That’s not legal and so part of my job As well is to make sure the people Aren’t doing anything like that week you Know had a couple of occasions were Where we’ve had to pull people up on That I was away only once I saw Prosecco Resin or – I thought that is not correct And the guy being gay he’d been told to Put our list but we don’t have Prosecco Resolution yet I’m hopeful for 2020 and In terms of our harvest in September That this year we will be able to Produce some Prosecco Rosie We have experimented with producing Prosecco Rosie and we’ve had some great Results what we did the difference is Gonna be with Prosecco Rosie you’re Still gonna have your only five percent Clara but with peanut arrow Pinot Noir Which is good it gave you the color Remember what I was talking about skin

Contact so they’re only doing that Pressing what you’re going to do is Because of the dark skin of the be an Error Gently press just pull off some of that Color and we’re going to be allowed to Use up to 15% now we did some Experiments where we looked Prosecco Rose they would say six percent penal Arrow The Wrestler Ten percent and on from up to 15 percent Clearly we use a less than ten percent You don’t get the color right and also Importantly folks you know what it’s Like I love Rosa we love Rosa we have round When you’re smelling already expect it To smell market resonating and it didn’t Really have those aromatic notes Indicate that was a rose day so when I Look when it comes into play Prosecco rose they will have to be ten Percent animal that’s what’s going to Actually hand out them they’re up to 15 Percent I can see most of the producers actually Certainly being around twelve percent Plus really the other thing is I talked About the second fermentation it will Follow exactly the same fermentation Process as we had a couple of slides ago But when I talked about the minimum for A story for example with 30 days on the Lease the minimum for a second Rosa will

Be sixty days on the lease so we’re Gonna have more lease contact there as Well And I See something juices in the way we’ve Had with some of the otherwise I’ve Talked about tonight having longer Contact than them we have a lot of pain In our appliances I think it’s a great I Think you know I’ve tasted woman’s we’ve Done little parcels with a number of Different producers different stars and Producers I first tasted some of those Per second resident examples a taste of London last year which has typically Been a big show for us and I would be Back there in 2021 for sure and I was Really impressed you know with a depth Of flavor and I think it’s going to make It easier for everybody to see that Prosecco roses on a list and it’s right And it’s legal and everything is good There I think a lot of people are going To be attracted to per second Rosie Because it’s interesting to remember a Lot of these producers have been Producing sparkling rose day from the Northeast of Italy but obviously can’t Put Prosecco on the lane so there’s a Huge potential and being an arrow Investor wines folks has been an Important grape variety in the northeast Of Italy so the fruit is there obviously The main piece will be with with the

Claret why is it pretty much one percent Clara some of the others almost like a Toolbox Bonnie but Prosecco Rosie is Gonna have a very important role to play I think it’s great I think it’s gonna be Really good for food pairing one of the Pieces well you see on that slide 0 to 12 grams of Brut we’ve been keen to get This extra Brut piece in place well Where we’ll have per second from zero to Six grams of sugar as I said they’re all That’s gonna mean there’s some pretty Dry prosecuted champagne for example you Know we have zero dosed our champagne And we have certainly have some very dry Champagnes and then some people have They really want to drink that dry steam – you know and I think there’s going to Be some quite good aging potential for Some of those as well I did taste I had to taste them that Were like the Pacific was six or seven Years old and it was really in the food Why it was not a wine – aperitivo I Wouldn’t have started this tasting at Six o’clock with that one because it Changed to something Really big flavors but it was a nice Little citrus coating Steffes type of Food so it’s gonna be about I think We’ll see some more leaves aging more Organic more of that certification and I Think Prosecco Rose is going to do Really well and we’re going to continue

