Discover the Art of Wine Tasting: A Guide from Wine Folly (Episode 31)

Welcome to Episode 31 of Wine Folly’s comprehensive guide to the art of wine tasting. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a beginner looking to dive into the world of wine, this guide is here to help enhance your tasting experience. Join us as we explore the intricacies of wine tasting, uncovering tips and techniques that will elevate your palate to new heights. From understanding the nuances of aroma and flavor profiles to deciphering wine labels and identifying the perfect food pairings, get ready to embark on a delightful journey of wine appreciation. So grab a glass, and let’s embark on this vinous adventure together.


Wine tasting is an art that has captivated people for centuries. The sensory experience of sipping on a glass of wine and unraveling its flavors and aromas is truly an indulgence. In Wine Folly’s Episode 31, “Discover the Art of Wine Tasting,” the focus is on the concept of inventing new grape varieties to create unique wines. This video explores various grape varieties and their characteristics, allowing viewers to test their wine knowledge. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of wine and discover the wonders it has to offer.

Gala Apples: America’s True Favorite

Before we dive into the wine tasting journey, it’s fascinating to note that Gala apples have become America’s most favored apple variety, surpassing the once well-loved Red Delicious. This shift in preference highlights the ever-evolving nature of our taste buds and the changing trends in the culinary world.

Designing Apples: A Common Phenomenon

When it comes to apple varieties, it’s not uncommon for humans to play a significant role in their creation. While this is a regular occurrence in the apple kingdom, it sets apple varieties apart from wine grape varieties. The art of apple breeding involves careful selection and cross-pollination to yield desired traits. This human intervention has led to the creation of various apple varieties, each offering its unique flavor profile and characteristics.

The Wine’s Journey

Now, let’s turn our attention back to the wine world. In the video, a particular wine takes center stage, shedding light on the process of inventing new grape varieties. This wine, known as Maia de la rqua rqua, offers an exciting sensory experience to all wine enthusiasts.

A Purple Delight: Flavors and Aromas

Maia de la rqua rqua showcases a deep purple color that entices the eye. As the wine makes its way to the palate, it unravels flavors of black fruit. But there’s more! An intriguing savory olive note adds a unique twist to the wine’s profile, making it a distinct and remarkable choice.

Tannins and Creamy Textures

The wine’s natural tannins provide a pleasing structure, lending a touch of complexity to each sip. Additionally, malolactic fermentation imparts a creamy mid-palate, creating a smooth and velvety texture for the wine. This harmonious combination of flavors and textures is what sets Maia de la rqua rqua apart from its counterparts.

The Grape Varieties Challenge

The video poses an interesting challenge to its viewers – can you identify which grape variety is used in this marvelous wine? You have three options: pinotage, alante buett, or marelon. Each of these grape varieties carries its own distinctive characteristics and origins.

Pinotage: The South African Blend

Pinotage, one of the options, was invented in South Africa. It’s a fusion of Pinot Noir and CSO grape varieties. This unique combination aims to highlight the desirable qualities of both parent grapes, resulting in a wine that captures the essence of its heritage.

Alante Buett: The Rare Gem

Another option is Alante Buett, a rare grape variety characterized by its red flesh and fruity, full-bodied nature. It’s a hidden gem in the world of wines, representing exclusivity and uniqueness.

Marelon: A Mediterranean Delight

Lastly, we have Marelon, a cross between Grenache and Cabernet San. This grape variety was created specifically for warm Mediterranean climates, offering a wine that encapsulates the essence of its origins.

Ultimately, the correct choice featured in the video is Maia de la rqua rqua, a blend of marelon and Cabernet saval from Spain, capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean.


Wine tasting is a captivating journey filled with sensory delights. Through Wine Folly’s Episode 31, we’ve explored the concept of inventing new grape varieties and discovered the wonders of Maia de la rqua rqua. As we continue our wine exploration, let’s remember that each glass holds a story waiting to be unravelled, inviting us to embark on an adventure for our taste buds.

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