Discover the Exquisite Taste of Ragtag Wine Co’s 2019 Petit Verdot from Paso Robles

Welcome to the world of fine wines! Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through the picturesque region of Paso Robles and indulge in the exquisite taste of Ragtag Wine Co’s 2019 Petit Verdot. Renowned for its exceptional quality, Paso Robles has become a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking unique and captivating flavors. With its bold and robust character, the 2019 Petit Verdot showcases the true essence of this renowned winemaking region. Join us as we delve into the captivating story behind this remarkable wine and discover why Ragtag Wine Co’s Petit Verdot is a must-try for all wine connoisseurs.


Ragtag Wine Co. is a new and exciting venture by a dynamic sister and brother combination, dedicated to producing exceptional single varietal wines. One of their standout offerings is the 2019 Petit Verdot from Paso Robles, a wine that truly exemplifies their commitment to quality. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the exquisite taste of this wine, exploring its unique characteristics and the story behind its creation. So, grab a glass and join us on this flavorful journey.

The Wine Express Tasting of Ragtag’s 2019 Petit Verdot from Santa Margarita Vineyard, Paso Robles

At the recent Wine Express Tasting event, Ragtag’s 2019 Petit Verdot stole the show with its bold and robust profile. Wine enthusiasts were captivated by its intense flavor and impeccable structure. This wine is a true representation of the passion and expertise the sibling duo has poured into their craft.

The Power of Petite Verdot Grapes

Contrary to its name, the Petite Verdot grape variety is anything but petite. These grapes are known for their impressive size and powerful character. They contribute to the wine’s deep color and high extraction, resulting in a truly remarkable drinking experience.

A Symphony of Flavors

The 2019 Petit Verdot showcases a captivating array of flavors that delight the senses. With notes of black fruits and blue fruits, this wine offers a complex and multi-dimensional taste profile. The addition of mocha and roasted coffee infuses it with a subtle richness, while hints of vanilla add a touch of sweetness.

Aromatic Delights

The fragrance of this wine is reminiscent of a beautiful garden in bloom. Floral notes of lavender and lilac dance on the nose, creating an intoxicating aroma. Hints of toffee and orange peel add a delightful twist, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Refreshing and Full-Bodied

The 2019 Petit Verdot from Ragtag Wine Co. is a refreshing and palate-pleasing wine. With its mouthful texture and concentrated fruit flavors, each sip is a revelation. The integrated tannins provide a smooth and balanced finish, making it the perfect companion for any occasion.

Limited Production and Great Value

Ragtag Wine Co. takes pride in their limited production approach, ensuring that each bottle receives the utmost care and attention. The 2019 Petit Verdot is a true testament to their commitment to quality over quantity. Despite its exclusivity, this wine offers great value, allowing wine enthusiasts to indulge in a truly exceptional drinking experience without breaking the bank.


The 2019 Petit Verdot from Ragtag Wine Co. is a masterpiece in a bottle. With its bold flavors, captivating aromas, and impeccable structure, it is a wine that truly stands out among its peers. Whether you are a wine aficionado or a casual enthusiast, this wine is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, raise your glass and savor the exquisite taste of Ragtag Wine Co’s 2019 Petit Verdot from Paso Robles.


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