To grow in terms of different markets as Well the UK there’s a sort of final Piece Tudor the UK is the biggest market In the world for Prosecco so thank you Very much to everybody in the UK I’d also add for everybody in the States And here you can see the slide here by The way just to give you an idea that You know if you look there if you have a Model where 75% of what you’re producing Is exported a lot of people would be Very envious of that model Really but you’ll notice the UK yes we Had growth way back in 2011 2012 like 150 percent but we would still grow it You know now that grace is you know it’s Single figure percentage but it’s still Groaning per second so incredibly Popular I still feel as I said later on There are more places that should be Listing all Prosecco that’s for sure for Me and listing Brut extra-dry and let me Have the Prosecco register as well the USA lots of people on from the USA thank You so much the USA is growing like Crazy and thank you for all you support In the States so really appreciate that And what a great country and Germany has Been very successful those clearly the Three main markets Frances I just had Some stamps through this morning Actually just looking at the lazy growth That was that 2019 and France is really Growing very well for Seco but almost

Dimension there’s loads of other Countries as well they’re really engaged In Belgium for example I also need to Mention Asia Asia is becoming a very Important market for per second and so Australian although Australia still Produces a Prosecco as we’re discussing To that from a point of view saying Where it is per second but they per Second was getting very popular in Australia so you’re going to see Landscape changing in terms New markets can mean to plate as well I Think Asia has got fantastic potential Japan countries like that Hong Kong is Very very engaged with Prosecco so it Looks very good for the future I just Want to say something else which is Really important to and then I’m gonna Wrap up because I’ve realized that I’m Free gone 15 minutes over here folks It’s about time too I know you want to Eat I think I have another glass of Prosecco that’s their idea I’m going to So I just want to say yeah we’ve got Wonderful places like Venice it should Be so the Prosecco land but also to say Some of those other areas of Prosecco Webre ii has produced the rise of Prosecco has been absolutely fantastic For the economy and also it’s been great In terms of charity work that’s been set Up because of what Prosecco is brought Into the Italian core economy the

Northeast and I’m not just saying that’s A light word folks gosh you know at the Moment we know the importance of charity But also it has done a lot for a lot of Different areas of the economy and that Part of Italy answer is famous for Example so it’s been important as some Of the other regions that we’ve been Able to offer support there as well Which is very important so thank you Very much there’s been a few questions I’m going to suggest that if we haven’t Got around to your question people email Me and I can relay them to you near that That’s alright and we can just Distribute sponsors some cut sheets in The UK you’ve got where to buy content I Can t say you could go actually to north South wines for example company I Mentioned or on an actual fact because They’ve got the bit of sandy Cartier’s Berries on in some of the other Specialists as well you will actually Sort of see I would actually look at a Company like split wines as well Vehicle companies go for Look at north/south one today they are Very big on the whole gaming piece as Well that’s certainly come just have a Look at and I will also look at people Who like there’s a cover the Italian Specialist out there as well an actual Fact she may even find in terms of our Midwives a mention army earlier on with

The Bianca Vania I’d be surprised that They don’t have a cartoon say on their List for example so there are though as I said you know there’s one in four Hundred bottles from the UK some party Say there aren’t the people are keen to Listen because it is a really wonderful Special occasion we’ve got any other Questions all the messages coming Through that they’ve really enjoyed it And I really enjoyed it as always and It’s just fascinating how much you know And your and your passion for Prosecco That comes through as I mentioned alias Everyone we have recorded this so if you Do when I get the recording and my email Addresses in your confirmation so feel Free to get in touch I send that over Tomorrow you can see all the socials Therefore both WCT and for Prosecco doc If you fancy put in a little post out And we’d all appreciate that and I just Mentioned also that we’ve got our quiz Coming up on Thursday this week a bit of A drinks quiz and more events next week So don’t miss out on any of those and But also just say thanks so much to new As always it’s been amazing You’ll be back in person as soon as the School doors are open again so that we Can all try those lovely procedures with You this time rather than just what you Drink them yeah thanks very much to you I just want to say just very quickly

Thank you very much for everybody coming On from all the different parts of the Globe thank you very much the WCT It’s been great for us to have the Opportunities to do this as a virtual Tasting thanks all the producers as well But also what I will post as well Afterwards do it just a sort of some Little poses even you can follow me at The wine tipster are taken WCT of course a Prosecco job so you can Just see a place that with those bottles As well They’ve been featured to in the tasting So you look out for those and I just Want to say big cheers to everybody and Stay safe stay home and let’s keep doing Some virtual tastings as well cheers Everybody thank you very much there’s no Thank you That’s junior Cheers all right I’m gonna End the recording